Hey There! I’m are doing a giveaway to my lovely followers! This is to show you my appreciation to you all and to promote my new etsy!

Here are ☀☀☀ THE RULES☀☀☀ :

  • You must be following me. Either @ euphoricentity or moonphishartistry ( I will check. Also it would be really rad if you didn’t unfollow me after you win, that would be pretty uncool )

  • Reblogs will count, likes will not. However, reblogging more than once is accepted.

  • No giveaway blogs please, I’ll be checking that!

  • You must have your ask box open, and give me your name and address :)

  • Random number generator will decide the winners.

  • Will only ship the the USA and Canada, sorry :(

  • Giveaway ends August 1st

  • If the chosen winner does not respond within days, the runner up will receive the prizes!

  • This giveaway is to appreciate my followers and promote my etsy. I’m hoping to get a lot of people interested, which means I can’t have just 10 people reblog this giveaway. If I do not get at least 18-22 reblogs from different people, I might have to cancel the giveaway, or at least not give away as many things. I’m sorry if that seems really unfair to you guys  (╯︵╰,)

Now that the rules are out of the way here’s what you’re going to receive!

  • Any $10 Tie Dye shirt from my etsy store! Anyone you want!

  • Any $5 pair of earrings from my etsy store!

  • One dress of your choosing from the 2 pictured ( both dresses are a size M/L and both are made in Indonesia )

  • One nail polish to match the dress of your choice ( dark blue or light blue)

  • A small 100% cotton Guatemalan purse

  • 1 bottle of perfume - your choice between

    Dream Woman Night : Dream Women is an impression of Intimately Beckham or

    Enjoying Being Me : Enjoying Being Me is an Impression of Britney Spears Believe

  • A mystery gifts tucked away in your purse!