Ronald D Moore: I'd love to drop some Klingons into Outlander

Klingons in a kilt? 😂

SAM Heughan’s bromance with William Shatner might have paid off - as Outlander director Ronald D Moore says he’d love to drop some Klingons into the historical time travel series.

Ronald who was appearing at Edinburgh TV festival said: “If I had my way it would be nice if the Klingons turned up every now and again.”

The director revealed that Sam Heughan and the cast will soon be sunning themselves in the Caribbean in the name of work.

He explained: “We are working on both third and fourth and seasons and third and fourth books.

"The third book starts in Scotland and we have a big extended story between Claire and Jamie separately.

"And they will take a sea voyage across the Atlantic ending up in Jamaica and the Caribbean and eventually the New World.

"It’ll be a whole new look for the show and a big epic adventure for season three.

"It’ll be fun and there’s allays something new in the show. I like the fact that each season is different.”

He added: “Sam’s great. He takes it all in his stride.

"I don’t think he takes himself too seriously. It’s great people have a response to him.”