Another sucker, I mean moonlithierophant, has come to Trish's Fountain!

“Hiya! Do you want some healing or are you hear to buy some of my delicious ice cream which can give you temporary stat boosts?”

All horrendously overpriced of course~

moonlithierophant replied to your post: [[ In which I realize how many Shinjiro…

[So far, so good. I’ve got no complaints concerning your RP ability. Also, that tag, it’s… Egh. I care.]

[[ A-ahh! Oh, hello there, dear! 

Um… That tag is just what I use when it comes to useless information… A-and I’m glad you’re enjoying the RP and such! I was surprised to see that you replied to it. I’m glad that Shinji and Karin are off to a fairly good start. ]]