How must your heart feel
When you have fallen in love?
Does it gaze into the moonlit sky
While the fog clears and stars begin
To serenade psalms like cherubs

Or is it like a cherry blossom tree
With its leaves free falling from branches, letting go of what
Holds them back and let the wind
Take them to better pastures
Their color spreads among
The streets filling it with promises
Of better days

Or is it more like when the moon
Says goodbye to let the sun come in
Proving once more that the light can never really leave you even in your deepest disbelief for it’s strength
Can always carry you on no matter
How heavy the burden

Or would it simply go out of its cage
Run rampant like lions roaring
Or frolic like the birds in the air
Beating as if it’s declaring love
As it amplifies through the mountains
That once stood against it
Only to find that it has crumbled
Through its relentless pursuit

Is it just you staring into my eyes
Seeing what the future may bring
Not caring of the world as long
As my heart is with you
Is it as simple as that?
Falling in love has many songs
But I am the one you chose
I can never explain why

How must your heart feel now
Knowing that you have me forever
Knowing that we cannot be severed
Knowing that I have fallen too?

—  How must your heart feel? // Pablo Verzosa
a crescent moon
points onward
in an eggplant sky.
it has ever been
my friend.
a little luminous slice
to follow home.
essential and composed.
sedating my monsters.
pulling at my chest.
“come now, night lover.
the stars
grow drunk on your wishes
and now
they have their own.“
and i shed my shirt.
my heart’s howl
shudders the pines
and stretches my skin.
i look inward
and quell:
“there, there.
one more climb.”
—  moonlit mountain tops.
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