The FireandLunch Gift Guide - MootCon 3 Donors

The awesome prize donors for MootCon 3 are kicking off the Fire and Lunch Gift Guide! We are incredibly thankful for their generosity. These guys make lovely items! Please check out their stores for more!

Here are our favorites!

  1. House Targaryen tank: FencingNArchery 
  2. Rains of Winterfell shirt: waycooltshirts
  3. Night’s Watch Recruitment poster: KnerdKraft
  4. Tower of Joy tote bag: JenSnow
  5. Cersei “I Woke Up Like This” tote bag: Westeros
  6. Direwolves scarf: neenacreates
  7. Valar Morghulis mug: PaintfullyBeautiful
  8. Night’s Watch mug: sylvermyth
  9. Arya and Robb mug: sketch123

Check out the rest of the Fire and Lunch Gift Guide via the #FireandLunchGifts tag or click the link on our tumblr!