Starlight and Solitude

beautiful dark hours
dripped in dipped
in starlight and solitude
quietness takes center stage
alone in a moonlit room
with nothing but a blank canvas
and thoughts that spring
from fingertips into words

here I write
here I delve
here I escape…
I breathe and live countless lives
I cherish dreams and make believe
two of my many muses
here I aspire
here I pretend
here I create
I act and behave like I’m a poet
funny how real it all feels
in these blackish, magical hours
where reality ceases to exist
we can become anything

FollowCB | Copyright 2017

Rescue and Adoption

In the heart of the fairy mound, there were two identical cradles, each with an identical infant inside.

“One of these babies is the one you bore,” said a fairy. “The other is the changeling we left. You may leave our hall with whichever child you claim as your own. Choose wisely.”

“But they are both my children,” the human mother protested indignantly.

The fairies whispered amongst themselves in surprise and confusion. At last, one asked, “How do you mean?”

“I came to get back the child you stole from me, the one who is mine by blood. I never agreed to give my adopted child back to you.”

Perhaps her words touched the fairies’ hearts; or perhaps her stubbornness impressed them; or perhaps they simply found the argument amusing, novel enough to merit a reward.

She left the fairy mound, an infant in each arm, and brought them home.

I made a Togruta and based her colors and overall design off a Monarch butterfly! I’m going to keep her as an OC since I really like her and I might have some ideas for a backstory for her.