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Name: Charlotte

Nickname: Lottie (Family only) 

Birthday: November 23

Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Gender: Woman

Favorite color: I don’t really have one. I have favorite colors to wear, tho… (#fashionheauxproblems)

Time right now: 6:31 PM

Average hours of sleep: It depends. I’ve been a nervous wreck lately so I’ve been sleeping every other day. It’s weird. 

Lucky number: 3

Last thing I Googled: My blood condition (lmao mad depressing)

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1-2

Favorite Book: Beloved

Favorite Band: I’m a huge hip hop head, but for bands I’ll say Arctic Monkeys.

Last Film I Saw at The Cinema: Inside Out. 😭 (Inside Out for Best Picture 2016 tbh)

Dream Trip: Going home to Ghana.

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you grant me freedom,
like souls within the sand.
wading within hope,
like tears melting off the land.
and I gave you myself,
like aging as wrinkles set,
I saw myself out,
when time told me you needed to rest.
and I kissed the moonlit,
so the stars may awake,
each piece of your mind,
the sky will now take.

Eugenia <3 This is an image that I have done over and over… something about that stance is so powerful to me; so mysterious. It is my Femme Fatale, my Venus, my Siren. She stands on the shore, appearing through the atmosphere. Dripping in diamonds of water, she’s not washed to shore, but rather emerged from the shore. She takes up the moonlit foam as her gown, the night sky her hair; her presence is demanding, yet a figment of imagination.

Closed Starter for MSA-Nick: Creeping Dread

The faint sound of soil shifting, branches creaking, and leaves rustling filled the night air as the forest spirit strode forward, her will guiding, bringing her trees with her as she moved through the moonlit wood, a woman with skin of white tree bark, striding on peg-like feet, a small group of short, equally white trees with crimson leaves following along behind her, striding forward on their roots as if they were enchanted…which, naturally, they were.

She was moving closer to her goal and could practically smell the kitsune hiding away, hiding among humans like the coward he was as she continued her trek, her mission simple: find him…and end him.

Shiromori turned to something much closer at hand though, hearing loud rustling among the trees just outside of her range of sight, the white trees around her stopping still, digging into the earth and planting themselves as the forest spirit turned her attention to the source of the noise, her calm, monotone voice calling out:

“Who goes there?”

Moonlite’s Mega Sale!!

Its here folks! Tons of furniture, fossils and gyroids to buy! I doubt you’re gonna take too terribly long reading this , so lets get to the good stuff!


  • Send me an ask to initiate the buying
  • No limit to how much you can buy
  • Make sure you can pay right offhand
  • I’m totally cool for trading! 
  • If you think a price is unfair I’m down to negotiate
  • First come, first serve

Heres the link to the spreadsheet

Below is a list of potential trading things Id like!

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