Dave Moorwood’s Rascals of Rythm another fantastic group of musicians that performed at this years Birmingham International Jazz Festival. For those of you who missed them this year we hope you enjoy these three short clips showing Dave Moorwood’s Rascals of Rhythm: Le Marchand de Poisson, Out Of The Gallion and Georgia On My Mind (sung by Susan Valliant Speer). 

Warm water glistened and caressed her soft ivory skin, like wet kisses. She slouched down into the bath tub, rubbing her sore aching legs from tending the garden all day. It was a difficult and strenuous job but at the same time, she enjoyed it. Strangely enough she felt comfort in the work.
Maybe it was because it reminded Reda of her mother, when she was hunched over luscious green plants with sprouting vegetables. Dad used to watch her and smile, envying her as she would be hard at work. 
Maybe it was just the comfort of feeling at home, it was hard to tell. 
All Reda knew was that she was off to new beginnings in her knew quiet little town. Cheers.