Question Tag

Question Tag
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Answer these questions:
1. How tall are you? 5′6" average
2. Which colour and style is your hair? My hair comes to like mid boob level and it’s a coppery reddish brown. I usually straighten it or put it up in a messy bun.
3. Which colour are your eyes? Brown
4. Do you wear glasses/contacts? Both. I usually wear my contacts but sometimes I’ll wear my glasses.
5. Do you wear braces? Never needed them actually.
6. What is your fashion style? Give me black leggings and black skinny jeans always. Tank tops and oversized shirts are kinda my thing. Also giant sweaters.
7. What is your full name? Megan Elizabeth Cordery
8. When were you born? March 22, 1995
9. How old are you? 20 but I swear I’m in my mid thirties.
10. Where are you from/live now? Ohio born and raised. Fuck this place tbh. (But go bucks!)
11. Do you have siblings? Half brother (can fuck off) and a half sister (can also fuck off but for a different reason)
12. What school/college do you go to? I went to Rutherford B Hayes High School and I have yet to enroll in college because my life is a mess.
13. What kind of a student are you? “Pleasure to have in class, but needs to do more class work.”
14. Do you even like school? I really miss it.
15. What are your favorite school subjects? History, Biology, Choir.
16. What are your favorite TV shows? DANCE MOMS. Also Pretty Little Liars and Bob’s Burgers. But Dance Moms is life.
17. What are your favorite movies? 
Shawshank Redemption, The Dust Factory, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Harry Potter 1-8.
18. What are your favorite books? The Book Thief, I Wrote This For You, If I Stay.
19. What is your favorite pastime? Sleeping, tumblr, also I started playing that Kim Kardashian game wtf but I love it.
20. Do you have any regrets? No. Everything has happened for a reason.
21. What is your dream job? Literally to dream. I’d love to sleep all day. Or I’d be totally cool with owning a lil store with my best friend.
22. Would you like to get married one day? Yes.
23. Would you like to have kids one day and how many? Maybe someday. Two would be good.
24. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl or more of a tomboy? Literally I’m just me and it’s kinda literally all of it.
25. Do you like shopping? Yes but I hate spending money.
26. What countries have you visited so far? USA, Bahamas.
27. What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had? The Mall Santa Dream. Feel free to ask about it.
28. Do you have enemies? Only like two.
29. Do you have a boyfriend? It’s complicated. He lives in Maryland.
30. Do you believe in miracles? I believe in luck.
YOUR MUSIC: Put your phone on shuffle and write down 30 songs that come up without skipping
Seven Years- Norah Jones
Definitely Maybe- FM Static
I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You- Darren Hanlon
Where’d You Go- Fort Minor
Favorite Girl- The Icarus Account
FU- Miley Cyrus
Timber- Ke$ha and Pitbull
C'mon- Ke$ha
Good Girls- 5 Seconds of Summer
Truce- twenty one pilots
A Little Opera Goes A Long Way- Sky Sailing
Baby I- Ariana Grande
Death Valley- Fall Out Boy
Safe & Sound- Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
Supernatural- Ke$ha
Grandma Song- Defiance, Ohio
Build God, Then We’ll Talk- Panic! At the Disco
The One- Vanessa Carlton
Tattooed Heart- Ariana Grande
Til The End Of Time- DeVotchKa
The Swell Season- Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
4x4- Miley Cyrus and Nelly
We Are Young- Fun.
You Talk and I’ll Listen (Acoustic)- The Ready Set
Waiting For The End- LINKIN PARK
Tell Me That You Love Me- Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas III
Even My Dad Does Sometimes- Ed Sheeran
Such Great Heights- Iron & Wine
Amnesia- 5 Seconds of Summer
Gold Trans Am- Ke$ha
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