Mandy Moore at D23 Expo with a message to the Tangled fans!

Via @tangledseriestv on Instagram.

“The sadness can totally get to you. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that’s real. But there’s a joke waiting right around that dark corner, a smile from a stranger, a beautiful flower blooming, an opportunity for you to make someone else’s day brighter, just because you understand. If you’re reading this, then you’re not alone in this big, scary, fucked up, beautiful world. I’m here doing it too. And I love you. You make a difference. You matter. Hold on one second longer. Tomorrow might be the best day of your life”. #ripchester

Kingsman Coma

After keeping up with all of yesterday’s festivities, I am officially wiped out. I’ll be posting and reblogging everything I can, but if I’m slow or miss something, message me!

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