moonshine in the trunk


Brad Paisley has been causing quite a ruckus with his record label lately with the oodles and oodles (yes, I just said oodles) of leaks he has been releasing for his upcoming album “Moonshine in the Trunk.” As of late, his more recent albums have given us 1, maybe 2 hit singles, then have fallen off of the face of the Earth. With this plan, however, the constant tweets showing the emails he is receiving from his “big wig leaders,” has created this anticipation that we haven’t seen in a while for a Brad album.

His newest single “Riverbank,” not only correctly portrays the bro-country stereotype in a non-demeaning way towards women, while still having that “party and fun” feel to it. It has been doing pretty well, but I sense more excitement for the album as a whole than the single itself.

The best video and song he has released so far is the collaboration with Walmart on “Country Nation,” a great video having people across the nation lip synching to the song and just embodying the song 110%. Check out the video above.

Are you excited for the album? Let me know your thoughts! Expect a song-by-song review when it is released! 


Brad Paisley - Moonshine In The Trunk out next week! | Sony Nashville UK