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I want a comic where Sokka goes off on his own in the earth kingdom and a sabertooth moose lion charges at him so he just kind of accepts the fact that he’s gonna die and like braces for impact but when it gets close to him it stops, smells him, and runs away. Sokka is confused until he brings back an apple.

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Good God I suddenly realized that there isn’t an outright villain in Brother Bear

Like… the villain is our own hatred of people/bears we don’t understand

Me: SeaWorld is definitely not perfect and has a lot to improve on but they do lots of good stuff too….. I’m keen to visit to objectively evaluate animal welfare and behaviour

Also me: *gets One Ocean songs stuck in head, gets emotional while watching shows on YouTube, wants to book every single animal encounter possible*

Simple words do not do justice to how I feel about this man. He is a supernova made of candy floss, filled with quokkas painting self portraits with glitter glue. He’s a diamond encrusted Bowie while the rest of us are just plasticine Joey Ramones.

He is Noel Fielding. And I love him.

109. A few years after the war, Sokka traveled the Earth Kingdom countryside to look for his space sword.

He finally found it in the nest of a sabertooth moose lion, with the sabertooth moose lion still inside. While Sokka expected a fight, he didn’t expect the animal to run off, only to return with an apple. From then on, Sokka and Foo Foo Cuddlypoops were inseparable. 

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And the animal themed headcanons continue…

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It’s kind of astounding how much narrative space Toph claims so quickly. Like, we meet her in “The Blind Bandit.” The next we see of her is “The Chase,” where she refuses to help with the camp and almost quits. And then the episode right after that is where she’s calling Sokka “snoozles,” sarcastically dismissing Katara’s advice, and slow clapping her way through Aang’s sabertooth moose lion standoff.