It was snowing lightly when Sherlock stepped outside. He shut the door behind him, effectively muffling the sounds of the holiday party inside.

Snow crunched under his feet as he walked toward the gate, where a lone figure stood, leaning against the brick post and staring out onto the moonlit countryside.

Sherlock came to a stop beside his son and clasped his hands behind his back. He knew better than to force a conversation. When he was ready to talk, he would talk.

Seven minutes passed in silence before Scott finally sighed and dropped his head. ‘They said no.’

Sherlock clenched his jaw. ‘I see.’

Scott straightened and folded his arms. ‘They were ‘nice’ about it.’ By the sneer on his face, nice wasn’t an accurate account. ‘Claiming they wanted the best for her and that, as much as they like me, I don’t deserve her.’ A pained look crossed his face. ‘They think I will hurt her.’

‘Will you?’

‘Of course not!’ Scott exclaimed defensively. ‘I would die before letting anyone hurt her, least of all myself.’

Sherlock nodded. ‘So ask her anyway. You don’t need their permission.’

‘It’s tradition in their family,’ Scott snapped. ‘You wouldn’t understand.’

‘Actually, I do,’ Sherlock admitted softly. ‘When I wanted to ask your mother to marry me, I went to your Uncle Mark to ask for her hand. A ridiculous custom, but one that would mean a lot to your mother.’

Scott scoffed. ‘So? I assume he said yes, since you’ve been married for 27 years.’

Sherlock took a deep breath and put his hands in his pockets. ‘Actually, he said no. Seven times.’

His son’s eyebrows shot up. ‘Wow.’

‘Yep. He was fairly adamant.’

Scott paused for a moment. ‘So, what changed his mind? How did you prove yourself to him?’

Sherlock smiled softly. ‘I didn’t.’

‘But you did end up marrying Mum and you get along great with Uncle Mark.’ Scott frowned in confusion. ‘I don’t understand.’

Sherlock turned toward his son. ‘It wasn’t up to Mark to determine my worthiness of his sister’s hand. And when your mother found out he’d said ‘no’ and had almost convinced me to let her go for her own good, she was more than a little angry.’

‘How angry? Like the time I cut Georgina with your sword, then tried to stitch the wound shut with dental floss-angry?’

‘To the power of ten,’ Sherlock chuckled, remembering Molly’s fury. ‘She sat me down and told me in no uncertain terms that she chose me, she determined that I was worthy of her love, and no one else had any business butting into our relationship.’

Scott chuckled. ‘Go, mum.’

‘And then nine months later, you were born.’ Sherlock chuckled as his son’s face twisted in disgust.

Sobering, he finished softly. ‘What I’m saying is, you and Gemma know each other better than anyone else. If she has decided you are worthy of her love and vice versa, that is all you need to know.’

Scott took a deep breath and nodded. From his pocket, he pulled out a velvet box and popped the lid to reveal his grandmother’s engagement ring.  A smile spread across his face and he snapped the box shut with a determined gleam in his brown eyes. ‘Thanks, dad.’

‘What are you boys up to out here?’

They both turned to see Molly standing in the doorway.

Scott slipped the ring box back into his pocket, slapped his dad on the shoulder, and jogged up to the house.

Molly smiled as he approached and tilted her cheek, with he promptly kissed. ‘Love you, mum.’

‘Love you, too, Scottie. Now off with you!’ She swatted him with a tea towel as he passed by. ‘Your Gemma is wondering why you’ve left her to listen to Uncle Mark’s football stories from decades ago.’

Sherlock grinned as he walked toward his wife. She crossed her arms. ‘And?’

‘He’s sure to pop the question tonight.’ Sherlock smirked and slipped his arms around her waist.

Molly sighed in relief. ‘Thank goodness.’

‘And if he’s anything like his old man, he’ll get started on those grandchildren tonight,’ he added with a wink.

Molly laughed and wound her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss.

It was sure to be a Christmas to remember.  

moonlit-clocktower  asked:

(Thank you dear♥) “Emmett!” she screamed as she ran towards her lover. She was relieved he was still alive, though he was beaten up rather serious. But then she saw Jack the Ripper. Instead of running away, she stood in front of Emmett and took a knife, “If you want to kill him, you must kill me first, you madman!” She was shaking from fear, but she was determined to protect the one she loved with all her heart, “As long as I’m breathing I will not allow you to hurt him more, this is a promise.”

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Regardless of his injuries, it was the first thing he thought to yell as he reached outward to his lover to insist she be far from here. “NO! Get out of here!” Emmett ordered, trying to sound furious over the matter through his clenched teeth as his arm tried to steady the bleeding across his abdomen.

Jack was always the tougher and stronger one of the two as Jack acted without reason and it was harder for Emmett to understand him in battle unless he too succumbed to madness and acted without thought and reason—draining himself of emotions he valued over anger and hate such as love and compassion.

“What are you doing!” Emmett growled disapprovingly, trying to reason with you as he grabbed at your clothes from where he was nearly lying on the floor to try and get you to think logically. “He is going to murder you!”

“Is this all?” Jack laughed in regards to Emmett having someone to protect him. “You think it will be hard for me to cut through the woman you love?”

Hearing such a threat made Emmett see red for the first time in forever. Jack always knew how to press his buttons and infuriate him, and now he was threatening to kill and take someone else Emmett adored. He didn’t feel the pain in that moment he took to his feet. His hand upon your shoulder, he urged you back as his face looked stoic and almost void of the tender and loving personality he always tried to maintain even in the battlefield.

Bringing his hand to his bleeding mouth, Emmett did away with the annoyance, narrowing his eyes hatefully at a man he once called brother. “You took my father, tried to kill my aunt, murdered fellow Assassins all in the name of righteousness…and now you’re threatening the woman I love…” His frown was deep and aggressive only to curve upward almost into a wicked, hateful grin. “Fight me, brother, and only when you hold my heart in your bloody hand will you know you’ve won this.”

matthews-and-hart  asked:

Romione for the song playlist thing

omg my all time otp tilde you know me so well i am going to do a jazz version for them!!

opening credits: didn’t we (this time we almost sang our song in tune/didn’t we, love?)
meeting for the first time: cheek to cheek (heaven/i’m in heaven/and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak)
hey, i kinda like you: darn that dream (darn your lips/and darn your eyes/they lift me high above the moonlit skies)
i’m going to kiss you now: all the things you are (you are the promised kiss of springtime/that makes the lonely winter seem long)
falling in love: born to be blue (i guess i’m luckier than some folks/i’ve known the thrill of loving you/and that alone is more than i was created for)
your place or mine: azure (here in my seclusion/you’re a blue illusion)
naked in bed: body and soul (you know i’m yours/for just the taking/i’d gladly surrender myself to you/body and soul)
first fight: autumn in new york (it’s autumn in new york/that brings the promise of new love/autumn in new york/is often mingled with pain)
maybe we should take a break:  black coffee (my nerves have gone to pieces/my hair is turning grey/all i do is drink black coffee/since my man’s gone away)
i want you back: end of a love affair (what else can you do/at the end of a love affair)
will you marry me: come fly with me (it’s perfect for a flying honeymoon they say/come fly with me/let’s fly, let’s fly away)
we’re getting older: april in paris (this is a feeling/no one can ever reprise)
if you die i’ll go with you: but beautiful (i’m thinking if you were mine/i’d never let you go/and that would be but beautiful/i know)
end credits:
 change partners (must you dance/quite so close/with his lips touching your face/don’t you see/i’m longing to be in his place)

send me a ship and i’ll give you a playlist!! i’ve already gotten rilaya, stydia and zaya! here’s a list of my other ships, please please please send me more i love this!