Farmhouse Renovation, Moorenweis, Germany by Buero Philipp Moeller | via

The renovation of a farmhouse erected in 1890 in the Fürstenfeldbruck district is focusing on the reorganization of the floor plan, the preservation of the basic structure, particularly the roof truss, and above all the creation of diverse and atmospherically dense interior rooms offering a very special living experience to a family of four.

In order to retain the typical character of a farmhouse consisting of living-dining area and utility rooms, the small room structures on the ground and first floor of the living area remain largely untouched. On the one hand, available or supplementary old objects such as doors, lamps or furniture support this aura. On the other hand, several rooms appear decidedly modern by using carefully matched colours, large wall panelling and fine wallpapers.

Fascinating spatial contrasts are being created by the combination of living area and former cowshed especially in the open attic floors. Black steel components complete or renew the construction of the sand-blasted wooden structure only where it was inevitable, whereas custom-made oiled oak floorboards up to seven meters long and small new fittings are shaping the spatial structure.

Photography: Benjamin A. Monn

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