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Is this mike? he would do this but hasn’t posted anything on tumblr recently which means he might not be on tumblr at all. Is this Victor? Is this pants

1. First impression: True story that no one knows: “me and this guy are probably gonna end up being good friends”/ “Yo this dude’s hair is fly as fuck”/ “Steampoweredpants? is this fool one of those steam powered giraffe fans?”
2. Truth is: I wish I still had my extra tooth/ there has to be some kind of banana conspiracy going on in the world/ whenever pants reblogs something of mine without adding some comment, I feel as though I’ve done something wrong
3. How old do you look: IS SHIT AN AGE???/ I’m gonna say 22/ 3 years
4. Have you ever made me laugh: NO/ Yes/Yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: THAT TIME WE COULD HAVE GONE TO THE BLACK CARL CONCERT/no/ maybe. I’m not sure. probably not though.
6. Best feature: eyebrows/afro/zipper
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I’d crush tour third rib for a good calzone, but I’d share it with you/ honestly if I was kinda gay I’d be all over that dick/ YES
8. You’re my: best friend and tormentor/creme brule/peeling scab
9. Name in my phone: Mr Boombox/ would be Vick’s Vapo rub/ would be Pantaloon
10. Should you post this too? fuck it.