Song design trade with @welcometoflowercarousel 

Song was Moon River so I named her that too as it fit the character.

Uh basically I have this story that the moon blessed a certain pool of water whom gained consciousness and fell in love with the land. So much that she disguises herself as a pony to roam around on the land and see what it has to offer. However she has to wear a necklace containing some of the water from the moon pool otherwise she will lose form, eventually turning back into simple water, and end up dying. 

Yeaah :’D thank you for trading with me <3 <3


A lost vampire is what happens when a vampire is completely consumed by bloodlust. This can happen when a vampire is starved to the point of insanity or when a vampire becomes power hungry and kills/devours too many ponies. Most old blood vampires can keep themselves in check, but newer vampires have little self-control. 

Hey @asklevee
I see you being sad and I very much see what you’re going through, and such periods are just the worst, I’ve being feeling very gross too lately and I’m awful sorry to hear you are down too. So I’m just letting you know ilu very much and we can be sad pons together, please be better soon darling <3

Finished song design trade with @moonwish !!

The song was “Killing For Love” by José González

So let me present you… Widowmaker! Widow is a stocky-built yet slender stallion from Appleloosa. His appearance may appear calm and harmless, the truth is that he has quite a vengeful personality. He tends to be really jealous which often leads him to killing his rivals. Only in the name of love~

Hope you like him ;u;


Aaahahaha oh mai these were all I could do for pone prom day two
Laaame quality but that adds to the ~comedic~ effect right
Shout out to this poor soul @pirateking-hightide who went to prom with Roni and had to wear something I designed
And to @rosa-the-pirate who made the reply for doodle no. 3
And also to @moonwish / @askstarlightsong and @ask-hexandtesla for appearing in doodle no. 4
And finally to @ask-goldenpen / @harmonscorner , @askdarlingadelaide and @ask-kashme the cute senseis in doodle no. 5

There’s so many prom senpais I still gotta doodle tho. Maybe in traditional since I won’t have the computer~


Yay I’m finally done! Sorry for being such a snail ^^; School keeps me busy ^^; Anyway, thank you very much for 100+ followers! I never thought I would get so many followers so early :)










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-holds head in hands- I’m also now merpony trash. Hello. 

-Very quiet, rarely speaks to the point of stubborness
-Too afraid to venture close to land
-Likes rainy days the best
-Steals Finds and collects special keepsakes like music boxes, pearl necklaces, silver tea spoons. Mainly vintage and shiny things. 
-Never EVER seen around without that specific bow, it’s her most precious keepsake though no one knows why.