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kiss a boy in tokyo?? percy wasn’t really acting like a dumbass so i wasnt convinced. plus tokyo. rly. the gods move where the greatest western powers are. imo the millions of spirits and gods in japan itself wouldn’t welcome them.


Like Japan is one of the most culturally…the same?? societies? Like they hold one of the strongest sense of national unity/identity in the world?

And if in established canon, the gods rely on mortal beliefs/cultural similarities/etc…to give them power?

What are they doing in Japan????

This isn’t like the founding of the United States, where all the Europeans came and killed most of the Native Americans  (therefore weakening their gods/spirits/systems of beliefs) before settling. Europeans who, for the most part, had long since been wanking off to the Greek and Roman cultures of old.

Olympus is an embodiment of Western power so….what the fuck are they doing in Japan?

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spoiler alert everything will be through nico and reyna’s pov because the seven r dying

Also spoiler alert: You’re forgetting Frank. We are getting 14 Frank chapters each told as if it has been typed by a different animal each time. All words make no sense, there are a lot of stains and the only words you can tell apart are “Hazel” and “Maple syrup”. 

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i have never eaten a pop tart how do they work

Well some people prefer to toast them before eating them. These people are aliens or spies. Otherwise you ingest them in the usual way and subsequently experience a brief, unsatisfactory respite from hunger. You then go about the rest of your day with little further thought about the pop tarts. 

This is the incubation period.

Days pass. Subtlety, gradually, a foreign presence begins to influence your thoughts. Your friends start noticing changes in your behavior but say nothing. You buy more pop tarts and think little of it, not knowing, not yet, that you are no longer yourself. A gnawing grows in the back of your mind. Brown sugar cinnamon, it whispers. Broowwwn sssugaarrrr cinnnammonnnn. You know nothing but the pop tart, nothing but your unquenchable desire for sugar wrapped in what is questionably called pastry. You need the pop tart. You are the pop tart.

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what a whiney baby when i got slapped in the face with hair i chewed it up how punk rock am i

so frickin hardcore i imagine youre the personification of this picture:

cause you just dont give a heck 

omfg tho this all reminds me of this one time i flipped my hair and there was this girl right behind me and it hit her and she was so mad i was scared shitless 

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i think hes constantly questioning metaphysical existence so hes definitely researched all sorts of religion because hes sure with so many creation theories theres bound to be a link, an inkling of truth somehow. he wouldnt discredit any one religion

yeah!! i feel like he’s the type of person to look at even the most obscure n ancient religions in order to find smthing there u know?? bc if u look at several religions, they’re all fairly different but there’s always some factor in one religion that can b found in another and that’s just super fascinating. artemis wld probably search for those common threads n try to piece smthing together

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I’d venture to say it’s because tumblr is dominated by americans, and though they don’t mean to ignore other issues, they’re more focused on what’s directly affecting them at hand.

which is why I wrote this post. Not because Americans ignore wat’s happening but because Americans don’t even KNOW other stuff happens. Like, in the case of this one thing, it’s not that big of a deal though, for me, who come from Brazil, it’s super weird to think of a county that doesn’t consume media from other countries, I’ve wrote a few posts on it, about how tumblr posts are always complaining about a lack of race representation in books and still they won’t read books by Mexican authors or Japanese authors, get it? And then there’s the issue of when problems happen in other countries, like, tumblr is talking a lot about fergunson which honestly has to be talked about and promoted but there’s way less about Mexico protests, for instance. And don’t get me started on how tough it was to share Brazilian nenws around here. Yes, this is a website that is mostly American but if you were in a Brazilian website and there were worldwide news, part of our culture is to embrace worldwide happenings, it’s a very American trait to act like this (starting off my calling themselves “America” as a country when there are whole continents who go by it), it’s a historical issue.

I don’t know, this behavior bugs me to no end but it’s hard to explain how deeply rooted it is in just a single post haha.


Its weird but i don’t imagine you as a real person i imagine that you look like your art as in a living drawing tumbloggin away and you are always wearing sunglasses mwahaha  (((i wonder why hahaha)))

Its weird because i imagine leftfootfowl looks like that redhead with big eyes on her sidebar and for some reason popsicle stick is hayden panitierre in my head and leigh looks like the girl on the cover of Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and fairyroses looks like Cilian Murphy even if i know she is a girl because there was a time i stalked her blog and all there was is cillian murphy and mixolydia is that japanese girl on her icon but i still really think that’s actually her and etc etc