A Badass Surprise

Request: “how is my wife more badass than me?” / shawn is stressed on tour and Andrew flies y/n out to surprise him

a/n: this one was really rushed but i wanted to get something out to you all!! i have a fairly busy week this week with tests and papers so i might be a bit mia!!! 

           Touring was stressful for Shawn.  You could tell by the late night text messages and voicemails he would leave you when he should be asleep, resting for the night’s show. He wasn’t like this when the two of you were dating, so the recent stress might stem from how this is the first time he’s been away on an extended tour since being married.

           While Shawn was away, you kept up with your job to keep you busy.  Being a wedding planner was something you loved more than words could describe. You love the aspect of two families together becoming one.  Even though planning the event is probably the most stressful thing ever, it all makes it worth it when you see the glowing smiles of the two people coming together out of love.  It was also why you didn’t plan your own wedding.

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☼ Underneath The Same Sun ☼

Chapter three !! Return of the angst. By this point, y’all should know this is inspired by @itsday353​​‘s headcanons. But I’m still going to credit Mel anyway !! Also I really want to thank everyone for the nice words. I really was nervous putting my writing out there and getting nothing by praise is super sweet. I’m so touched tbh. Okay enough of my bs. Here we go ~

Chapter OneChapter Two ✧ Chapter Three 

Words ;; 3,781 ・゚ Pairing ;; Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak,   sprinkles of Stan Uris / Bill Denbrough, & some big time Stozier friendship vibes in this one y’all  ・゚ Warnings ;; ANGST BOYS, strong language, plenty of penis talk, and a lot of pot smoking.

❝ — It had been two whole weeks since ‘the incident’ had occurred. That’s what they were calling it. The Cali boys decided ‘Richie posting his boyfriend’s penis to tumblr’ didn’t quite have the right tone to it. So ‘the incident’ would suffice. In those two weeks, drama filled the internet and trxshmouth grew from 4000 followers to about 9000. He still got messages about the photo to this day. He hasn’t posted since. Even opening the app made him want to be sick. But it didn’t matter that Stan and Bill had made posts telling everyone to knock it all off on their respective blogs. People loved their drama. It felt like it was never going to end. Also in those two weeks Eddie and Richie had yet to talk again. And Richie couldn’t blame him. He was rot, growing and destroying everything he touched. It wouldn’t be long until Richie fucked up with Stan and lost him too. He could feel it. 

“Hey pal.” Stan coughed through the thick plums of smoke that filled the room. “Missed you in class this morning…guess you were in here hot-boxing again…like you did yesterday…and the day before that.” Richie didn’t reply, he just took another hit of the bong he was grasping and blew puffs up in the air. “Well, Bill took your notes for you. Just the way you like it…The way Eddie taught you to.” Stan knew what he was doing poking the bear like this. Since the break-up Richie was falling more and more into the pit of self depreciation and Stan had to put on his mom jeans and take care of him. But it had been fifteen days and it was time Richie made some progress.

“Don’t say his name.” Richie muttered, vapor trailing from his nostrils and mouth along with the words.

“He speaks! Who knew ?!” Stan waved through the clouds to the window and propped it open. Richie huffed, rolling his eyes and leaning back against the wall with his legs pulled up to his chest. He could sense he was about to be mothered and he wasn’t sure he was ready. Stan now was sitting next to Richie on his bed and his face was all scrunched up. He hated the smell of pot. Richie knew that. But it didn’t change the fact that Richie had been so invested in his tunnel vision of despair to care about how he was bothering Stan. “Look. Bud. You can’t keep doing this.” Richie didn’t reply. “Fine. Fine! No more mister nice Uris. I’ve let you smoke up this dorm for two weeks, a violation of the rules by the way - we can get in big trouble ! I’ve let you sulk like some moopy zoo lion for too long. It’s time we talk about the incident and fucking just - just get over with it for fucks sake, Richie.”

It wasn’t like Stan to get this fed up. He cursed, but not like this. It was odd seeing him care so much. Richie knew deep down they loved one another in the most platonic way they could, but they never showed it. Richie pouted and sat there in silence for a few moments. “What is there to say ?? Eddie hates me. I’ve lost him.” Stan slowly moved closer to his roommate and placed a hand on Rich’s shoulder. 

“Come on - it wasn’t that bad. I’m sure Eddie is going to text real soon.”

“Not that bad ? Not that bad ?!” Richie yelled, swatting Stan’s hand away. “Do you think Bill would just get over you posting his dick on the internet ?! No way !! This is monumental in the hall of fame of mistakes I’ve made. ”

Stan let a sly smirk appear on his features, trying to find a way to get to his depressed friend and assuming comedy was his best bet. “Well I wouldn’t be able to - it’s way too big to fit on a phone screen.” Richie for nearly a millisecond dropped his frown. “Ah - got you!” Stan said pointing at the slight curl in Richie’s lips, to which the other boy quickly pushed away, adding on an even stronger frown to combat it with.

“He deserves better.” And then it got way worse. Tears were welling up in Richie’s brown iris’. He was holding it all back, but it didn’t last long before drops were cascading down past his freckles. “Why would he even take me back ? It’ll just end in me fucking up again. Face it Stanley. I deserve to be alone.”

“Bullshit !!” Richie squinted through his fog filled glasses at Stan, still shocked by the way Stan was sticking up for him. “You fucked up and you do that a lot. But that’s your fucking charm !! Anyone would be fucking lucky to call you a friend, let alone a boyfriend. If Eddie can’t fucking see that - then he’s missing out on everything that is the amazing Richie Tozier experience.” 

Richie was openly sobbing now, pulling Stan into a tight hug and burying his face into the other’s chest. This was the most Richie had said in two weeks. And before this, all he would say was ‘close the lights’ or ‘leave me alone.’ Stan was forced to give his roommate the space he needed. So Bill wasn’t sleeping over as much. Their whole system was fucked up since the incident. And it was a shame because if Richie wasn’t cracking puns or making your mom jokes about Bill, then he wasn’t really Richie. The sloth Stan had been rooming with for two weeks wasn’t the Richie he knew and loved. 

But as Richie finally broke and weeped onto Stan’s polo, he knew the problem couldn’t be solved so simply. Forgetting Eddie wasn’t an option. Richie really did mean it. He was in love. Now, Stan was in love with Bill too. And the thought of losing him was in his head had him pulling back his own tears. He had to help Richie get Eddie back. “Richie -” Stan whimpered out, grabbing the other boy and letting them be face to face. “You are my best friend. I know this means a lot to you. We are going to fix it.”

Richie turned his head away, having a hard time looking at Stan in the eyes. He was queasy and emotional, the ounces of THC in his system to blame for that. Richie hadn’t been sober in days. Anytime his high faltered for a second, he would toke up again. This all began the day Eddie slammed that laptop down and told Richie to never call him again. He had to oblige. It’s what Eddie wanted and deserved. Richie would only hurt him more. “And then what ?!You have to keep coming in and save my relationship when I inevitably destroy it again. Face it, Stan. I’m toxic. No one is safe from me. The semester is almost over. I’m not going to blame you when you dorm with Bill next year. I wouldn’t want to live with me either.”

“Hey!” Stan grabbed Richie’s cheek and held it so they could finally lock eyes. “Are you insane ?! You must be if you think I’m going to room with anyone but you next year.” Richie was so used to people abandoning him. Pushing him away. The fact that Stan wanted him to stay around was the real insane idea. “You are going to have to try much harder to push me away, bud. You hear me ?!”

Richie was barley in that room mentally, but that last bit really hit him. Stan went out of his way to see past Richie’s bullshit. It was wild. Back during break, Stan didn’t stop for a second before offering his house to Richie. They were best friends who supported one another. And Richie never felt so warn and comforted before. He avoided Stan as he spoke, looking anywhere but his pupils, but once he finished speaking, they finally locked. There was a silent moment of just the two boys staring at one another through the fog.

It was like a scene in a movie, the way the smoke cleared and Richie was stuck face to face with Stan, the man trying everything and anything to make Richie feel safe. He was so overwhelmed by Stan’s gesture. And even though the boys were both crying now, they were also matching in wide smiles. They knew they could rely on one another. They knew that their bond had long surpassed college roommates. Richie could never replace Stan again. His heart swelled as Stan patted Richie’s shoulder and let his hand raise to fill into’s Richie’s knotted curls. “You’re going to be okay, trashmouth. I promise.”

Then Richie’s lips parted and he did what he did best. Fuck things up. Richie pushed himself forward and placed his lips on his roommate’s. His hand falling to Stan’s thigh and gripping as he deepened the kiss. Stan pushed him back and Richie fell onto his back. Stan quickly stood up from Richie’s bed and paced a little. 

“I’m going to blame that on the pot and ignore you ever did that, okay ??” Stan held his hands to his hips. “Yeah. That’s what I’m going to do.” Richie nodded his head along, eyes fluttering closed from exhaustion of crying and being so stoned.

“What did I do to get a roommate like you ??” Richie curled up, snuggling the bong like a pillow and yawning before dozing off. Stan was proud that Richie had a breakthrough, even if it meant that the damn kid actually kissed him. He was insane. But that’s the Richie; Stan knew and grew accustomed to. Bill wasn’t even jealous when he found out. He saw it as a win too. Bill himself had developed feelings for Richie. The three of them were all best friends. Ride or dies. And it was just the right support system Richie needed after leaving his unloving family behind.

❝ — Another week went by and Richie was getting back into acting like a normal teenager again. He was still high all the time and rarely left his and Stan’s dorm. But it was progress. Progress that started with Richie messaging Bev. Mike and Ben would be better when trying to approach Eddie, but Richie never got their info. Their interactions where slim. All he knew about them were through Eddie and what little skype interaction they had. Beverly Marsh was his best option. But if Richie was being honest. She scared the shit out of him.

↪ trxshmouth - Bev please just let him know I’m sorry and I that I’m here to talk if he needs it

↪ wiinterfiire -  No way !! You are the last person he needs to talk to.

↪ wiinterfiire - if you think I’m going to let you hurt my best friend again ? Then you are way more stupid than I thought.

↪ wiinterfiire - He can’t talk to you. I don’t want him to talk to you. Go back to your dumb blog and get past it. 

↪ wiinterfiire - Find someone else to exploit for laughs.

↪ wiinterfiire - Eddie can’t handle another heartbreak. MOVE ON !!

Richie had plenty to say back to Bev. But he was smart enough to know not to get in the ring with the mother lion. He thought Stan was protective. Bev was triple that. “There’s no use !!” Richie yelled, throwing his phone down to the mattress. “At this rate, Eddie has probably moved on. It’s useless.”

“W-wuh-Why don’t you just tell Ed-Ed-Eddie how you feel directly ??” Bill replied, from his spot on Stan’s bed. He moved back in two days ago. The dorm was full again. And the task was to get Richie back to his usual smiling self.

“I can’t just message him, Big Bill. I need to really let him know I love him. He’s over there in New York thinking that I used him. Thinking that he didn’t mean the world to me!! I can’t have him thinking that and I don’t have the balls right now to just tell him the truth over the phone.” Fear of rejection had riddled Richie useless.

“Well then grow a pair. It’s not like you can just fly to New York, throw a rock at his window and open your heart to him.” Stan chuckled slightly, his face falling when he saw Richie’s wide grin. “No - No. Richie that’s insane. We’re not going to New York !!” Stan put himself and Bill in the equation because they were all family now. “This is not happening !!”

“Please !! It’s for true love.” Richie hopped on his feet, bouncing as he plead to his roommate. “You’d do it for your hung boyfriend, wouldn’t you ?? Why not for my average sized ex boyfriend ?!” Richie had grabbed Stan’s hands in his own now. He looked over to Bill who was smiling at the two of them. Stan rolled his eyes, knowing now he didn’t really have a say in this.

“Fine! Fine !” Stan shook Richie’s off his and shook his head, mad at how easily he caved. “For love!” Plus seeing his roommate smile and crack jokes was settling. He needed the old Rich back and flying to New York was the only way.

❝ — Another week went by, spring break for UCLA was starting and instead of flying to Cabo or Miami like all the other students, Richie, Bill, and Stan were on a delta flight to JFK. Bill was asleep on Stan’s shoulder and Richie was holding Stan’s spare hand, bouncing his knee in fear. Not by the flight. But by what was to come in the next few days. “What if he doesn’t take me back, Stanley ??”

Stan’s eyes were closed, him attempting to sleep. “Not going to happen, Richie.”

“But what if it does ??!!” Richie was sober, he had to be to fly and it was showing, as he was a nervous wreck. 

“He’s had a month and change to think about the incident. If he’s not over it by now - You are just going to have to really show him how you feel. And after a month of you whining about how much you miss him, I can’t imagine him denying you.” Stan finally opened his eyes and looked over at Richie, who was chewing on his fingernails. “If he loves you half as much as you love him, it won’t even be up to debate.” Richie put his hand down and squeezed Stan’s with the other. He smiled and nodded, knowing Stan could always calm him down. “Please don’t kiss me again.” They both laughed it off. The mood lightning up quickly.

“I don’t remember doing that. I’m still not convinced you didn’t make it up.” Richie chimed while batting his eyelashes at his best friend.

“Disgusting. All I want to do is forget your chapped, gross lips on mine. I would never willingly think that up.”

“You fucking loved it, Stanley. You were a few seconds away from asking me to join you and Billiam.” Richie winked and Stan rolled his eyes so hard he gave himself a headache. And after a month of depressed Richie, Stan was almost happy to have a Richie migraine return.

“Glad to have you back, buddy.”

The plan was simple. They would land soon and then check into their overpriced hotel a few blocks away from Eddie’s dorm building. In the morning Richie would get his ex flowers and the healthy dark chocolates he loved, knock on his door and basically beg for him to take him back. 

❝ — But it was now around nine at night, Stan and Bill were curled up in their bed and Richie couldn’t help but get antsy and emotional. Watching Bill and Stan be so in love was driving Rich crazy. They were so natural with their love. It was effortless and all Richie wanted with Eddie. Richie was pacing around the hotel room now, unable to wait for them to issue their big plan. How could he, when he knew Eddie was at the library right now tutoring someone. He always did this on Thursday nights. He had to act now. Waiting till morning was going to kill him. Richie dug through his bag and rolled the pot he smuggled into the state. If he was going to do this tonight, being sober just wasn’t an option. Richie smoked the bag, while he got ready to confess his love to Eddie. 

He didn’t have time to get gifts, before he was standing in front of the NYU library entrance. It was this large open building and Richie could see Eddie sitting on the second floor balcony. He was smiling and laughing with some girl as they began to pack up their textbooks and notebooks. His smile was beautiful in person. And seeing him so happy was making Richie’s inside churn. Richie almost didn’t move. He remained frozen in place, scared shitless. But he thought about Stan and all the effort his best friend put in for him to do this. There was no turning back now. It was go time.

Richie slammed through the doors and stomped into the atrium. “Eddie fucking Kaspbrak, I love you !!” His vision was only slightly blurry from the THC. Clear enough that he could see Eddie’s shock as he stared over the balcony railing at his ex.

“Richie, are you high ?! What are you doing here ?!”

“Yes. Yes I am high. Very. High in love with you !! and weed. I’m also on weed.” Eddie’s eyes looked like they could pop out any second, he was so startled. His mouth opened but no words left his soft looking lips. Because even from a floor down, those lips looked beautiful and perfectly kissable. Richie was craving them. “I’m sorry I posted your dick pic to my tumblr !! It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it. - The mistake I mean - not your dick. Okay I’ve also been thinking about your dick for weeks but that’s not important right now.” People were crowding around them now. The girl Eddie was tutoring was laughing to herself, clearly shocked to hear innocent Eddie’s penis was currently on the internet. Eddie was shaking his head now, panic stewing in his features. 

“Richie - I think you should go -”

“Eds, please. Hear me out. It was all an accident. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that. And for a month now, I’ve been destroying myself over what I did to you. I know I don’t deserve you. I know I’m a huge fuck up - but you make me better.” Richie was beginning to well up now. Eddie wasn’t crying, he looked like he was still in shock. “I just - I just love you so fucking much it’s killing me. Every morning I wake up and when my good morning message isn’t there - I feel more and more alone. I feel abandoned. And I’m not trying to guilt you or anything. I know I push people away. I know that I in retrospect, pushed you away subconsciously or whatever…My brain just can’t let me have a good thing. But - fuck - Eddie. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t let myself just give up on you.” Richie was letting the tears fall now. He knew his rant wasn’t what he had planned. But it sounded way more real and honest than the draft him and the boys thought up.

Eddie was crying now. Along with a few onlookers in the library. “I thought about messaging you every day, Richie. I wanted to so bad. But I was afraid you - I was afraid you didn’t really love me. I thought you were just using me. I thought I was part of this game I didn’t even know I was playing - I don’t know.”

Richie could actually hear his heart breaking. He rubbed at his wet eyes and shook his head frantically. “I wanted to message you too. I thought you would never want to talk to me again. I was so afraid of you rejecting me. After what I did-”

“No, Richie. I overreacted last month. It was an accident and I shouldn’t of put all the blame on you like I did. Truth is I only sent that damn snapchat because I was worried after we - we you know…I thought you would be done with me. I love you, Richie.” Richie couldn’t speak anymore. There was nothing really left to say after he heard those words he so desperately had been waiting for. Rich just ran to a ladder leaning against the balcony and began to scale it up to the love of his life. The stairs were down the hall and that frankly was just too far. Richie needed to kiss his boyfriend now. “What are you -” Eddie was chuckling through his tears, shocked but not shocked at the same time Richie was doing something this zany. 

Once they were level, Richie desperately collided with Eddie. Nearly four months of dating without touching built up to this perfect kiss. The two melted into the embrace, both wanting this for so long and not being able to get it. The whole library filled with applause as the boys got to finally live out their fantasy. Their tear stained cheeks were rubbing against one another and neither could stop themselves from smiling so much. Eddie lifted his hand from the railing to grab onto Richie’s hair and he nearly died right there if felt so good. “I love you so much.” He breathed in between kisses. And then Richie was so invested in Eddie, he got lost and forgot he was practically hanging from a railing at the moment. He went to pull in Eddie and dropped down to the carpet below.

Eddie leaned over the railing, lips still pursed and red from their embrace. “Richie!! Oh shit, are you okay ?!”

Richie smiled and threw up two thumbs to his boyfriend above him. “All good, Eddie Bear.” Richie was not good. He had two broken ribs and a concussion. But blame it on the pot or his immense love for Eddie Kaspbrak; in that moment he couldn’t feel a damn thing.

✧ The End ✧

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It’s Supposed To Be A Surprise

Requested by: @we-are-but-stardust

Scenario: A pouty Jackson when your anniversary surprise gets ruined.

Genre: Jackson x Reader

Words: 1381

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

It had fallen on your two year anniversary while you’d been in bed. A dozens missed calls of failed attempts from Jackson to try and wake you up and congratulate you on seven hundred and thirty days together. His voicemails a mixture of whining at you for not answering the phone: “How can you ignore your amazing boyfriend like this on your anniversary!?” to the last one full of regret at not being able to be there with you.

It wasn’t exactly the start that you’d been looking forward too, but you’d always understood that his schedule was hectic and left little room for romantic gestures. So when he called around noon you’d quickly answered the phone. Your eyes glued to the third bouquet that had arrived since eight that morning. This one a mixture of sunflowers and baby’s breath.

“Jackson, did you really have to send so many?”

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I remember awhile ago a friend and I made a AU with Jack and Crutchie as like first graders and Jack having the biggest crush on crutchie and stuff. Like he’d pick those yellow weeds (he thought they were flowers) and give them to crutchie and he would bring sting to school and tie their hands together so they wouldn’t loose each other and draw him little crayon drawings of them together something like this

and they would be considered the two husbands when playing house with the other kids and like it’d be so cute.

And since Crutchie had Pollo, hes be out sometimes and jack would be really moopy and say like “I lost my happy”


the moopies


((Aradia would be your every day normal pokemon, but she’s a lot like Eevee in how depending on which stone you give her/how you treat her/ect))

((The first of three evolutions that Aradia can turn into is Aradiasprite, a rather mopey Ghost/Water pokemon))

((Second is Aradiabot, a Steel/Eletricity pokemon. Her fur pulses with electricity and her inner rage))

((Last but certainly not least is Megido, a Fairy/Psychic evolution))

((special thanks to eyma for making these amazing designs!))


alright so we drove all the way from North Carolina at around 7 am all the way to Chattanooga, which is about a 6 hour or so drive, arriving there finally around 3. There was an acoustic/meet and greet and the radio station earlier and we stopped there to see if we could possibly get in or meet them after, but we were too late. As we pulled we saw a black car start pulling out and I noticed it was John and said hi and he waved back and I thought it was only John then I realized there was Matty in the back (and probably Adam after realizing later since they were coming back from the acoustic it made sense) and said hi and he rolled down his window and said hi and waved too. Then we decided to scope the city and see if maybe we’d bump into any of the boys but it didn’t work out and so we checked into our hotel, but there was a problem with our key cards so that took up some time. We finally got to the venue around 4ish maybe, and my friend Kim, who got there the day before and was queing there since the venue opened let us get in line with her. We were about 20th in line and we also heard the boys soundchecking and did medicine like 3 times lol. Then skipping forward to when doors were about to open, it was hectic. We had to make 3 lines, but we ended up getting like at the very beginning of one of the lines and when tickets were being scanned it was so crazy, I don’t even know if mine even got scanned, and so all the security was like no running walk only, when we got in the venue, but everyone was actually walking and well I kinda fast walked and managed to get front row and center at the barricade RIGHT in front of matty’s microphone! The opening acts weren’t too bad, young rising sons was a lot better than I expected but I wasn’t too much of a fan of cruisr.. But then after all the openers, everyone was setting up for the 1975 and Leon was setting up and we said hi to him a few times lol. and then when the 1975 came on I fted my friend during the intro with the lights flickering and the humming (because he’s from the uk and a huge fan) and stopped a little bit after a few seconds of The City. But it was so amazing and I hardly had my phone out which I was very proud of. And when Matty asked for people to not have their phones out, they obeyed and also were quiet when he asked people to be. It was a pretty respectful crowd, although there was a mom fight apparently?? No one passed out though! And they also did Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You and oh my god it was so beautiful. I started to tear up. I could really feel the emotion in Matty’s voice. And Matty was extremely happy at my show, and barely drank any of his wine! He also said during one song for us to hug a random stranger, which was cute, and then for chocolate, no phones and to hold hands with the people next to us and dance like crazy! And then during robbers before the “Now everybody’s dead!!!” matty said “Now fucking sing it!” It was such a great show and an amazing crowd surprisingly and I had such a great view. This was my first time ever barrier front and center. I had a sign for a drum stick to get from G but didn’t get one :( then after the show it was so cold and we waited to meet them and finally after an hour it got all organized and we Matty and George came out! When I met Matty I told him about my drawings and the mix cd I had made for Ross in the past and the one I made for Adam and he asked if I wanted a drawing to be signed but I said I wanted for my fallingforyou vinyl to be signed and I asked him to sign it “Moopy” lmao because it’s an inside joke nickname for him, and then to write “You look so alive” since it’s my twitter user and one of my favorite lines in Fallingforyou but then it got smeared, so when George came to me I asked him to give it back to Matty to fix and he was confused was written before (even though it was literally 5 mins ago lol) and so he just wrote his name and then “I love you” and then when I met george I told him about my drawings it was so cold I couldn’t even open the folder they were in and so he helped me and when I tried to find his drawing I accidentally was like “here’s you” when it was of Matty’s hahah and then we found his and he really liked it! then I told him about the first time we met and how I gave him twizzlers to see if he remembered but he was like “I get a lot of twizzlers” and then I was like “I can show you the video!” and the security guard was like “you can show him later” and george thought I said it was a video of him eating twizzlers lmao. And so after that Matty promised he’d get my friend’s little sister on guest list because he like adored her because he favorited a tweet of her little sister wearing the 1975 merch and said it was also his computer desktop omg, so he got guest list for her and then I asked him to rewrite “moopy” lol. Also matty said his sweater was like a $3 one from a gas station omg. But anyways it’s such a long story but I had such an amazing experience.