honestly wtf is the pilot
(this is an actual unedited clip btw for those of you who have yet to see it)
like John smiling up at a moonlit, batman-style silhouetted Sherlock who he just met a day ago
and the music really
like that’s the actual track
they didn’t not air this pilot because they were testing things out, they didn’t air it because it was too gay


taylorswift the first time I ever heard one of your songs was when I was seven and obsessed with the Jonas brothers. I was in the car and ‘Should’ve Said No’ came on the radio, my mom (she’s on the right and will be wearing the momma of swift fans shirt) told me it was about Joe Jonas… Of course I believed her and he was no longer my favourite because I found out he cheated on you. I remember when I was younger I always wanted ‘Should’ve Said No’ to come back on the radio… Of course It didn’t. The next time I heard one of your songs it was 'Love Story’ on the radio when I was eight. Me being me I called it 'Baby Just Say Yes’ and that song came on a lot. So obviously I asked whoever was driving to turn it up because it was ma jam. I became a fan after I listened to the Speak Now album while I was sleeping in my older sisters room (she’s on the right and she’s wearing the No Its Becky shirt) I remember I fell in love with Sparks Fly and Haunted… And for a week when I was eleven I found myself constantly singing the lyrics to 'Long Live’ until finally I bought the song and listened to it on repeat. Later on that year I found out your fourth album 'Red’ was being released on my birthday… So of course I was like “ Fuck yeah new Taylor Swift album on my birthday” and I found myself counting down the days until it was released. I begged my mom to take me to the Red tour and we went to the Toronto show on June 15th. She got us seats way way way at the top…But at least I was there. It was one of the most magical nights of my life and is still to this day. I became a Swiftie on June 25th when I made my Instagram fan account. (which is now sowecoulddance//ig). I am now fourteen and going to your 1989 concert in Montreal on the 7th with my mother and older sister. (This time we have incredible seats). I made so many friends on both tumblr and Instagram thanks to you. Some going to my show like my best friend Emily @07131989 And others I met on here like Hayley: itsaswiftwonderland , Kaiya : tsisqueen1989 , Melissa: livelaughlyme , Ryn: youfuckingegg , Joanne: two-paperairplanesflyin , Ashley: moonlit-grande , and many more. I would like to thank you for brining us together and making us friends and being there for me when people haven’t. I love you.

See you at the Bell Centre
July 7th
In the left pit.


Okay, so we’re slowly getting some better translations. This post on NF provides a better idea of what each chapter is about.

I think the stuff she put in brackets 「」 is something of a summary of the chapter or so, so I’ll try to translate it:

Prologue: On his journey for redemption Sasuke meets a young boy whose family was killed by Akatsuki…
Chapter 1: One moonlit night’s evening, an assassin swoops down on Itachi and Kisame… his identity is…?
Chapter 2: Hunting for a certain bounty, Hidan and Kakuzu arrive at the Valley of Lies… the secret hidden in that valley is…?
Chapter 3: Looking for clay to enhance artistry, Deidara and Sasori arrive in a town… the shadow lurking in that town is…?
Chapter 4: Konan is looking for clues on the Tailed Beasts… [Something about the illusion of Yahiko dying] The painful memories of three people come to Konan’s mind…
Epilogue: While playing with Sasuke, a man appears who knows Itachi… [Something about the appearance of Itachi or so, dunno]

Also, there are two characters named Oomitsu and Komitsu

So it sounds like there’s someone/some other group kinda hunting the Akatsuki? But we’re still somehow supposed to get info about each member’s respective past? Rn it sounds more like an anthology of short stories. Interesting. ALSO I chuckled at the fact that Sasori and Deidara’s story is essentially built off of Dei’s art nerdiness; wonder how he talked Sasori into that one lol. Hidan and Kakuzu’s sound like one of the more ominous chapters, which I’m totally all for- I’ve always wondered what the scope of sketchy/dangerous places that some of Kakuzu’s side jobs must have led them really was because I’m sure they must have run into some creeps.