do you know that strange feeling of frustration when you see a fluffy, little kitten or a tipsy, cute puppy you’d like to cuddle and protect them with your life, because they’re so so precious and you just !!!!! i get the exact same feeling whenever i look at matthew daddario.

Hey everyone, I meant to do this when I reached 1000 Followers but I kinda got side tracked and now im at 1300, haha. Oh well better late than never! Here are all the amazing blogs that I recommend to you all (those in Bold are the especially awesome ones!).


ada251 alexandertheswell alpha-titty-wristband browntiger15 canaduh-cero captainpiika comanderpigg dopeybeauty | darklordfabulousdracoflarexespeonsweetie evidentlyfishy | glaycia | gregzillagt | indiansummersunset | jellyfilledriceballs | karikamiya | kasuria larvitarrlaymansterms12 | luoqin | mailmandragonite | mooties |naomi-the-dorkngw00d | nymre |


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2014 Appreciation Post

Hey guys, I started this blog at the beginning of this year and I just wanted to say that the people I follow and the people who follow me are amazing. Thanks for putting up with me this year. I met some wonderful people here because of video games, HTTYD, PJO/HoO, TLoK, OUAT, tv shows, and awesome art so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone before 2014 ends (it’s still 2014 in California).

Anyways, here are the blogs that made my first year on tumblr amazing, and that i loved seeing, whether it was in the beginning, middle, end, or on my dash, or anywhere:

These are not in any order, sorry. (Split into segments to make it easier to read.)

ajayghalaidannabethisterrified, gamingmakesmehighanidewitt, goldenfleeces, misscomstock, missdewitts, itistimetodisappear, insertcoolpunhere, dreamwurks, lesunsinger, emmaswn, korrasami, korasami, theagentofdoom, itsthelastofus, letsgetonwithitmasterschief, elizabethcomstalker, elizabethlutece, bookerduhwitt, gayreyna,

reynasavilaramirezarellano, annabetho, annabethchasy, natesdonutshopdelsinsrowes, dantesbooty, perseass, leovaldelf, sarcasticperseus, thebrookeofdragons, septemberepisode, mgoudeys, fartcryofficial, gaiged, heartcoma, equalistmako, skyejohnsn, thestoriesoftheseven, pai-shodown, ohmykorra, ohmyhayleywilliams, hgrimm23, batcii, merryreyna, smoakandswan, walkingbomb, abigailvvalker, dorkydorian, felicitysss, conduiitz, ultrarecyclovegetarian,

dunwall, dunwalls, flyingcrowbar, felitomkinson, beallpoetic, luteces, volsungs, catnippackets, astriddaughterofathena, anxiouspineapples, azulacroft, charmspeakiing, generalkuvira, ellliewillliams, pixellpirates, aangrolls, vakarianing, electricgale, korraava, troybakerz, twdgluke, frazelnut, thataintforkids, skyphoi, fankakm, callmebooker, columbiacalling, plasmarifles, thediviision, prince-of-the-palmtrees, missdewitts, thegingermenace123, greekcamp, thelastofusconcept, wendycorduroy, discovering-gravity,

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fuck-it-joel-needs-a-car, nicodiangvlo, sexualpercyshanlightyear, themysteryofgravityfalls, fuckyeahthelastofus, sakimichan, the-official-princess-club, burdge, viria, golden-flute, moni158, sharkie-19, fenrism, saviodragon, silenabowregard, thethroneoffire, sato-mobile, s-t-o-k-e-n-s, sexualnico, polarbeardog, anakklusmos, wateryoudoingpercy, beroberos, addelburgh, alistairy, astoria-art, etheriums, importantbirds, banannabethmootiness


Also, i know i’m forgetting some people, I just don’t remember/know their usernames now, because of url changes and stuff.

(ps to the people i follow, i’m sorry for the occasional spam of notes from time to time lol)


Hey guys! So I recently hit 3,000 followers and I feel like enough has changed since my first follow forever that I should make another one!I want to thank everyone on this list for making my experience here better! I can’t put everyone on here since I follow over 1,000 blogs, but here are some of my favorites! (also I don’t know some of the urls of people wo change them a lot so sorry if that’s you)

 If your URL is bold then I consider you a friend ♥♥♥

If you’re bold and italicized then like marry me or something idk ♥♥♥

This also goes for my art blog (bloodonolympus) and selection blog (princessmaxon)

(also I used your non halloween urls)


ace-laura-kinney ahnabeth agent-lapin alliebirdseed americaleger andythelemon anikakinka annabethchasy   annaklusmos anxoiuspineapples aryll  badlydrawnpjo bakepiesraisethedead  batcii beckendorph bevsi biblestvdy bidelphine  boaillustration  brokenescalators burdge bytheangelo 


caenu ceavit cheese-and-crackwhores cinash coffeemakerway cookiekhaleesi creasedcorners   ctcrysler datekou  daedalush   deitium domoeaterzzz  dreamsoffools


emmilinne feelmetal-alchemist fimyuan firelordleo  floopurpleart fuocogo full-minata godalert gothfrog greekcamphachibani    hazelavesque  hckeys herrnes heythereitschlo hinatakuun imagineshrek  incredibru irespakka   jasongraceappreciation @joker-ace jovaline juliajm15 jununy   just-a-demon-butler


k1216kellepotato kelpls kinopia koidu leoaldez   leovaldaez leovaldezly littleweirdoalien lmpandora loish   lordzuuko luaru lugubrious-artist  matereya milkmanner minaelli mintyburps minuiko  moni158         mootiness nargyle nezzies nico-di-angelato   octaviandiva ohpercychase




























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Thanks to everyone here for being amazing!

in which i feel obligated to do this because i know i’m going to regret it in 24 hours if i dont and so many of my friends have done this so i might as well.

bffs 4 lyfe are italicized even though every single one of you brings a wonderful presence to my dashboard

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (because im lazy as hell). 

radical-quadratics sato-mobile 50shadesofzukoshonor polysymorous highschoolau batchofkrazycupcakes nostanleysteamer kubrickfanclub rnetalbend davejaded sallyjackson technij annabethchasy miinza sexualnico avatarung annabethfanclub femslashvevo frazelnut voguedemigod starlord-finally gaymercutio margaretpcarter detectiverobomonkey reddisk deerhooves rnechanicreyes mugnu hows jasongracist mootiness korrasarnis athtena gaythalia sugarlantern santabethchase romangod herhmione petsohp the-bloodofolympus bisexualjo perseass virska artemistletoe mercydean hiccuphadock jasohgrace shuckleberry-finn 

and im sorry if i forget some of you y'all just change your blogs so quickly i cant even remember who you are and i just did this in ike 20 mins


Look, more Fowl Eater art sketches yay! im sorry

ummm so the first one is basically Artemis as meister (and Holly is the weapon) trying to look cool,

the second is the Butlers as weapons (wielding each other much like the Thompson Sisters)

Also this is the meister!Holly and Artemis!weapon version, Artemis being the glass/communicator thing (he’d be an intelligent weapon, controlling things like a kind of bug I guess, and designing a special soul-weapon for Holly to wield and him just being a smart-ass giving her information. I guess Foaly is the same kind of weapon, hence Holly can resonance with Artemis so well yay)

Aaaaand all my love to Minerva, who wields Butler like it’s no one’s business! I imagine her being a meister and having a great resonance with both Butlers, but especially with Dom. Because their friendship is beautiful ok.
And I imagine Juliet at first is totally jealous, but later becomes best buds with Minerva and everyone gets along wow what a happy ending (i’m so sorry for the ugly guns i don’t usually draw guns also the coloury bars on Butler are energy levels and stuff)

And she totally wears pink and looks amazing in it ok now i want hot pink nail polish too
Also she tried working together with Artemis but they just don’t have the same soul resonance yeah plus they just kept bickering-

mootiness ha contestado a tu publicación: pop tarts are almost universally repugnant to me……

i have never eaten a pop tart how do they work

Well some people prefer to toast them before eating them. These people are aliens or spies. Otherwise you ingest them in the usual way and subsequently experience a brief, unsatisfactory respite from hunger. You then go about the rest of your day with little further thought about the pop tarts. 

This is the incubation period.

Days pass. Subtlety, gradually, a foreign presence begins to influence your thoughts. Your friends start noticing changes in your behavior but say nothing. You buy more pop tarts and think little of it, not knowing, not yet, that you are no longer yourself. A gnawing grows in the back of your mind. Brown sugar cinnamon, it whispers. Broowwwn sssugaarrrr cinnnammonnnn. You know nothing but the pop tart, nothing but your unquenchable desire for sugar wrapped in what is questionably called pastry. You need the pop tart. You are the pop tart.

mootiness said: well i’m just following her and i have enough yo’s at the end of my sentences for a lifetime of yo yo fun

It’s a known fact that Radycat’s a goddess of evil and anger and everytime someone uses “yo” in a sentence, her power grows stronger. If you stand in front of a mirror while the sound  of lesbian porn plays in the distance and say “yo” three times, you’ll summon Rady to your place and legend says she comes riding on Piper. But in a non-sexual way, though she tried.