Pt. 1: Here’s a GIF of the original storyboards for the “Camp Lebanon Flood Sequence” from Moonrise Kingdom. A lot of the shots changed/ or the script was rewritten. But my boards were handed out on set, so you’ll see a lot of it sticks pretty closely. Also at this point I knew Edward Norton was cast, but Harvey Keitel hadn’t been yet… or else I would have made it look like him!

Moonrise Kingdom: Designing the Adults

Here’s the original designs for the adults, based on Wes’ email descriptions. I did these in about a day. I tried to make each one a likeness of the actor, but in shorthand that I’d be able to draw quickly in boards. From day one on this production they needed everything “yesterday”. But I tried to put some thought into the designs. Edward Norton had a little bit of the “Man in the yellow hat”, and with Bill Murray I drew him a little like Mr. Wilson in “Dennis the Menace”, since it took place in the 1960’s.

From Wes:

Mr. Bishop is a tall, fifty-year-old man in Madras trousers and horn-rimmed glasses.

This is Bill Murray.

Mrs. Bishop is a tan, forty-five-year-old woman in a Lilly Pulitzer-type wrap-around skirt.

This is Frances McDormand.

Scout Master Ward is a thirty-five-year-old man in a scout uniform with a wide-brimmed felt hat. A badge on the crown reads Khaki Scout Troop 55. He smokes.

He is Edward Norton/

Captain Sharp is six-foot tall, forty-five-year-old man in a short-sleeved police uniform with a black necktie and a baseball cap. His glasses have clear plastic frames and a strap.

Bruce Willis.“