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Thunderbolts #173 by Jeff Parker, Declan Shalvey, and Frank Martin.

1 - The cover - Cover art by Mark Bagley. It’s like a James Bond poster, except with a neo-Nazi and time-travel-duplicates of the same girl. Bagley’s Moonstone and Meteorite look as great as always, and it’s nice to see Zemo’s classic, super-purple costume again.

2 - Page 1 - Satana wakes up and… chaos. Utter chaos. Great looking page, though. I have so much respect for the amount of work it must take an artist to frame a team battle page like this.

3 - Page 3 - The middle panel of Songbird is one of the best ever. The bottom panel of Troll is pretty damn good, too, although I’m still not 100% on her fur bikini costume.

4 - Page 4 - That big panel ohmygod looks sooo good. But then that tear in the bottom panel… man, this is how you make good comics. I feel so bad for Troll right now.

5 - Page 6 - Shalvey does a great scarred Zemo-face. I love when the artists have that line of melted skin that stretches from above the teeth to below. One problem I have with this page is that I thought the front of the Citizen V mask was a plate, not fabric.

6 - Page 9 - Satana casts slumber on everyone but her and Fixer. Demonic Satana mouth in panel 1 is cool, and all of panel 2 is cool. The original T-bolts wake up before the time-lost T-bolts and track Fixer back to the tower, offering their help to get the future T-bolts home again.

7 - Page 13 - As such, the two teams throw a party. This is a great page. Once again, so much respect for Shalvey and other artists who can lay out a scene like this. Love the “glug glug glug” SFX over Hyde, and the way Troll seems to be playfully reaching for his barrel of booze.

8 - Page 19 - Techno sneaked away from the party to peek at Fixer’s files from the future, specifically to see what happened to himself. He is not happy about what he sees, and confronts Fixer on how he’s changed. Fixer gets sick of hearing it and… uhm… kills himself. His past self. Techno. Probably one of the most truly shocking moments in the series, which is saying something.

9 - Page 20 - Great splash to sum things up. No coming back from that. Boomerang’s face is the best.

10 - Page 21 - More of Jeff Parker’s interview with Busiek/Bagley/Brevoort, although Bagley has yet to show in the answers. Give it a read, it’s fun stuff. They had trouble selling the EIC on the name Thunderbolts, and originally wanted the female Yellowjacket instead of Screaming Mimi.



[ Part One ]

[ Part Two ]

[ Part Three ]

Next part of the Moonstone origin comic I’ve been doing, and a new gem as well, Andesine~ Still deciding whether to partially animate or fully animate the next part though.
This part helps explain a little more about Orthoclase and Albite and the roles they play in the Diamond-led gem society.

Thanks to everyone following this!


Thunderbolts #165 by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker, Terry Pallot, and Chris Sotomayor.

1 - The cover - Cover art by Joe Quinones. Love this one. Much better than the last. The image perfectly suits the text, and word bubbles on covers are a huge weak spot of mine, so that doesn’t hurt. Putting the T-bolts in their normal costumes on the cover, instead of their retro outfits from in the story, also allows that twist to still be a surprise to people who picked the issue up without having read the last 2. Ooh! And that reflection in Cap’s shield! Joe Quinones is great.

2 - Page 1 - Also a great looking page. The roll call down the side is a nice touch, reminds me of older comics where it was common to do that kinda thing. Sucks they had to put Centurius in twice, though.

3 - Page 3 - The best team shot we get of the team in their WWII costumes. Satana’s is the best. Then probably Boomerang’s. So weird seeing Captain America refer to the Thunderbolts as the cavalry, too.

4 - Page 9 - Satana takes Namor back to the tower to help him heal. She has some interesting spells for this. Namor doesn’t appear to be objecting.

5 - Pages 16 & 17 - Centurius fixes the Human Torch, Fixer gets a power source for the tower, Satana keeps getting it on with Namor, Boomerang keeps taking out the Nazi Torches, and Moonstone goes after Zemo. She spoils the future, and gives him specific instructions on what to name his son and how to raise him to try and secure her own future, but at least she also makes sure he doesn’t get away with the Human Torch samples.

6 - Page 19 - “We’re just giving it our all for the cause…” Satana says. *wink wink*
Great image of the Invaders in the bottom panel here. The Torch looks great, and I love the fire damage you can see on Cap’s shield.

7 - Page 20 - Moonstone plants one on Cap, ‘cause when else is she gonna get that chance, am I right? Then the T-bolts teleport away and let the Invaders think the bombs obliterated them.

Also, the last issue only had 19 pages, but this issue had 21. Wonder how they got away with that?


“The Beginning”

It’s finally here and finished!

I wanted to try telling her backstory without using words.

This is how DB got stuck on Earth in the first place. They got the distress signal saying how they lost the war and the Crystal Gems were going to come for them, so they had to evacuate.

My sister helped me make this comic as well!

All the gems used belong to these lovely people!:

Nephrite - A5hrie7

Red Beryl - Kizza-arts

Emerald - Rendigo

Bone Opal - Alexa-eve

Citrine, Tobernite, Purple Spinel, Tugtupite  - Kiki (my sister)

Topaz & Aquamarine -  Sergeantposterior

Moonstone - Cautious-cake

Turquoise - Nifaux/Nymph

Dragon’s Breath, Tobernite, Purple Spinel, Tugtupite - Pyre (me!)

Short quick comic as a react/follow up to these. Wanted to have other comics & doodles of RM with Jigo’s Dioptase and Black Pearl but this idea sprang to mind and I had to get it drawn quick.

RM’s usually very positive but that doesn’t mean she can’t understand or empathize with more negative feelings. She also understands the pain of longing for someone else.