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Now that we’ve recognized the issue….what next
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based on a likkle convo we’ve been having over in moorefitness

here’s some info on how to do squats correctly

for if yu nuh dweet proppa yu knee and everyting a go gi way

here’s another video for people who may be doing squats with knees

proper form is the difference between me seize up caw me body nuh used to dis but working up to being better


me outta commission and a lose all a me fitness caw me knee dem buckle and me fling out me hip


oh shaun t

i missed yo zesty ass

yes i DID

did my Turbo Fire HIIT workout

realised that while the belly was getting flatter it was also getting lower…to the ground….sake a gravity

we cyaan have dat

hot gyal a nuh kangaroo! so pouchie gotta go

abs on deck!

me tun inna fitness buff 

as me wake me waan work out

me feel so good

me nuh even waan eat fus

is a problem

but me nah try solve it


progress photo


about 11 lbs down…me wudda say 12 fi kip it consistent but me nuh know

BUT more importantly

i’m getting muscles inna me quads (who feel like hulk? ME)

me a get some muscles inna me biceps

and di odda day me core do some tings weh me wudda never even consider askin it before

a strength me de yah fah

and it a come


di hard wuk and killing off miself a pay off

do the foods i consume between 1 and 5 am count towards today’s calorie intake…

or tomorrow’s?

cus if it’s tomorrow’s i got a running head start

and if it’s today’s i’m screwed!

i propose that it doesn’t count towards any day

calories consumed when more than 30% of your country’s population is asleep do not count.






lunch tiddeh

fresh salad


Lettuce, Spinach, Fennel, Celery, Eskellion, Green Peppers, Tomato, Corn (raw), and two slice a pear pon di side

now wah dem have a farrin a call pear a nuh wah we know as pear

fi dem pear littlybit and and fit inna di palm a toddler hand

and di pear flavour weak weak

but me cut off half a one and drop it pon di side caw avocado good fi yu womb

(a we seh baby!…eventually)

and caw it go di salad a likkle flavour and texture

sake a how di corn sweet and di tomato sweet di salad nein even need no dressing

now…dis is not do roasting and bwiling corn weh we have a yaad

dis a di farrin white corn

me nein a tek dem chance deh wid di yaad corn

yaad corn muscular!


da girl yah deal wid me wicked!

no weights, no push ups

jus one towel or rag or t-shirt or resistance band


di young land will very often lose count a weh she deh

i am not here to judge har

me dis a warn unnu

and one time har dog come een come eat likkle food and wet up him throat

me like it!

when i realise i have a big event in less than a week

and i start dreaming up schemes

like only lemonade for the next 5 days

or only lettuce leaves with cayenne pepper and lime juice

because i wanna see major changes before the big day

or i want everybody’s jaw to drop because of how much my body’s changed

then i remember

this is for life

and i have my whole life to see that reaction

what i don’t have is time to waste dropping weight that i’m gonna put back on cus i can’t maintain it


carry on

as you were

is a lifetime ting

cut and go tru

who fit? me snitches!

when i’m walking down the street with my roomie (who runs as a rule) and i realise that i neither feel like my intestines are about to split from the pressure to keep up nor am i as out of breath as i usually am

first i’m like

then i’m like…i wonder if i can go faster

then i remember that i do Turbo Fire where feeling like your lungs are going to collapse is the ideal and i’m like

big ups to Chalene and di HIIT trainin dem weh a show me body how fi live widout oxygen

me nuh know if a di adrenalin or di increase metabolism but nowadays when me have like long walks fi mek and dem summn deh, me literally feel me body heat tun up and me body cycle up fi ready fi it

dem life yah me fi a live from time

diet did a wobble…but me cyaan have me body waan be great and me a hold it back


yow….nuh keep tings inna yu house weh yu nuh waan eat. rule numbah one and rule number every

riddim up!

i am not perfect at working out while traveling

but i am working on it

so despite being away from my usual work out space

i just put in some time on the elliptical

what this means is i had to ignore the people walking in and out of the room (i hate working out in front of people)

ignore the people in the yard who would hear me working out (they’re of the hey fatty boom boom variety)

ignore the fact that its not my usual work out time

and just seize an opportunity to burn

and i did

and it worked

and i’m done





me done!

and me deh yah wid di VLOG dem agen

and me a dance to di music a  me own thunder thighs

and me nuh feel nuh way!!!!