moonlit madness

venus in aries: a glowing fire twirler, sparkling flames of fiery hearts into the ether
venus in taurus: a woman of the earth, her hair twirled into the vines, her fingers shaped like petals
venus in gemini: a bubble that pops a pinata of cosmic candy, captivating conversation, and cool charisma
venus in cancer: a sail into a sea of moonlit madness
venus in leo: a carousel ride around the cosmic princess palace, a caramel crown of the heavenly heiress 
venus in virgo: a flickering fairy of the flowers, a mind glowing with beguiled nature nourishment
venus in libra: a goddess rising from a bed of strawberries, cream, and roses, a mesmerizing enchantress with the love of the divine spilling from her eyes
venus in scorpio: a crystal temptress, the most curious puzzle, a captivating mystery that seduces with bewitched luminosity
venus in sagittarius: an enchanted wander through the pure heart of a divine guru, the archer’s shot of glowing hearts into the heavens
venus in capricorn: a majesty of the highest accord, resting on the most ascended star, her hands coated in sparkling glossed snowflakes
venus in aquarius: a tiny angel of humanity whose voices radiates powerful social love, appreciation, and change
venus in pisces: a charmed doll that lies by the seaside, watching her lover rise and fall with the tides, she guides sailors home with the light in her heart


cancers can wield a pen like a master, they are very capable of articulating all the gemini’s retained knowledge into moonlit poetic madness. lots of esteemed writers like hemingway, dan brown, kafka, pablo neruda, and emily bronte were born with the sun in cancer. they write with passion, delicacy, and heart. and even the cancer who does not write still makes every movement and motion somewhat artistic and inspired by silky night mystique. they are not interested in the superficial, they swim to the bottom of the ocean, where raw emotion, torment, anguish, and fantasy make their tonic

ℳoonlit ℳadness - Closed to wrathfulxdemon

The full moon in Evillious can have odd effects sometimes. Asmodeus is all too aware of it–he remembers when they were all Eve. He remembers the moonlit nights when the brilliant satellite above drove people to lunacy. And tonight, he can feel it. The moon reflects off his glasses, and already his mind is in a haze.

Tonight is his turn.

And he knows someone who looks like Adam and whom he can safely bed and devour without killing them. Make them his, drive them so mad they’ll be begging to be his forever. So it’s easy enough, to seek Ito out and just wrap his arms around him. There’s no words as he does so. Ah… It should be easy, right? Between his Venom and his powers…

A simple bite, before Ito can protest. He’s a flower, yes, but he may as well be a snake for all the venom his bite holds. It’s just a little, though. Enough to confuse. He doubts it’ll make Ito actually feel anything. Demons are far sturdier than humans. So he wants to just incapacitate him just enough…