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What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change

All the information I have presented - the increases, decreases, and plateaus in temperature over the ages and into the last century - is available to anyone who wants to seek it out.

Yet, to state these simple facts is to risk being called a “climate change denier.”  Not only is that absurd, it’s mean-spirited.  It’s absurd because no one, not even the most fervent skeptic, denies that the climate is changing.  And it’s mean-spirited because to call someone a “climate change denier” is to intentionally link them to people who deny the holocaust.  So, maybe it’s time to stop the name-calling.

Predicting the climate, one of the most complex systems on earth with thousands of inputs - many of which we do not understand, isn’t an exact science or anything close to it.  Maybe it’s just a tad arrogant to suggest we can predict the weather or the climate or just about anything 60 years from now.

The science is not “settled.”  The debate is not over.  The climate is always changing.  It always has and it always will.

Bonus: The Truth About CO2