Diana Gabaldon

Ronald D. Moore (Creator-Showrunner)

Maril Davis (Producer)

Anne Kenney (Writer/Producer)

Matthew B. Roberts (Writer/Producer)

Joy Blake (Writer/Producer)

Bear McCreary (Music)

Terry Dresbach (Costume)

Jon Gary Steel (Production Designer)

Barry Waldo (Art Department)

Marina Campbell & Jasper (Assistant Producer)

Jessica Bergeault (Assistant/Base Runner)

Anita Anderson (Make Up Artist)

Davie Stewart (Driver)


Dreamy Stanton 3 by James Mills
Via Flickr:
Peak District, UK


The Bounce Back Movie OFFICIAL TRAILER

(This comic is not about Baltimore schools, but it is about a teacher who fought for equal rights for African-American students.)
Today is the opening day of the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. Included in its collection are artifacts that belonged to Harry T. Moore and his wife Harriette. These objects were on his person when Harry T. Moore’s house was firebombed and he became the first civil rights leader to be assassinated for his work.  I am thrilled that his life story, courageous activism and legacy will now be shared on a national stage.

DEEP SPACE NINE took that to another level. We were so tight as a writing staff, we loved the show so much, that we could sit in that room and literally scream at each other. Hans Beimler and I could just go at it, hammer and tongs, yelling and really getting upset. We would just sit there and yell about story points, and then, ‘Where are we going to lunch today?’