Rereading Vol. 16, Chap. 151-160, Shinichi’s Equals

In Volume 16, we revisit two of my favourite topics, Shinichi’s budding friendship and camaraderie with Heiji Hattori, and his rivalry with Kaitou Kid.

Heiji Hattori:

I truly liked the reference to the Moonlight Sonata case when Conan finds the petrol in the cooker. It is also fitting that it is him who’d watch out for such a development.

“A detective who corners someone with logic, but lets them commit suicide… is no different from a murderer.”

Conan is referring to himself and the Moonlight Sonata case, which I already described as his eye-opening “Norbury” moment when I reviewed Vol. 6 & 7. He does feel guilty for not considering all aspects of the case, and that is why he confronts Heiji with this bit wisdom that he gained at the expense of a life. The character growth is blatant, there is no denying that this Conan is different from the Shinichi we met in Vol. 1.

Kaitou Kid:

This is my favourite spread of the entire manga, because it sums up Conan and Kid’s relationship in a nutshell. They are facing each other like opposites staring into a mirror, thief and detective. In both cases, it’s their alias who is “in charge”. Their faces are serious, as if they felt that this encounter will change their lives. From this moment onward, their paths are deliberately intertwined. Conan chose to confront Kid on the rooftop, although the chances of capturing the thief are drastically limited by not cooperating with the police up-front.

Without delay, Kid returns the favour, reducing his own chances of successfully getting the Black Star when he disguises himself as Ran. He seeks out Conan, not to mock, but to assess him from the front row. Kid is not even attempting to hide his true identity from Conan. As a code word, he picks “Lupin” as a response to Conan’s “Holmes”, essentially declaring himself.

In truth, Kid singles out Conan at the heist. It is a sign of respect, of acknowledging Conan as a rival. Both chose to engage the other, and that is why they deliberately intertwine their fates.


~ Meitantei CONAN 20th Anniversary ~

Meitantei CONAN Episode 11: Moonlight Sonata Murder Case
(ピアノソナタ「月光」殺人事件 / Piano Sonata “Gekkō” Satsujin Jiken)!

The very first one hour special in history and one of the most iconic cases ever. When you think about Meitantei CONAN, it’s hard not to remember this one. It includes one of the most tragic villains in series, very charming code and deep atmosphere. It’s also one of the biggest Conan’s failures. Second one of the kind in manga (thanks to how One Billion Yen Robbery Case appeared in Files 13-16), but the first one in anime, since neither one of the One Billion Yen Robbery Case anime adaptations (there are two) appeared yet at this point.

Manga Source: Manga Files 62-67
Original Airdate: April 8, 1996

© 名探偵コナン Ep. 11