moonlight philodendron

the moonlight philodendron. this is my newest beauty, added to my collection today. i believe our union was fated. the moonlight philodendron is quite possibly my favorite plant. i used to have 2 or 3, but i had to relinquish them during a move from north carolina to new orleans. i haven’t seen one since. that is, until today. this beauty was one of the first things i saw upon entering the green house at logan’s trading company in raleigh. i couldn’t believe my eyes. it would be hard to explain my hard on for plants, especially this one. the new leaves boast an intense, vibrant lime green color, while the older leaves humbly host a deep, dark green. it is gorgeous, and to add icing to this botanical cake, this beauty is flowering, something i have never witnessed. with a little financial assistance from my best friend, i was able to take this magical life home. it was truly a lovely day, made much more lovely due to a reunion with this beautiful, old friend.