Talk Me Down

Characters: Dean x Reader
Words: 424
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi! If your requests still open could you maybe do dean x reader based on the song talk me down by troye sivan ? 

It was far from the first time your phone had rang in the middle of the night. Three in the morning was usually the time when it happened. You knew who it was. You knew what he was going to say. You knew what it was about. And yet, you always answered.

           “Dean?” you asked into the phone sleepily, “What is it?” you didn’t know why you even asked.

           “I …” he took a deep breath, “I wanna sleep next to you.”

           “Dean . . .”

           “That’s all I wanna do. Just sleep next to you.”

           You sighed, “Okay. I’ll be right there.”

           “You will?”

           “Yeah. Just give me a few minutes.”

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anonymous asked:

When is the next part in your Benny fic going to be posted? And is it the last part? I love it!

The next part of Fangs and First Impressions will be posted after the update to MIM is published. I’m working on MIM right now! It’s taking me longer than usual to write, but it should be up soon! <3

I won’t know if the next update to F&FI is the last part until I write it but I have a feeling it may be, though it is sure to be loooooonnnnggggg!

Fangs and First Impressions: (Benny x Reader)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Mess Is Mine: (Sam x Reader)
Part 1 - The Wolf On Your Doorstep
Part 2 - The Person in the Pitch
Part 3 - The Blood in the Bathtub
Part 4 - The Ravens on the Windowsill
Part 5 - The Truth in the Tales
Part 6 - The Shoe in the Suitcase
Part 7 - The Voices in the Vision
Part 8 - The Bench and the Boy
Part 9 - The Home in the Hide-out
Part 10 - The Chains in the Cold
Part 11 - The Head in the Halo

“I gotta tell ya, the most amazing time I’ve ever had on this show. Apart from all the fun we had and the bits and pieces. The end of season 8 was the most extraordinary set of circumstances. Not only because it was really well written, there was this amazing end of a story that was so huge between the brothers, me (Crowley), the human element of what was happening to all of our characters but it was the fact that we got to shoot it in sequence of three days. You never get to do that in television. They built the outside of the church in the middle of know where and it looked amazing, and they built the inside of the church on a stage. We were locked in the room for three days. And it was from Abadon to me in the chair, all the way through. It was the most extraordinary ending. I think the crew was in silence for like a day and a half. Nobody interfered with anybody’s job, you guys (Jared, Jensen, Misha) were doing off camera dialogue for like six hours. I don’t think anybody ever came down, it was just brilliant, it was fantastic. It was wonderful to do-.. Mostly television conspires against you getting to do that cause you never have enough time. Everything has to be done and it’s a technical thing but you get these small windows where you go ‘Okay, can you do this? Are you ready?’ And it was just that everybody set it up so that we could hit it out of the park. And we get that it’s fantastic, I think it’s my favorite time.” -Mark A. Sheppard, NERDHQ 2016.

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