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Trend Alert: The Power Suit (Yes, the Future Is Female) 

The future is female! Hot off the fall 2017 runway the power suit trend is quickly emerging this season. In a time of political unrest designers are strongly vocalizing their support for female power through design. Taking a cue from Melanie Griffith’s character in “Working Girl” the power suit is feminine and fun. Brock Collection shows us romantic red and white gingham, while Altuzarra’s take on the power suit comes in bold stripes with fur-lined collars. Have fun, be bold, and remember the future is female.

VIDEO: Julianne Moore and Molly Ringwald’s daughters modeled for J. Crew at NYFW.

Scroll through and take a look at our top 6 power suits hot off the runway.

Calvin Klein

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Alexander Wang

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Cédric Charlier

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Famke Janssen

I have idolized Famke Janssen since she played my favorite X-Men Jean Grey in the X-Men movies. 

The Dutch beauty made a perfect Jean Grey. Though as a true X-Men fan, I hated X-Men: The Last Stand. They completely butchered Jean and the Phoenix Saga. 

I was so happy when Famke made an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The movie used time travel to erase everything that happened in The Last Stand, and revived Jean among other characters. 

Janssen is also best known for the Taken franchise. She starred as Liam Neeson’s ex wife Lenore. I was pissed when they killed off Lenore in Taken 3. I don’t like it when Famke Janssen gets killed off in things. 

The X-Men and Taken movies are the only films I know Janssen for, although her acting career has spanned over 25 years. She’s been all over TV in recent years. Famke played the devious transsexual Ava Moore on Nip/Tuck. She played the devilish succubus vampire Olivia Godfrey on one of Netflix’s first original series Hemlock Grove. She also played Annalise’s lesbian lover Eve Rothlow on How To Get Away With Murder

Famke Janssen is now starring as Susan Hargrave in The Blacklist: Redemption, which premieres tomorrow on NBC. I’ve never seen The Blacklist and have no idea what it’s about. Though I’m loving seeing Famke Janssen in leading roles. Famke Janseen is currently 52, and her career seems hotter than it’s ever been. I’m seeing her everywhere lately, which I love. I’ve been a fan since X-Men, and I’ll always be a fan of the gorgeous and talented Famke Janssen. 

We Came As Romans // Present, Future & Past
Heart-Affecting Apprehension - jesterlady - Boy Meets World [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Shawn/Angela
Characters: Shawn Hunter, Angela Moore
Additional Tags: One Shot, Future Fic, Angst, Romance, Ending Fix, Post-Canon Fix-It

Moments of the year of Shawn’s life that Angela was in Europe. What happened in the brave new world.

Everyone please go and read this story because this is how things SHOULD have been for Shawn and Angela. This is how things should have ended up. The ending touches my heart.


Since his arrest back in 2010, Colton Harris-Moore, the infamous “Barefoot Bandit”, is said to be “in a very good place. He likes where he’s headed. He likes the person he has become”. According to Jonathan Standridge, who has been involved in meetings with Colton, they talk about “planes, corporate governance, management techniques, body language and books”. Standridge says what he’s passing on to Harris-Moore is that, “an opportunity for the future.” He made Colton promise that he’ll repay the favor once he gets his life re-established. They shook hands on it.

The Witch Trial.

40 minutes dedicated to that farce of a major historical inaccuracy. Diana wrote this because she wanted to, not because it was realistic. FWIW, Scotland was a highly educated country in the 1740s, the witch trials were illegal and never would have occurred. In the book, I’m willing to look past it.

However, it’s meant to be a catalyst for Jamie and Claire. How he finds out about who she is and her future choice.

Ron D Moore turned it into the longest, most melodramatic pile of shit I’ve ever witnessed on TV.

And then spent basically zero time to the reveal, Jamie’s decision to take her back to the stones, and to Claire’s decision to stay in the 1740s.

This show just fell apart at the seams in 1B.