Can we think about Will though— reaching for the man who he knows to be madly, madly in love with him— and resting his head on that man’s chest. Utterly at peace with the world, and resplendent in moonlit beauty. And his love who’s been eagerly waiting for so long, Hannibal, gazing down enraptured by him, until Will settles into their embrace; then looking heavenward in wordless gratitude and joy. Finally, they are together.

The signs as Hogwarts era Sirius quotes (probably)

Capricorn - “James DEER can you pass my book”
Leo - “ hey Evans! Catch!”
Aquarius - “I definitely did not aim at snivellus, professor”
Libra - “I only levitated Peters chair so he could see the board sir”
Gemini - “fancy a moonlit walk tonight Remus darling”
Virgo - “I don’t have my homework, I ate it”
Taurus - “wormtail, do you have any rat tonic….?”
Cancer - “yo moony gimme your transfiguration homework”
Scorpio - “James… Can I please stay with you over summer?”
Aries - “not Slytherin…”
Pisces - “I’m pawesome”
Sagittarius - “so is there alcohol in butterbeer or what?”