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Many people are desperate to find a soul mate, someone who responds to their deep image of love and intimacy.  They go to great lengths to meet people, and they spend considerable time feeling achingly deprived of the joys of intimacy they imagine.  Their attitude is summed up in the frequent lament: When am I going to find the person who is right for me?  This approach to love seems to reflect the narcissism of the times.  When am I going to get what I need for my growth and my satisfaction? An alternative would be to give all that attention either to one’s own life – developing one’s talents, educating oneself in culture, and simply becoming an interesting person – or to a needy society.  This crafting of a life is a positive way of preparing oneself for intimacy.
—  Thomas Moore, Original Self
However bright or dim we are, we will still make mistakes.  If I kept a diary of all the bad decisions I have made in my life, it would be too thick to carry.  But as in most things, it may take a bundle of mistakes to arrive at something sublime, just as it takes thousands of flowers to produce a few drops of perfume.
—  Thomas Moore, Original Self

It’s #WisdomWednesday and Graham Moore’s Acceptance Speech this past Sunday at The Oscars could not have been more lovely or more perfect.

“Stay weird. Stay different.”

…You do fit it and you do matter! This speech is most certainly a very special *bright place* and we hope that everyone finds it just as inspirational and motivational as we do. Well done, Graham Moore! You deserve this win and all the praise and accolades :) :) :) #OscarsSpeech #TheImitationGame #AllTheBrightPlaces (at Dolby Theatre)


Continuing my between the scenes one-shots after every episode. I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with anything after 4.05 “Breaking Glass”, but then I started wondering about what Hook and Henry were up to while Emma was battling the Snow Queen…


“Put it on.” Hook tossed the orange cloth contraption over to the boy.

Henry caught it and looked it over skeptically. “Look, you’re Captain Hook. You know what you’re doing.”

“Aye,” he said. “And that’s why you’re going to put it on. Even if the sea doesn’t kill us today, your mother will if she finds out you didn’t wear the bloody thing.” He moved behind the wheel and checked that everything was ready. “Strike that. You’ll be fine. I’m the one she’ll go after, and I like to keep my hide intact whenever possible.”

Henry pulled the live vest over his head and tightened the straps. “Why don’t you wear one?”

Hook laughed at that. “Over my shirt, vest and coat? If I fell in I’d have a hell of a time trying to swim under all that, now wouldn’t I?”

“Speaking of that,” Henry said, “Have you ever fallen in?”

“Three hundred years of pirating – what do you think?”

Henry grinned. “I think you probably ruined more than one leather jacket.”

“You’re a discerning lad.”

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Saw a screening of Song of the Sea last week during the opening weekend and director Tomm Moore was there afterwards for a quick Q&A. The theater also gave out fun swag like posters, tattoos, and buttons. I will say the movie was just as magical and lovely as I expected, and visually gorgeous and I have to say that I might even have enjoyed it more than The Secret of Kells, since I felt the animation improved even more. Some fun tidbits during the Q&A:

  • Production-wise, Moore said the film took about seven years to make with four years just to get enough funding and the script written, and then three more years of actual production, which actually spanned between five countries.
  • Ben, one of the main characters is named after Moore’s son and the same for Cu the dog, which was also named after their family dog. Moore said that when you spend so much time in production ‘you try to incorporate bits and pieces important to your life as a means of motivation.’ Though, Moore humorously noted that they had to change Cu’s name in France since it means 'backside’ in French pfftt. 
  • An observant viewer actually caught an Aisling (from The Secret of Kells) cameo (look out for it in the bus scene!) and asked why she was there. Moore joked 'it wasn’t really Aisling, it was a cosplayer’ but went on to explain that Aisling is immortal so she can pretty much appear anywhere she wants to.
  • Another viewer asked what the white lights that surrounded Saoirse were, and Moore explained that they were meant to be wisps. At first when Brave came out (which also wisps) Moore was nervous at first, but the wisps in Song of the Sea ultimately ended up looking much different compared to the wisps in Brave.
  • Moore was questioned on why he specifically works with traditional hand-drawn animation, and compared to CG animation where you can see technological developments, Moore emphasized the timeless quality of hand-drawn animation.
  • In general, it was fairly amusing that whenever a child asked a question during the Q&A, Moore would refer to them as 'tiny person’ and say 'Yes, hello there tiny person’ and so on.
  • Moore also joked that it was great that he was getting so many questions during the Q&A, and claimed 'Nobody asked questions when we screened this at Pixar!“