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Secondhand Clothes
  • Secondhand Clothes
  • Moonshake
  • Eva Luna

Moonshake — “Secondhand Clothes”

God, what an amazing rhythm section they had — this song’s obviously an homage to PiL’s “Metal Box”, but honestly it’s so much better. It’s also a textbook example of “songs I hated on first listen but came to love”.

Now, I could sell my body to survive
Or start and finish work at half past five
Realistically slit all chickens’ throats
But I won’t be seen dead in secondhand clothes

I could find a home between your thighs
And I’ll never let the lids close on your eyes
Oh I’ll pat your back and punch you on the nose
But I won’t be seen dead in secondhand clothes

(I used to wear them once, through thrift
Not a student, just on the lonely late-night shift
They smelt of ghosts and strangled all my hopes
Dead men’s shoes wrap lead around your toes)