Socially Awkward

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Words:  941
Requested by @llamas16:  Idk how your requests work but I would like to request a Cas x reader fic where the reader is very socially awkward and so is Cas so dean and sam try to hook them up and it ends in either smut or fluff or both? You don’t have to but I would love it if you did :)

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send an ask.

          You had been hunting for a while before you met Sam and Dean. When you met them, you made a great impression. You had just taken out a poltergeist. You were pumped full of adrenaline. But as soon as they started talking to you, you froze and couldn’t figure out to speak English.

           Dean had asked your name and you had spaced for a good thirty seconds before you actually said Y/N.

           Sam had asked how long you had been hunting and you said “Long time. Since kid,” you inwardly chastised yourself for not being able to people.

           You were sure, after that first encounter, that you wouldn’t see the Winchester’s again. But fate would have it that you would end up hunting with them.

           “Y/N, I think we have someone you should meet,” Dean said, smirking a little when the three of you walked out of the house after taking care of the witch.

           “Dean . . .” Sam had looked over at him, seeming to sense what his brother was getting at. You weren’t sure if Sam approved or not.

           “Dude, they’d be perfect for each other,” Dean said.

           Sam sighed, “Don’t force it.”

           “Guys, I’m right here,” you said, feeling like you were an invisible onlooker in this conversation.

           “We know,” Dean said, “Sorry.”

           “Wanna let me in on the secret?” you asked.

           “We will.”

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we need to be looking out for girls more than we need to be defending pop punk

not-natural-moose-and-squirrel  asked:

Hello! I'm currently questioning my gender but I'm feeling like I'm faking/confused since I don't have dysphoria. Idek. I'm thinking that I'm androgyne or androgynflux, but I'm still on the fence. I have a few NB friends, but I'm too nervous to talk to them abt it since I don't have dysphoria. I didn't really know about NB genders until very recently when I met said friends. I'm not sure what to think. I never questioned my gender before now. I never knew any different I guess :/

Hi there !! Gosh, okay, before I say anything else, I’m sorry you’re dealing with faker feels and confusion because you don’t experience dysphoria but I’ve got good news for you !! Dysphoria is not required to be trans !! Dysphoria is not required to be nonbinary !! You can absolutely 1000% be a non-dysphoric nonbinary and/or trans person !!

And the way these things go, chances are you’re not a faker, I promise. Most people who have to doubt whether or not they’re fakers tend to not be, actually, since being a faker usually implies that you’ve made a conscious choice to fake something. And based on what you’ve said, I’m positive you’re not a faker.

In terms of talking to your friends, I’m sorry you’re too nervous to talk to them about it right now. Chances are, talking to them will go okay, but it’s okay to still be nervous. You don’t have to talk to them about gender stuffs unless/until you’re comfortable with it, okay? When I started questioning my gender I actually spent some time not telling anyone (even though most of my friends are also nonbinary and trans) until I was personally comfortable with the idea that I was not a girl. Take all the time you need. 

And finally, it’s okay to be confused. You’ve got the words “androgyne” and “androgynflux” already, that’s a start !! I’m really proud of you already for being able to self reflect and question your gender, which I know firsthand can at times be a difficult process. Sending lots of love and support !! 💜💜💜💜

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anonymous asked:

Moose Blood?

Am I a fan?: yess
First Song I Heard By Them?: I think gum
Favorite Song?: Swim down is one of them
Favorite Album?: I’ll keep you in mind from time to time
Favorite Music Video?: honey
Have any merch?: yes I do
Seen them Live?: yeahh
Favorite Member?: eddy :)

not-moose-one-shots  asked:

That plus size reader one shot got me. Gah, I needed something like that. Thank you for writing that. And thank you for being freaking amazing! Also, I was wondering if your Forever Tag list was open because I'd love to be added. If not, totally cool. Love ya!!

Thank you for reading it! And for the super sweet message! I do have a forever tag list and there are 5 spots left. One of them is now yours! 

Get Into My Car

Overwhelmed with the support for my online store and especially these prints!

Working on some more- are there any favourite lyrics/quotes/songs that you think would look good on a flash print, message me and I’ll pick some of my favourites to possibly draw and add to my store!