I met my BETSEY JOHNSON Finally!!!

I finally met the most influential women in my life!!!

I wish to be just like her when I grow up LOL and Betty White of course heheheh

She is 70 years old everyone. 70!!!!! She looks amazing!!!

And what the HELL am I doing with my face in this picture, I guess I’m telling a funny story AGAIN…

I swear the power of the SECRET really works, I’ve gotten everything I’ve ever wished for in my life, EVERYTHING… hahhaha

PS. New vloggzey coming up soon where Betsey says Hello MOOSHERS <3

Love ya Miss Betsey Johnson!!!




On-Set of Olga Kay’s Short Film “My Better Half”

A couple weeks ago, I invited by my amazing friend Laurene Alvarado (a Union Make-Up Artist and AMAZING Painter) to be a On-Set Photographer for Olga’s Halloween Short - and IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. I got to meet this adorable Youtuber, be at the Youtube Space, attend their Happy Mixer and be a part of this pretty awesome halloween short!!! 

I took 3,000+ photos and managed to edit down 600 - and then 200 for Olga … so it’s been a long couple of weeks but here are some of the ones that I love a lot - and there aren’t any spoilers of her newest short (yet). 


#ProudToLove YOU (by Olga Kay)

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