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1. Showbiz Blues// Fleetwood Mac
2. The Boys of Summer// Don Henley
3. Blue Letter Live at Largo ‘75// Fleetwood Mac
4. That’s Me// ABBA
5. Settle Down// The 1975
6. 99 Red Balloons// Nena
7. My Boy Builds Coffins// Florence + Machine
8. That’s How We Do It In LA// Lindsey Buckingham
9. Forever// HAIM
10. Believe Me// Fleetwood Mac
11. Funk #49// James Gang
12. Dreaming// Blondie
13. Oh Diane// Fleetwood Mac
14. The Highwayman// Stevie Nicks
15. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out// The Smiths
16. I’m Too Far Gone// Christine Perfect
17. Oh Well Live at Largo '75// Fleetwood Mac
18. Bad Loser// Fleetwood Mac
19. For What It’s Worth// Buffalo Springfield
20. Starshine Silver (Demo)// Stevie Nicks

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I was seldom at peace amid the rabble of Asgard, no solace found within those great walls of stone— yet just beyond said walls— an illustrious and untamed wild. It was there, in the thickets and brush of Nature herself, beneath the shining beacon of the sun else the cool embrace of the moonlit night, where true Divinity resided.

I felt a kinship with Her, Nature, you see, for she understood me as no other. She, too, favored little and could be contained by none, and, in times as these— upon perfect Summer days— who had not felt Her gaze upon them?

      “Hello, again, Old Friend.”