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Click clack and bang clang
Measured steps, counting beats
High above church bells rang
They will leave their seats

Weights now lowly hang
Race the milk and meats
Moonlit eggs that sang
Smiling; round she eats

Grape buds have a tang
On sunny days it sleets
Winter melts, spring sprang
Dried skin now retreats


Can you guess what this is about?

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18 year old female with blue eyes and brown hair. I really love art and my favorite medium is pencil. My favorite color is ~cerulean~ and my fav movie is Pan's Labyrinth. If I could take you on a date...well I don't know you enough to tailor this a lot orz but I've always wanted to take a long moonlit walk with someone in a park. We can talk and then go to a 24 hour diner together. Watch the sunrise when I drive you home.

You sound really pretty anon !! Pans labyrinth was a rlly good movie (made me sad though rip) also diners are always a fun time which is A+ so :D

describe yourself to me on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you!

breath of the forest

I will rustle,
like the leaves
that shiver
on moonlit trees,
while you,
surround me,
like the breeze,
flowing breath
of the forest
you are,
a gypsy,
always moving,
and I am
the stillness,
that sighs
at the memory
of your touch.

© SoulReserve 2016