moonlite ep

WTNV - Ep 45 - A Story About Them


1. The Man Who is Not Short sees a dark what?

3. How many eyes are better than three?

4. The intent of the light spreading across the desert, which is not always light, is to ___ everything until there is nothing left

6. Which bird of prey screech does the supervisor receive in response on the walkie talkie?

7. What animals populate all car lots at night?

12. The man they blindfold is taken from which Night Vale neighborhood? (2 words)

13. Which body part is hurting the woman who wanders the desert?

15. Why does the Man Who is Not Short cease to exist? Because some has to be to ___.

16. Their supervisor explained that they were taking buildings from this place under the bowling alley and putting them in crates (2 words)

18. They drive a black sedan with these kind of windows

19. The Man is Not Tall may or may not be doing this, but Cecil chooses not to tell you


2. What kind of sandwich do they eat at the Moonlite All-Nite Diner? (2 words)

5. According to Cecil, the Moonlite All-Nite Diner smells like this and bread

6. According to Cecil, A Story About Them is not something that you were not meant to what?

8. The Man Who is Not Tall murders the Man Who is Not ___

9. The Man Who is Not Short is not looking at the house, but at this kind of puzzle

10. Who accompanies the woman as she wanders through the desert? (2 words)

11. “It is a Smiling God of terrible power and ___ appetite.”

14. “It is not stained, does not look used, but he speaks its brutal history in his posture – in the way he holds it.”  What is it?

17. What word does The Man is Not Short write five times?