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“Take us to the stars tonight ✨💜”
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I waste hours every week trying to post on Tumblr and for whatever reason it does not happen. So I just do what I can do and that’s that. I guess I am pretty blessed to have a few vids make it each week and the photos. So here are some sights from this week (Yes, I am re-doing this post AGAIN):

Above are mushrooms (it looked like two varieties) that I know nothing about. I tried spore printing them to no ado. About half were fed to the compost bin. I love mushrooms; this morning I cooked organic ginger, shallot, and shitake mushrooms in four organic eggs. Good breakfast to say the least. The mushrooms out in the yard though I can’t mess with. I won’t make the same deadly mistake as expert forager Gibbons made; mistaking a poisonous mushroom for an edible. Morels, puffballs, and hen of the woods, oh and sulfur mushrooms I can identify no prob. 

Next I have been watching this “silver back” robin grow through the months. 

I wake up before sunrise most days and go after the moon set or whatever else grabs my eye.

(Going on hours again for a single post… I am about done here)

Cardinal Wired to the Moon

Turkey Vulture Pretending to be a WWII Bomber

The Three Scavengers Approaching a Soul Under the Influence of Moonshine

And above is a first; I made a large organic pan cake adding shredded fresh organic ginger. It turned out great but my foraging mentor gave me something special that I use on rare occasion- lemon curd. It is amazingly awesome. I have never had store bought so I can’t speak for what can be bought. Spreading some of that curd on the cake is like adding the wild strawberries on strawberry shortcake. Curd is like eggs… keep it cold and it will last years.

So besides dehydrating, cataloging record albums, getting packed for the excursion, nature observation, interviewing elders, blogging hours through this week until now with nothing to show for time and time again, organic gardening, spinning some great albums, cooking some great organic food, getting irritated on how the world works sometimes, and how more importantly that other things should never go unemployed… I finally got this post done. SAVE DRAFT for the umpteenth time!

I think that this might have to spin through another night of thunderstorms. The wind in the…

Maybe this will have to spin as well:

Have a great weekend. I am going home to relax and research/search for more words. I’ll be back before Sunday ends. I can’t believe that this finally going to post… I deserve a Stoic for the persistence on this.

Everybody needs to believe in something…

This song always makes me laugh… my German girlfriend at the time I first got this used to sing the opening lines exploding in laughter at the point of “beeeer” I nearly laughed an 8 pack on my abdominals. She was funny. She was not a drinker either she just knew what was put together in an ingenious comical way… and was certainly a great actress… so good that she had me fooled when she said that she loved me. I laugh about that now too. I learned from her that beauty is only skin deep… and under 140 lbs;) I learned that when someone is trying to butcher you and denies it as you are being torn into pieces that it is best to leave that person for good though they are clinging to shred whatever leftover nerves, tissue, bones, and limbs can be had. Being alone, wounded, or whatever is way better than dealing with a liar… any minute and for any duration of time in this life. As the old saying goes as I go home…


Down in Moonshine Holler (“A Hamlet” version)
Craig Cackowski & The Workjuice Players
Down in Moonshine Holler (“A Hamlet” version)

Music and lyrics by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Andy Paley

Audio is from The Thrilling Adventure Hour #171: A Hamlet

(I will have the lyrics of this variation up later)

moonshine and potatoes
molly hall
moonshine and potatoes

so i have been thinking a lot, recently, about the way that things change. about the way they move. i have been thinking a lot about the way that everything is just a little bit liquid, fitting whatever container you put it in, and how i personally have fit into different mollyhall-shaped containers. how the people i love/have loved/will love fit into them.

i wrote this song over christmas 2012 with my neighbor, sam. sam’s great. he was great then and he’s great now, though the exact type of great that he is, to me, has changed a lot. over christmas 2012, i think i was probably a little bit in love with him, but in that way where you don’t really look at it or touch it or think about it too much. you know what i mean? like it’s just something that’s there, underneath everything else, and there’s too much else stacked up on top of it for it to really, like, matter, in the grand scheme of things. sam is/was a lot of things to me, and my probably being a little bit in love with him for a while was like, the tiniest part of it.

i mean, listening to this recording now, i feel like it’s everywhere. i can hear it spilling out of literally everything. which, i mean. feelings can be so embarrassing, oh my god. but i don’t know. it’s probably a good thing that nothing ever came of it; like, i’m not saying it definitely would have gone badly, but also, i get to go that guy’s wedding in a few months. that’s kind of awesome.

since we wrote this song, sam joined the military, got his heart broken, moved to california, fell in love again, and now is getting married in june. i like his fiancée a lot. i think she’s good for him. i think they’re going to be happy. i hope they are, anyway. 

it’s weird that our friendship doesn’t fit into the same container anymore, but i think it probably wouldn’t have regardless of whether or not he was getting married. i’m not the same me i was in christmas 2012, and he’s not the same sam. i mean, are any of us? are any of you?

anyway, here’s a #tbtuesday.

I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time, So bring on the sunshine, to hell with the red wine, Pour me some moon shine, When I’m gone put it in stone “He left nothing behind”, I ain’t here for a long time - I’m here for a good time.
—  George Strait
Well said George!! Let’s enjoy this ride while we can. ✌♥😊