mop house

neil the mess vs. andrew the calm, cool, & collected

we all know that andrew hates messes, right? he eats in a particular way just to avoid mess, so why wouldn’t that play a bigger part in andrew’s life?

and we all know neil, quick on his feet, never one to back down, and always digging himself into a deeper, and deeper hole.

here’s the thing though. neil, while on the run, couldn’t afford to have more possessions than he can carry in his bag. they also had to leave behind things that would slow them down, or were of no value. they couldn’t risk waisting time by packing everything they have. so yeah, they had very little and sometimes that very little was even too much and was ditched to become even less.

but neil doesn’t live that life anymore. he no longer can fit everything in side his bag. he has more belongings than he’s ever had in his entire life.

more than what he knows what to do with.

- neil is so used to carrying so little things, and leaving behind anything that couldn’t be taken easily, so when he starts owning more things, things get a little messy…

- neil doesn’t see the problem with leaving clothes lying on the floor, or blankets strewn about, or even leaving cupboards open occasionally. why does it matter? it’s of no use to them, clothes take too much time to pack, blankets bring too much weight, and remembering to close a cabinet door is less important than making sure a bullet doesn’t take your life

- so he’s a bit of a mess, as everything else about him. before, he had nothing, and was even forced to leave nothing behind. so how the fuck is he supposed to handle having more than he can keep track of? it’s a constant battle. what to keep? what to leave behind? what’s important? what’s not?

- andrew isn’t having any of it

- it costs $0.00 to clean up after yourself and he won’t settle for tripping over strewn about clothes in the middle of the night when he’s trying to go for a smoke. or trying to navigate his way in the kitchen at night to have a few cookies and have his shins hit against opened cabinet doors

- andrew really, really dislikes messes

- andrew is tidy to a T but somehow the others don’t notice

- the foxes have it all wrong. they think neil is the one constantly cleaning up the apartment of andrew’s messes, and that andrew is the one causing all the destruction

- but really, neil is the messiest person andrew has ever known, and he hates him, except for the fact that he doesn’t

- so yeah, andrew spends his time cleaning up neil’s messes, and neil continues to make everything disastrous

- sometimes after a particularly bad nightmare, andrew will leave neil still asleep in the bed and spend the rest of the night until the early morning cleaning the house. he mops the floor
more times than necessary, wipes down the counters at least three times, dusts the place top to bottom, and rearranges things for hours

- it’s methodical, it’s simple, it keeps his mind focused on something that’s not the darkness of his past. whether he’ll admit it or not, it’s just about the only that helps calm him down besides a cigarette, neil’s presence, or the weight of one of the cats sitting in his lap

- and sometimes, because neil is very self-aware even when he’s sometimes not, he’ll purposefully create a mess for andrew to clean when neil knows he needs it

- andrew knows, but he doesn’t say anything. just simply folds the clothes neil keeps discarding on the floor and afterwards if it’s a yes, pulls neil down with a hand on his neck and instead makes a mess of neil

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Hey man, I'm moving into a new house! Do you have any cleansing or protection tips/spells? Thanks!!

Congrats on the move! I hope you love the new place! I will hopefully be moving soon as well, so lucky for you, I have a few things prepared! lmao

Good luck, and enjoy the new place! :D

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House Mop Spell (Cleansing.)💫

Things you’ll need:


~Bucket of warm water


~Water from a full moon (I have full moon in *Scorpio ♏ water currently.)

~Soap (Whichever you choose to use, can be any scent.)

Step One: Add salt to mop bucket, just a couple of dashes.  Declare the intention of purifying the space and the salt helping to wash away the negative energy.  Continue this with all ingredients, then begin mixing your concoction with your mop.

Step Two:Scrub your floors and visualize the water washing away negative energy.  After doing this you may dump the bucket down the drain, toilet or outside of your property.  Essentially you’re throwing out the negative energy.

*Note: Full moon 🌕 water in Scorpio has banishing energy as well.


They Work in Mysterious Ways

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Harry Potter x Soulmate!Reader, James Potter x Lily Evans, mentions of unrequited Severus Snape x Lily Evans, Sirius Black

Length: 1585 words

Warnings: female!reader, another take on soulmates, au, mentions of pureblood misogyny, tons of gifs, vague, combination angst and fluff

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Smooth, Nara

“Does it hurt?” Shikamaru asks.

Temari glances at him sarcastically and replies, “What? When I fell from heaven?”

“What?” Shikamaru stops what he’s doing–swabbing Temari’s newly acquired gash on her arm.

“That’s what you’re trying to say right?”

“Uuh.. No? I was actually asking about your injury that I’m tending to right now. What the hell are you talking about?”

Temari goes really red on her face out of embarassment. Shit shit shit I shouldn’t have just jump into conclusion, Temari thinks.

“God, I thought you were flirting. That is so embarassing…” Temari mumbles the last sentence, but apparently it is still loud enough for Shikamaru to hear, and that makes him chuckle softly.

“I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Wha–Oh, it’s okay. It doesn’t really hurt. I’ve got worse injur–”

“No, I mean, you’ve got fine all over your body, so of course it doesn’t hurt.” Shikamaru says, and proceeds to smile coyly.

Temari only rolls her eyes at this. “Yeah, you’re so smooth, Nara.”

“Thank you, babe. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Chocopals - Park Jeonghwa

food fight scenario with exid Junghwa? where her and gf are cooking/baking for the other members but the end throwing food at each and the other members stumble upon them

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When you woke up that morning, you felt like your body was tired already even when you didn’t do anything yet.

The only thought of having to mop the entire house tired you immediately. You knew that it was a top priority, something unavoidable, because that day was an important day for you and Jeonghwa, which was sleeping soundly by your side, so the only thing you could do was waking up your girlfriend to clean the whole place.

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me spending my day off after a 43 hour work week by myself sweeping and mopping my entire house and listening 2 MY WOMAN by angel olsen while screaming the lyrics…………a brief glimpse into what my future life will be when i inevitably become a spinster??

rosemarydiz replied to your photo: (I don’t think I ever introduced Dilan’s doggo???…

*kicks down the door* DOG.

ROSE CANNOT TAKE MOPS. Besides Mops only understands Turkish and he will be confused as to why his dad is not around. Imagine Mops escaping the house While Dilan is gone and everyone is trying to make him come, or sit, or do something but he’s like “I DON’T UNDERSTAND I HAVE TO FIND MY DAD GOOD BYE.”

Kylux mental illness Headcanons

(Slightly triggering)


  • Has severe anxiety growing up his parents (father) told Hux that mental illnesses are for pussies, and with prayer (I feel like Hux grew up Catholic.. idk) and an organized lifestyle he’ll get through it.
  • Hux turned to anything that would “help” his anxiety. Sex, cigarettes, and a busy schedule.  
  • Hux also has really bad OCD, sometimes when he’s cleaning he goes into this dis-associative state almost. Because of this he does dangerous things like being subjected to too many chemicals all at once, his hands start to bleed, one time he was mopping his entire house, and he slipped. 
  • Hux has insomnia, but he sees this as an advantage because it gives him more time to work. 
  • Hux has a slight eating disorder. His eating habits are irregular and it’s rare that he actually eats a full meal. This concerns Kylo and whever they’re together he tries to make sure that Hux eats something.
  • He also has misophonia, which is the hatred of the sound of people chewing. (It’s uncontrollable, and there’s nothing you can really do) Sometimes when he’s eating with Kylo he gets pissed off. 
  • Hux isn’t suicidal and doesn’t ever see that in his future. He views suicide as a cheap way out. However if he were to lose everything, I feel like he would do it.
  • Now as an adult hux takes medication to help him with his anxiety, caffiene to help with his insomnia, and there’s not much he can do about his OCD or Misophonia. But Kylo can tell when Hux is about to disassociate, and brings him out of it.


  • He’s suffering from trauma due to the fact that for most of his childhood Snoke was inside his head. Sometimes he jumps at certain sounds/noices. 
  • He’s anti social and suffers from social anxiety. He avoids eye contact and feels naked without his mask because he knows that it makes him look vulnerable.
  • He has a hard time sleeping. He has nightmares and usually cries himself to sleep.
  • Depression/Paranoia (See BPD)
  • Kylo has Dyslexia. Hux used to laugh at how slow Kylo would read simple/basic reports. Kylo would tell him to fuck off. One day Kylo couldn’t read something and an unfortunate stormtrooper was force chocked to death. The Kylo threw a “tantrum” Hux came in screaming at him, then kylo takes off the mask and he’s crying. That’s when he told hux. Hux listened and afterwards said you don’t have to cry about it. He offered to help teach Kylo. Of course Kylo’s a terrible student, but with hard work tey get through it.
  • Kylo has abandonment issues. This stems from issues with his mom and father. He feels like he’s never gotten the attention that he needed. He feels attached to Snoke in that regard. 
  • Kylo has BPD. He has severe mood swings. He’s emotionally unstable. He can’t handle certain social settings. He feels worthless and often times depressed and suicidal. He has paranoia brought on by all of these feelings. which makes him feel worthless which makes him feel depressed/suicidal it’s a vicious cycle. (Kylo’s “favorite person” is Hux.) 
  • Kylo has attempted suicide multiple times before, they never work and he feels pathetic which in return worsened his BPD.
  • Kylo is not on medication because he believes that nothing is wrong with him. He meditates. It helps centers him and whenever he’s really bad, Hux can usually save him from himself.

Don’t know how to love, engage in self harming activities, and don’t get as much sleep as they probably should.

I had idk if fun is the right word to use, but this headcanon list helped me to better understand these characters. These are all mental illnesses that I’m struggling with and I think it’s important to talk openly about mental illnesses. They affect more people than you really think!

#SnapbackChallenge. (Eren failed)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Levi:</b> BOY CLEAN THIS MESS!<p/><b>Eren:</b> Man when I get older I'm gonna knock you out.<p/><b>Levi:</b> WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!<p/><b>Eren:</b> When it gets colder I'm gonna mop the house!<p/><b>Levi:</b> Thought so.<p/><b>Jean:</b> Stop lyyyyyyiiinnnggg.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Oh he will stop lying, soon as you tell me why I caught you at the fountain behind the cabins yesterday.<p/><b>Connie:</b> *passing by* GIVING MARCO THAT GOOD HEAD!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Reminiscing With the Past: [Requested]

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3,000

Summary: You and Jimin used to date but break up because of him wanting to pursue his idol career, but what happens when you meet him by chance… Will there be another chance for you guys? Or has he already moved on?

A/N: I literally put off my homework for this but… I just couldn’t any more, I needed to write this or else I wouldn’t be able to focus, hope you like it anon!^^

Is it really him…?

No, it can’t be….

But what if it is?

These were the thoughts that kept popping in and out of your head as you followed the stranger that resembled your ex throughout the store, maybe it would help if you spoke to him? Your subconscious offered but you were too nervous. If it was him you’d be overjoyed but what if it’s not him? Then you’ll look like a crazed ex but no matter what you couldn’t help but think, what if it’s really him?

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Hello! I need a bit of banishing help. My mother has been experiencing things mostly every night: being touched, grabbed, watched, hearing whispers and feelings of uneasiness and coldness. In November my two friends and I attempted to banish the spirit. We smudged the house and M left feeling completely drained and it took days to recover but seemed to work. My mom went about a month without experiences and then it all started again. Do you have any recommendations of anything else to do?

Smudging isn’t a cure all and (in my opinion) is not permanent. It helps to clear the energies in a home but we as humans attract it one the energy has left. With Spirit they are sometimes attracted to people who carry their own negative energy (or just attract them)  whether it be depression, or anger so working on yourself is a part of any banishment. Not saying that your mother is depressed or bipolar but its something to think about. Back to the Sage. It does not solve everything. I would suggest you find a few herbs. Palo Santo, Angelica Root, Cloves, and Rue. Those are my go to herbs for banishing any spirit. Burn them (maybe once a month) , Make sachet bags to hang in the house, Mop the floors with a “tea” made from them. and Bury the burnt ashes near your front door. Also have your mother carry or wear black tourmaline with her at all times. It would also be a wise idea to have these crystals in your home. 

Love me like you do. | Part II | Thomas Brodie-Sangster Imagine




Two weeks later…


“Hey Y/n, Its-uh me Thomas. Call me back?”


“Y/n, Hi, It’s me Thomas again. Could you call me backplease? Um- Thanks.”


“Hey, I wasn’t sure if you were getting my messagesfrom before, but would you please call me back? I really need to talk to you.”

His deep voice sounded husked and almost desperate. You wondered why Thomas worried about you now. Why He only wanted you now and why He only cared now? Because you were gone.

Your head began to erupt with countless thoughts causing your vision to blur. Tears burned as it wanted it escape and not long till it rolled down your cheeks. You felt useless and vulnerable all because of one boy, but you loved him so much and you wasn’t sure if he felt the same.

Letting out a heavy sigh, an unexpected knock came from your door. You headed straight for it and opened it, revealing your best friend. She smiled sympathetically at you as you gestured her in.

“Honey, you know what? You should come with me to my cousin’s birthday party tonight. It will stop you from mopping about in this house.”

“Are you saying that because you don’t want to be alone at the party?” You asked, chuckling.

Your best friend sighed playfully before nudging you, “Cheeky. Well, in all honesty that was the reason I came here in the first place but to make you feel better, no. I don’t want you slouching around like a sloth about one guy Y/n. The way he treated you was so uncalled for and a girl like you deserve a lot better.” She huffed out, slightly out of breath.

“Gosh, when did you get all mushy?”

Y/BF/N shrugged. “Never. Well, only today because I’m trying to convince to come to the party with me.”

“Alright, I’ll go to this party.”

“Why am I here again?” You asked Y/BF/N, who just grinned. Your attire consists of a black sequin skater dress, nude heels and a black clutch.

“Loosen up Y/n. Come on lets go inside!”

With a grab by the arm, your best friend dragged you inside an exquisite building which was brightened with chandeliers. You let out a gasp as your eyes searched your surroundings. Suddenly, you stopped, focusing on a familiar figure staring right back at you. The familiar brown orbs bore into yours, almost hypnotising you.

“Oh God. No no no.” You muttered, before backing away towards the entrance.

“Y/n, I swear I didn’t know he was going to be here. I didn-”

You turned towards your best friend, “Don’t lie to me. That was the reason you wanted me to come here in the first place, huh? You bloody lied to me.” You paused and let out a shaky breath. “I-i need to go.”

With that you ran straight outside, the cold breeze kissing your skin. What was he doing here? Why did he have to be here? You let out a groan in frustration as you rubbed your temples, trying your best to calm yourself down.

You then heard footsteps coming towards you, startling you. With furrowed brows, you swiftly turned around causing your breath to hitch and your pulse come to a halt. Your eyes stung with tears as the memories flooded your thoughts. Not long till your lips quivered and your body trembled at the sight of the person you dared not see.

His warm chestnut eyes desperately searched yours as he ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. His face grew pale but a blush appeared as the winters breeze touched his cheeks. “Y/n?” His voice rang through your ears, pulling you away from your trance.

You gulped as your throat began to turn dry by the second as you tried to process the words out but it just couldn’t. Rubbing your arms, comfortingly, you let out a shaky breath. “T-Thomas. What a-are you doing out here?” You asked.

Thomas rubbed the nape of his neck before replying, “Um- I saw you run out and I just wanted to ask if you were okay.”

I’m fine.” You replied, bluntly. “You should go back inside, they’re probably looking for you.”

He shook his head and began to shrug his blazer off, with that he walked up to you. Feeling his hot breath on your cheek, caused it to heat up. His lips slightly brushed the side your head as he placed the blazer lightly on your shoulders.

“Thomas, you don’t have to.” You began but he quickly cut you off.

“No, I want to Y/n.”

You nodded and looked away. Instantly feeling lost. You had no idea why you felt this but it was like you needed something you once had before and it was right in front of you.

But you needed answers.

Why did you it?” You questioned all of a sudden. “Why did you treat me like I wasn’t even there? You ignored my presence when I tried to keep you company. I would wake up to you not being in the house and I would wait up for you, worried all the time because I was scared. I was scared because I had no idea where you were or if you were hurt but when you came home with a bruise i knew you were doing something unusual as you were acting it as well. “You paused.

“When you told me to leave, I was hurt and I was only acting like that because I cared so bloody much. You don’t even care about me do you Thomas? You only cared when I left. “You let the tears fall as you watched Thomas’ face drop and his eyes widen.

No no Y/n, that’s not true.“ He replied, and grasped your hands. But you pried them off and shoved him away. ”Y/n, listen to me.“

Shaking your head, you let out a sob. "When did you ever care about me? Why do you care now?”

“Because I love you alright!” He yelled, cutting you off. Thomas stepped forward and pressed his forehead against yours whilst he caressed your cheeks with his hands. “I love you so much and I can’t lose you because you’re all I have.”

You closed your eyes and shook your head, pulling away and handing his blazer to him. Once re- opening, you saw the pleading look in his eyes as they turned glassy causing your breath to hitch. “I’m sorry Thomas. But I can’t. Not right now. I need some time to think, so please, just go.



Hopefully you liked part two and so sorry for the long wait. I would be doing a part three which is the final chapter to the imagine. Hopefully this was up to your standards! 

I’m absolutely amazed by everyone who loved the first imagine and requested for part two. It honesty made me so happy. So thank you x 

-Thomas Brodie-Sangster



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