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Non-watching Watching anon here again. Just watched the episode where we learned about John leaving Dean in that boys' home farm place to teach him a lesson for two months and I just want to cry now. Okay, fine, I did cry. When he tells Sam that it was it was his own mistake that got him him left there, my heart broke. Hello more abandonment issues. And then when he chose to leave because he saw Sam in the car, more tears. Oh Dean.

*wraps you in blankets*

*serves pie*

*cries with you*

oh dean :(

My heart’s breaking on your behalf, because oh the things Dean’s about to go through, too.

omg these two really cute guys came to the door looking for their dog

Nina was barking at them and they just petted her and she was like ‘oh hey you’re cool.’

but yeah wow.

cute country guys 8) nice 8)

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  • Green Day
  • State Champs
  • Blink 182
  • Radiohead
  • Bring Me The Horizon
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  • The Killers
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  • Moose Blood
  • Knuckle Puck
  • Walking On Cars
  • As It Is
  • We Are The In Crowd
  • Go Radio
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Issues
  • The Used

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Describe your idea of a perfect day.

Hmmm waking up to bacon and coffee. Mysteriously it’s just there. Then off with some friends to hike a big not too hard mountain with awesome views. We of course will see a moose or a bear, or both. And dogs. Then back for pizza and beer with more dogs around.