smoge16  asked:

In regards to the last question, why does Jace have no loyalty counters if Moonmist transforms him?

Because nothing put any loyalty counters on him.

The starting loyalty number of a planeswalker represents a replacement effect that causes the planeswalker to enter the battlefield with that many loyalty counters on it.

Jace was already on the battlefield when Moonmist resolved, and transforming doesn’t involve any zone changes, so Jace becomes a planeswalker with no loyalty counters because he wasn’t a planeswalker when he entered the battlefield. 

That’s why the Origins planeswalkers exile themselves and return to the battlefield transformed: It’s so they can get those starting loyalty counters.

ssbmfreak36  asked:

Moonmist and planeswalkers? Does Moonmist cause Arlinn "Not a FlipWalker" Kord to die a horrible painful death, or does it ACTUALLY work the way we want it to?

Arlinn doesn’t have the human subtype so Moonmist won’t transform her. If it did, she’d keep her current number of loyalty counters, just like when she transforms herself.

I check for spoilers everyday just so I can see this magnificent card in all it’s glory reprinted! I’ve always been a wolf/werewolf tribal kind of guy and this card has won me so many games in the past. This is the card that can come out of nowhere and make all of those weak humans flip into their more powerful werewolf side and kill your opponent! It’d be even funnier in standard now than the previous Innistrad because it kills Origins flip-walkers (besides Nissa)

pipsquique  asked:

What happens if I exile a creature with Lunarch Inquisitors then transform it with moonmist? If it leaves the battlefield as Avacinian Missionaries, it'll still give the creature back, right?


The zone-change ability tracks its source and will end when that source leaves the control of the player who controls it. It doesn’t matter if the source still has the same name and other characteristics or not.

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