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16 Reasons to Buy the Cow Even If You Can Get the Milk for Free

1. The cow is beautiful and charming.
2. The cow is really cool to hang out with and lots of fun at parties.
3. The cow is a brilliant conversationalist.
4. The cow seems nice and you’re interested in seeing how it goes.
5. The cow makes you laugh or feel warm and fuzzy in general.
6. The cow has a really soft nose that you like to pet.
7. The cow lights up a room when she walks in.
8. The cow is the yin to your yang.
9. The cow seems different from all the other cows.
10. The cow has four stomachs and that’s important to you for some reason.
11. The cow likes a lot of the things you like. For example, the cow likes to stand in a field and eat grass. You also like to stand in a field and eat grass.
12. The cow’s religious affiliation is similar to yours.
13. You’re in love with the cow.
14. You think about the cow all the time.
15. You’re not sure if you’re in love with the cow yet, but it’s certainly a possibility down the road.
16. Or any other possible reason you could want to spend time with a cow.

Because that cow has more to offer than milk. She is a potential companion, partner, friend, and lover. She is not worse for distributing her milk. It’s hers to give away as she feels comfortable.

Also, consider the fact that maybe the cow just wanted somebody to touch her teats and was never planning on being purchased in the first place. 

Now, let’s retire this stupid metaphor and mooove on with our lives.

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his smile makes my heart squeeze

im tired and emotionally exhausted but i just saw a picture of a pretty cow and i almost cried thinking about bitty having a pet cow and i KNOW he lived in suburbia and not on a farm but let me HAVE this her name was moon and he would call her “moooooooooon” and suzanne would laugh and they were best friends eric bittle and his cow named moon