Bathroom Courtesy

Hi, I’m your barista down at your homey coffee shop. Sometimes I am in charge of cleaning things, and making sure that everything is well stocked in my store. There is one thing I do not understand: Bathroom Courtesy. Please don’t try to barge into bathrooms when the door is locked. It makes a frightful fucking noise. Also, if you are in the bathroom, there’s an amazing piece of technology called A FUCKING LOCK. Lock the door behind yourself. There is nothing worse than knocking on a door, then opening it to see a man with a dick in his hand. Or for that matter, a woman squatting over the toilet. Please LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR!!!!

On that note, if you do finish your business, please don’t LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND YOURSELF! That means others have to keep interrupting US and that just slows down business. Also there is no key to open it. We baristas actually have to pick the locks. SO STOP BEING FUCKING IDIOTS.

Thank you!