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tag yourself - pop punk bands edition
  • A Day To Remember: switches between loving and despising their home town at the drop of a hat
  • As It Is: constantly nostalgic. all of the time.
  • Brand New: disappears for a long time without a word, reappears again as if nothing happened.
  • Citizen: would rather die than do literally anything
  • Knuckle Puck: oversensitive, uses too many big words without being 100% sure what they mean
  • Moose Blood: likes Brand New, in love with the same apathetic person
  • Neck Deep: just can't get over this one girl, will actually fucking stab you if you insult their home town
  • New Found Glory: couldn't care less about you
  • Real Friends: chainsmokes like an old lady, bony knees
  • State Champs: the friend that just appeared one day and nobody knows where they actually came from, but they're accepted anyway
  • Taking Back Sunday: still haven't gotten over that feud from 17 years ago
  • The Story So Far: blames a specific person for ruining them
  • The Wonder Years: //really really// loves their friends

The Spectral Moose was first reported in the 1900s, in many different areas of Maine. It is said to be a moose that measures 10 to 15 feet high with a ghostly white or grey coloring and enormous antlers. Sometimes the fur of the moose is described as glowing slightly. Hunters that approach the moose are left with nothing; as soon as they fire at the ghostly being, it vanishes before the bullets even reach it.

During a mass of sightings in 1938, a man only known by the name Houston claimed he saw a Spectral Moose along with a herd that were grazing in a bog. There were three bulls, but one made the other two “look like pygmies”. His detailed report included, “Beside the spectral coloration there were the antlers again, twenty points on one side, twenty one on the other, with a palm at least eighteen inches wide in the velvet.”