moonlight on the narrows

Call me crazy, but all this racist and prejudice comments from both sides are really counterproductive.  Manchester by the Sea I saw was called the ‘sad generic white man’ movie.  It realistically portrays grief and loss in a great character study.  Moonlight was narrowed down to the 'gay black movie’.  It’s an important movie full of empathy and brutal realism about identity.  La La Land I saw was referred to as 'straight white fantasy’.  It’s a joyous movie about passion and following your dreams whatever they may be in a throwback to classic musicals.

I suspect many haven’t even seen all of the nominated movies so I suggest you watch before you judge.  And most these irrationally angry posts feels like fighting ignorance with more ignorance.


~A little something to tide you guys over while I work on fic requests, and because my hatred of country music does not extend to this Carrie Underwood song

The after-finals party was everything it was expected to be at Auradon Prep.  

With the moon just beginning to rise, the music started, flowing loud and free like a wave through the open air of the front courtyard.  The lawn was full, grass crunching under everyone’s shoes in time to their steps, the shuffles and bounces of their dancing along with the frequent trips to the punch bowl and buffet table. The only thing louder than the music was the laughter; the happiness and joy hung thickly in the air like a sweet smelling perfume, wafting and winding as each individual body moved through the night.

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anonymous asked:

Please consider. Mermaid Eunwoo getting stuck in a ratty old fishing net that a rude old fisherman just threw into the ocean instead of disposing normally and passerby Moonbin just seeing someone behind a rock squirming around with a net over his head and feeling compelled to help. When Moonbin comes over to help Eunwoo gets so scared he falls back in the water with the net still tangled all over him



  • ok so Eunwoo, prince of the sea 
    • Basically a merman
    • Comes up everyday to collect stuff abandoned on the beach 
    • He’s trying to decorate his wall with sea glass so he kind of needs to collect glass bottles
    • Which, sadly, the beach is littered with 
    • After which he can shatter the bottles against some rocks to collect the shards and wear them down to the size he needs 
    • And so he makes the trip up to the beach every day to collect as many glass pieces as he can 
  • I’m listening to fireworks rn & listen I’m so weak for when Eunwoo sings and you can hear the smile in his voice while singing it’s the purest thing I love him so so much
  • Human!Binnie !! 
    • Basically a night time lifeguard at a beach resort 
    • Is actually the purest bean okay!! 
    • He’s working to earn some money for his sister’s birthday present 
    • She’s intending to go to seventeen’s concert but doesn’t have enough for a lightstick 
    • So he’s saving up a little to surprise her with a carat bong before her birthday 
    • And surprise surprise night shift pays a lot better than day shift even though day shift is more difficult given that there are more people swimming 
    • Which is more or less a good thing for Bin
  • And so every evening at 8 Bin climbs up his small lifeguard tower and sits in his board shorts and tank tee and puts on quiet music and waits till sunrise 
  • Occasionally when he feels like falling asleep he climbs down and does a couple minutes in the ocean before climbing back up to his tower 
  • And it’s awkward, a little, because you know what happens at beach resorts at night
  • That’s right
  • Weird couples coming out to the beach and doing god knows what in the water 
  • Bin never knows if they’re struggling because they can’t swim or they’re just doing very vigorous physical activity 
  • So he just listens for screams of help and covers his eyes otherwise 
  • my poor son
  • Until one day 
  • One night, that is 
  • He sees a man struggling 
  • Weird, he didn’t see anyone come down to the beach 
  • How did that guy just get there 
  • Oh my god what if he’s a criminal 
  • And he’s swimming over from the next country 
  • (@ Singaporeans do you remember mas selamat fhdjdhsj) 
  • Dammit he has to save him anyway 
  • Bin leaps down from his tower and runs into the ocean and starts paddling to the struggling man 
  • Eunwoo’s choking dear lord he can’t breathe 
  • What the HECKITY HECK is this ????
  • He was taking his short cut near to the rocks as usual
  • When suddenly some sticky black thing ???? Wrapped around his neck ????? 
  • He’s thrashing wildly trying to get free and his tail is flipping in all directions and heck he has to get to the surface to try and find the top of a sharp rock to cut the rope or something but he’s struggling and there’re black spots dancing in his eyes and suddenly he can’t move his arm goddamn it’s tangled and 
  • Suddenly he feels strong arms wrapped around his middle pulling him up towards the surface 
  • And 
  • Legs ??,????????
  • Kicking near his tail??? 
  • Human ?????????????????
  • I mean, if this human wants to help him, sure
  • So he flicks his tail feebly and helps propel them to the surface 
  • Bin’s pretty sure this is the fastest he’s ever reached the surface ever it’s a little weird 
  • He’s kicking normally and trying to push with only one arm and the other arm is wrapped around the other man but ?????? 
  • He’s moving so fast it’s a little alarming
  • But then the train of thought ends as his head breaks the surface and he gulps down sweet, sweet air 
  • Oh good lord
  • He hurriedly checks the poor man sandwiched under his arm 
  • Only to see a net wrapped around the other man’s head and neck and him slumping into unconsciousness in Bin’s arms
  • Oh Jesus Christ on a stick 
  • He hurriedly hauls the man through water, cutting through the currents with more and more difficulty until he feels his arm hit solid stone
  • Bin pushes the man against the closest rock, cold fingers slipping in and out of the netting and trying to undo the knots
  • He succeeds in loosening the ones around the man’s neck first, then starts finding a way to remove it totally from his neck
  • Wait
  • W a i t 
  • The back of this man’s neck 
  • Has slits
  • i gotta put this under a readmore it’s too long

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zerononiku  asked:

"Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declared their love for person B." With kurotsuki pls :3c

I am so sorry for how long it took me to write this, but here you go ^_^

Edit: it’s a little different from the way the prompt goes, but hopefully you like this as well?

Prompt: Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declared their love for person B.

“Goodnight, Kei”. Tetsurou said with unmasked drowsiness as he settled under the thin sheet that had replaced the thick covers due to the warm weather. Kei yawned beside him as he carefully placed his spectacles on the bedside table and switched the table lamp off, shrouding the room in darkness. 

“Goodnight, Tetsurou”, he replied, still feeling wide awake. He let his mind wander, hoping to drift off soon.

Warm summers meant Kei and Tetsurou didn’t cling to each other in their sleep (Kei would like to believe he didn’t cling at all, but Tetsurou had proof that said otherwise). Even with air conditioning, it got uncomfortable too quickly. Most of the time, they slept with their backs facing each other, and didn’t mind this seasonal arrangement at all; the number of alternatives was few. 

Plus, five years of togetherness had made both of them feel quite secure in their relationship, despite the many obstacles in their path at first.

As if to verbally affirm this sense of security, his boyfriend chose that moment to add, “I love you”. Then, he promptly dozed off once more, breathing evenly. 

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Kacchako 09: “I just want this”

Genre: One-shot/Romance

Pairing: Bakugou x Uraraka

Rating: [T]

Word Count: 1575 words

Drabble Prompt: #10: “I just want this”

Author’s Notes: This is for the anon who requested prompts 19,18,16,13,10,8,4,3, and 2. 4 more to go~. This was gonna be a smut but my poor heart couldn’t handle it sooooo….yea.

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A Good Man (Bigby x Reader)

Originally posted by miyku

You knocked on Bigby’s door.

No answer, but that was typical. He didn’t usually answer the door for people who only knocked once, just like he doesn’t answer the phone on the first call, provided he hasn’t taken it off the hook completely. So, you knocked again, a little louder this time.

“Bigby?” You called softly. Maybe if he heard your voice he’d answer.

Still nothing.

“Bigby? Are you okay? I saw Colin in the hallway. He said you’d wanted to see me?” You paused for a couple more seconds.

Okay, now you were worried.

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How You Met - Axis (Hetalia Imagine)

Hi! This is a fairly new blog, but I’m hoping to get to know you all better. These imagines are from my Wattpad account arufureddo-, but requests and matchups are open on here! Enjoy~

You were visiting the wondrous country of Italy for vacation, and you were extremely lost. You held a worn map that you had somehow found at a street vendor, as the crumpled instructions didn’t seem to help you whatsoever. Many people pass by you, twirling you left and right as you were easily pushed by the crowds. Your map had fallen loose in your hands, allowing it to escape and twirl with the wind, sending it far from you.

Just what you needed.

Sighing, you navigate your way over to a bench, away from the noisy and disturbing crowds. You place your head in your hands, feeling the tower of stress pour down onto you like a summer storm. What could you do next? Your only hope now was just to wander around.

Suddenly, a man with auburn hair and a strange curl approaches you with a wide smile. Of course the logical thing to do would be to walk away, considering he was a complete stranger, but something felt different about him. You hesitate and pretend like you don’t see him, avoiding eye contact completely.

“Ciao bella,” the man begins in a gleeful tone, tilting his head, “are you lost?” He sweetly asks, giving you the chills. As nice as he seemed, you could never know if you would trust him or not. Seriously, although you wanted to trust him so much, this was real life, not some silly fanfiction where the man and the woman meet instantly and fall in love.

You look up to him, slightly regretting it. “Yes, I am. Do you happen to know where-,” you glance to your wrist, where the street name was written. “…Via Nazionale is? And I apologize if my pronunciation is bad.”

The man nods eagerly, his curl bouncing on the side. “Of course! And don’t worry, you’re pronunciation was perfect! Would you like me to show you there?” The man holds his hands behind his back, smiling still.

Alright, maybe you were being a bit too judgemental. He seemed like a completely innocent person.

…Almost too innocent.

“That won’t be necessary, sir. I’ve already caused you enough trouble. But I really do appreciate the offer, Mr-.” You pause, waiting for the cheerful Italian to give you his name. He just stops and hesitates as if he had forgotten his own name.

The auburn man grins and sticks out his left hand. “Feliciano Vargas! And may I ask for your name, bella?”

Feliciano’s hand was left dangling in the open air, as you thought out about shaking it. Finally swallowing your anxiety and pride, you shake his hand, returning his smile. “Y/N.”


The moonlight was about the only thing illuminating the dark and narrow road that you were walking down upon. Unfortunately, your car had broken down two blocks back, and you were walking home to try and find help, or at least someone. Thank goodness for this light, because without it you would stumble into the unknown wanders of the nighttime.

But sometimes even this small amount of light couldn’t help.

Two pairs of arms wrap around your waist, and the other over your mouth. You screech and struggle against them, violently kicking your legs and hissing your voice. The two finally get you to stay still, as you feel two tears ripple against your cheeks, wincing.

“This is a nice one~ Should we take her or her money?” The first man asks, though his voice was light for a man’s. The other man, whose hair was messily blonde accompanied with brown eyes, rolls his eyes as if the person was joking.

He scoffs. “You kidding? Who said we had to choose? I say both~!” The man smirks and searches through your bag and purses, getting a little too close. You wince and scream through his hand, trying to yell for help. However nobody could hear you through the man’s hand.

Another figure approaches the three, and with this one being fairly tall and well built. Your palms were sweaty, knees weak, and practically reciting an Eminem song. Upon further examination, the man had slicked back blonde hair, and blue eyes that seemed slightly terrifying.

The third man swung his arm right towards you, and you flinched, expecting it to knock you in the face. Instead, it slammed the other man’s right eye, serving him a nice black eye. He stumbles off of you, only leaving the other guy’s arms around your waist. The man raises his leg and sends your assailant yelping, and his arms slip off of your waist. The two scurry away quickly, as your eyes widen in fear at the man. Even if he was your savior, what if he was no better than these men?

The man’s blue eyes glare down to you, though you had your arms wrapped around your head in defense. He extends his hand to you, and you slowly look up to him. You gulp and take his hand, still shaking.

“Jou know it’s bad idea to be wandering in these streets at nice, frau.” The man had a thick German accent, which didn’t surprise you for whatever reason.

“I know… It’s just my car broke down and I’ve been trying to find someone to help with it. And, thank you for the help.” You quietly thank, crossing your arms across your chest and shivering slightly.

The man thinks for a moment, placing one hand on his hip. “Vould jou like some help from me? I could probably help vith jour car.” He suggests, as another chilly breezes sweeps under your hair, brushing against your neck. Even the man seems to have shivered from it.

You nod your head almost too quickly. “Yes please! Thank you, sir! I just can’t even express my gratitude.” You laugh from joy, jumping and hugging him. The man’s cheeks blush red, and he looks away awkwardly.

“Frau, just call me Ludwig, alright?”

Your eyes wander back up to him, pulling away. “Thank you, Ludwig. I’m Y/N.”

Ludwig didn’t show a smile, but he just nods in respond. Suddenly, he pulls out a small notebook and pen, and then scribbles something onto it. Ludwig thrusts the paper towards you, and you take it slowly, not knowing what it was. “Nice to meet jou, Y/N. And if jou ever need anything else, just call me.”


You were at your very first cosplay convention, though you had worked on cosplays outside of conventions before. Currently, you were cosplayed as Eren Jaeger, from the anime series Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan. You had to admit, this cosplay wasn’t exactly the most “comfortable” one just because of the 3D Maneuvering Gear, but you thought that it was worth it.

You were glancing around, hoping to make it to your favorite voice actor’s panel. The panel was exactly at 12:30, and right now the time was-. You stop and glance down at your watch in completely awe. The time was 1:30, not 12:30. You had missed the panel, and now your day has just gone from magnificent to horrible.

You let out a long sigh, brushing against the crowds. At least those people who asked for your photo brought up your mood some. But this was a convention after all, not some place to be sulking around.

That’s when you heard some strange voice over the crowds. “Tch, I’ve been rooking arr over for you, brat. Why aren’t you creaning?” The Levi impression was spot on, except the person had a tiny accent, which made it even more amusing. The Levi cosplayer meets you face to face, trying to stand tall.

“H-heichou!” You nervously stammer like Eren, saluting him. “I thought you were cleaning! I was just uh- helping Mikasa!” You struggle to say, trying to keep your happy smirk away to keep the mood.

The man suddenly shows a small smile and walks up to you. “You are a good Eren impersonator, you know. So why were you rooking so sad?” He asks, studying your facial expressions. You gasp and widen your eyes, not realizing that he was paying attention to that.

“I missed my favorite voice actor panel. But really- it’s cool, bro. Don’t worry about me!” You try to laugh and cheer up the mood, but he seemed unconvinced.

The man shakes his head. “I’m sorry that happened to you,-?” He pauses, waiting for your name.

“Y/N.” You simply introduce yourself.

“Well it is a preasure to meet you, Y/N-chan. I am Honda Kiku. Would you like to go for some tea or ice cream later?” Kiku invites, though his voice was quiet and soft.

You smile and eagerly nod your head, feeling the sadness lift from your chest. “Of course! Thank you so much!”

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It Is Not Just a Kiss - Date Masamune

Note: This is an extension of RP canon for the relationship between Masamune and Pora. Consider it backstory. Written for @a-night-on-polaris with her specifications, I just expanded on it. Yay MasaPora!

RP created by and writte by myself, @a-night-on-polaris and @noomsu

They were supposed to be watching the moon, viewing the stars… but Masamune couldn’t focus on night sky. His eyes kept straying to Pora’s profile where she sat at his side, closer than any night they had sat together before. To think he called her his wife and after two years he had only now begun to understand and know her. There was a universe of unfound, interesting things behind her eyes and hidden within the mass of brown and pink hair—things he would have never known if she had not defended him from his mother.

               He had locked her away for two days, mostly for himself as he worked through the confusion but also partially to protect her, and then he’d come to her room with just one question.


                Pora had whipped out her words like a cooling rain that melted the heat of his calm, speaking of things he had never told a soul. She said he was kind. She said he never gave judgment without calculated effort and thought, that he had remained from her out of kindness and she knew that too. It was as if this woman to whom he had given the title Lady Date had known so much of him while he knew so little of her, peeling away the layers of his title One Eyed Dragon to find the man beneath.

                It shook him. He left without a word.

                It had been Kojuro who suggested tea, and as awkward as it had been it was the first time Masamune could say he ever seen his wife smile. It was bright, dazzling and warm—something he had given to her. A crack in the wall they had built between them, a hole for him to excavate and discover the caverns of gold and jewels within. Tea turned into walks in the courtyard, rides into town, and evenings watching the stars.

                Evenings like tonight, but his eye had not gazed the stars for some time now. Her nose wrinkled as she turned.

                “Masamune, the stars are that way.” Pora pointed to the sky.

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anonymous asked:

ichiruki + 15

ichiruki + 15: snuggling on the couch

Title: hollowed words

Summary: Rukia isn’t made of glass, but Ichigo fears she might be.

Notes: hnnnnggghhhhhh im SO sorry this is so late!!! the writers block was real this time and i was so busy this week im actually surprised that i managed to finish this by the end of this day. Anyways, this is unedited so im sorry if you cant understand anything :// 

She tells him, “I am strong. I can protect myself. Have faith in me.”

And such a statement doesn’t really leave Ichigo much room to argue, because Rukia has said that in that tone of voice. The one that says – in bold letters, mind you – ‘I am Kuchiki Rukia and I am Never Wrong’ and with that, Ichigo doesn’t just listen to what she has to say, he shuts the hell up, and adversely clutches his blanket closer to himself.

He wants to tell Rukia that it isn’t her strength he doesn’t have faith in. It’s the circumstances which leave her wounded (physically or mentally – usually both) that he doesn’t have faith in. Oh, and Rukia’s idiotic brain which spews idiotic decisions – yeah, no faith in that either.

Because Ichigo knows Rukia’s strength. Knows the sword she wields like the back of his hand. And Sode no Shirayuki is strength personified – Ichigo knows that, he really, really does.

But, and Ichigo hesitates to say this, he wonders if Rukia can carry Sode no Shirayuki’s strength.

And he says that purely from his lieutenant point of view, of course. As Rukia’s lieutenant he knows he has to be vigilant about these sort of things, knows that he has to keep an eye out for every mistake that goes on in the battlefield. But when Rukia looks at him narrowed eyes that gleam blue in the moonlight, and tells him to focus on the battle rather than her, Ichigo accepts what she says and as her lieutenant moves on and let’s go.

As her husband, it’s a much different story.

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anonymous asked:

That tragic Ignoct art sure would be a good prompt.... amiright? Maybe even considering that were!Gladio add-on..... Amiright? Master of AUs..... Amiright?

art & comment in reference. might have to expand on this in the future, this was interesting to mess around with. sorry for the delay!

“I’m fine, Noct. Always figured this could happen eventually, didn’t we?”

No, Noctis wanted to scream at him. The whole point of preparing for eventualities was to know how to avoid them should they ever threaten to occur. They were supposed to know how to prevent this before they ever had to deal with the consequences of it. They were supposed to be ready.

He wasn’t supposed to be carrying Ignis’s weight like a cement block through the skeleton structures of blown-out farmhouses dotting the Lucian countryside. He wasn’t supposed to feel the wet heat that wasn’t his own soaking into his side. He was supposed to have stopped this.

A jumble of noises collapsed off of Ignis’s tongue that Noctis interpreted as, “Stop here, this will do.”

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Find Me In The Dark (Edward Nygma/Oswald Cobblepot, NC-17)

Ed and Oswald - sworn arch enemies at this point - have a dark secret. One that both can’t let go of.

Read on AO3

oneshot: 1977 words | warnings: mature content, d/s stuff + rough sex | rated NC-17

A big thank you goes to Farah and Kris for helping me with this! ♥︎

Oswald runs his fingers over the green shimmery paper of the parcel he’d found lying on his king-sized bed just a few minutes ago.

He’d been planning to go to sleep early tonight, whole body aching with fatigue after he’d spent the whole day plotting yet another act of revenge against Barbara.

And Ed.

But sleep would have to wait.

Of course, Oswald knows the origins of the parcel, and by whom it’s been placed on his bed.

His pulse quickens as his fingers begin to pull on the strings, allowing the paper to slowly unfold and reveal the content of the parcel.

“Oh Ed…” Oswald whispers, lips twitching into a grin as his cheeks flood with warmth.

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you can’t go home again; thomas/jimmy, downton abbey, warnings for nightmares, language, and wwi typical violence

comments/con-crit welcome & loved <3

The sound, when Thomas hears it, is like the dull slide of a wardrobe door opening and closing over and over, wood catching against wood. It takes him a moment to realize he’s hearing anything at all, so easily does it fade into the background murmur of an enormous house settling in for the long stretch of night. 

Thomas pauses with his last cigarette of the day against his lip, listening. A frisson of alertness wraps around his spine, yet he feels suddenly exhausted. He considers his palm with its clean circumference of scar tissue, the creaking, painful sound still pulling at the edges of his awareness. 

The servant’s bathroom is cold and lit only by a sliver of grey moonlight from the high, narrow window in the corner. The light falls on Jimmy’s blonde hair like water on stone, and Thomas feels his fingers jump reflexively next to his thigh.

“Again, Jimmy?” Thomas calls softly from the doorway. The hair on the back of his neck rises, and he wishes he hadn’t already removed his jacket and vest. His braces hang loosely around his waist.

“Go away.” Jimmy’s voice is raked over, the skin around his eyes red and blotchy. Knees pulled up to his chin, he looks small and impossibly youthful.

“Alright,” Thomas says, and takes a step closer, watching the tense line of Jimmy’s hunched shoulders.

“I mean it this time,” Jimmy rasps. His knuckles are white, fingers tight on his knees. He doesn’t look at Thomas.

Thomas drops into a crouch a few steps away. He estimates, without really noticing, that it’s about the same span of distance that would exist if you were to press a Lee-Enfield rifle nuzzle against the small of someone’s back. “Let me put you back to bed, love.”

“Don’t fucking call me that.” The cant of his voice is dangerous. Thomas wonders if it’s the same nightmare he had last night, a distorted memory of a day in France when one minute he’d been talking with his friend about the deplorable state of the trench rations, and the next had looked over to find a hole in his friend’s face, just under his left eye. The bullet had shattered on impact, and Jimmy had spent the next day pulling slivers of white bone from his hair. The first time he’d told Thomas about that, he’d shuddered so violently that his teeth had jarred and clattered, the sound reminding Thomas of the click of rat’s nails against dirt as they fled flooded trenches.

“I’m sorry, love,” Thomas says, because he’s never been able to stop himself.

“I’m not your love,” Jimmy snarls, knuckling hard into the soft meat of his thighs. “I’m nobody’s love.” Thomas can see now that his eyes are swollen already, and red-rimmed.

“Well, I love you, Jimmy,” he says. When Jimmy makes a wrenched, despairing sound, Thomas says more softly, “I can’t help it.”

Jimmy says nothing, his chest rising and falling. Thomas watches, waiting, until the movement of his breath is slow and even again, by which time his knees have gone numb from the icy floor. He shifts, seeking some relief, and Jimmy’s hand jumps out.

“Don’t go,” he says, barely audible with his mouth pressed into his shoulder, as if he wished he’d muffled the words before they’d been released.

“I won’t.”

Jimmy drops his hand onto the floor, palm up, and Thomas curls his own fingers around it, holding him loosely and with extraordinary care.

Black Suits & Cabinets: Draco Malfoy One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: Can you do a draco malfoy one-shot where I’m helping him fix the vanishing cabinet and I help him feel better by having sexy time with him(smut)?

Warning: Contains Smut.

Your P.O.V

“(Y/N).” I heard a voice whisper.

“(Y/N).” I heard the same voice whisper again, this time slightly shaking me to my sudden brightness.

“‘Mione, If you’re having trouble finding the restroom again, it’s just down the hall and to your right.” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes and thinking it was Hermione whom was solemnly waking me up at this early hour.

I heard a faint chuckle that was abnormally low.

“Harry?” I whispered. My eyes started to flutter as the figure in front of me began to clear up by the second.

“It’s me, Draco.” The blonde wonder whispered as he chuckled some more. A weight deepened in front of me, letting me know that Draco had sat down in front of my sleepy figure.

Draco Malfoy and I have been a couple ever since the early stages of our 5th year. As our 6th year is approaching it’s inbetween time, we’ve slowly become love struck with one another. It’s truly bliss just to be in his presence.

“You’re a bit of a sleeping beauty, aren’t you?” He quietly laughed while taking his hand in mine. I laughed back and planted a kiss on his cheek.

My vision was clear by now, and I could see Draco perfectly. Through the gleam of the moonlight, I could see his chiseled jaw clenching as his eyes narrowed with love at me. His eyes were sparkling with the moon, creating a soft lust I hadn’t seen in ages.

But something was quite abnormal. Draco was wearing a right black suit. What the hell would someone be doing in the middle of the night in a black suit?

“What with the suit? The Yule Ball was 2 years ago.” I laughed at him.

“That’s why I came here.” He answered sternly.

“What?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes and furrowing my eyebrows into a sea of sudden confusion. What could this be all about?

To be completely honest, Draco has been acting very weird lately. He’s been missing classes quite often these days, slowly loosing verbal contact with everyone, and his emotions have varied from place to place. Draco has told me about the frustrations within his family, but I’ve began to become extremely worried that it may hurt him more than ever before.

“Come with me.” He strictly encountered, taking my hand and almost yanking me off of my bed. The sudden jolt began to wear me out, and become worried.

The thin sweater I had one shielded me from the odd coldness in the corridors at night. Seeing Hogwarts during the dark hours was certainly a must see, due to the things that happen around here. The most unexpected ideas erupt in my head as he trudged through the emptiness.

“Where are we going?” I shivered out, drawing closer to him for warmth as we edged near a dark and enclosed door.

“You’ll see.” He said. I could sense the soft tone back in his voice again. He noticed my shuddering figure, and calmly wrapped an arm around me, trying to conduct a feeling of warmth inside of me. Draco could be very serious at times, and act as if nothing is in his way, but there will always be that soft and luscious part of him that will never be destroyed.

“I’m so sorry I made you come out into the cold tonight, love. I just needed someone with me for comfort.” He whispered into my ear, with his eyes scoping around to see if anyone was there. His warm lips pressed up against my temple, empowering the cold inside me and melting the shivers I endured just second ago.

“I-It’s alright.” I stuttered out, clutching my hands together as I snuggled into him more.

Draco opened a door in front of us, and revealed a humongous room that featured many contraptions that my eyes were amazed by.

All of the coldness and shivers immediately left my body as they embedded within the discovery that was right in front of me.

My eyes caught a contraption that had a silver goblet of top, sparkling in the shine of the moon and creating a sparkly glow on the skin of my arms. I smiled at its beauty, but soon stopped as two muscular arms wrapped around my petite waist.

“Cool, isn’t it?” He asked. His lips planted soft kisses on my neck, causing me to melt into his touch.

“Really is.” I said back, putting my hand on the back of his head and the kisses went deeper.

“Sit down on the chair in front of the sheet.” He pointed, detaching his sweet lips from my neck causing me to whine. My head shifted at the chair to the side of the giant sheet, which was covering something that seemed to have some sort of importance to it.

His arms unwrapped around my waist as he walked over the mysterious thing, and unveiled it by yanking the sheet off.

My eyes met with the sight of what was, the Vanishing Cabinet.

It’s precise wood labels and details revealed to me it was exactly what I thought it was. It’s dark glow grew onto my skin, almost making myself terrified of its glory within. My feet waddled over to it, setting my hand onto the side as I examined the amazing object.

“Sit down.” Draco instructed. I jumped at his sudden remark, but soon noticed the lung of dead seriousness in his eyes. He was not kidding.

I sat down in the chair, pulling my sleeves down and trying ever so slightly to protect myself from the chill of cold sneaking across the enclosed room Draco and I were in.

He grabbed a ripe green apple out of pocket. He opened the door of the cabinet, and put the green apple inside. As he closed it, I could see the sense of determination in his eyes. It was almost as if he was testing the cabinet, and maybe even himself.

As he closed it’s door, he leaned his forehead against it and closed his eyes. Draco started whispering mumble of words, creating a boiling pool of confusion in my mind and trying to contract anything affiliated with this. I also thought about how he could for such a fruit in a tight suit like that.

Time went by, and I started yawning and rubbing my eyes more. I also began to grow bored of this whole process. Draco didn’t even seem to move at all. He was still as a statue.

His eyes remained closed for about another minute or so, but suddenly jolted opened as his hands freed from the handle of the cabinets opening, reacting to something that wasn’t even there. He yanked the door open and immediately smiled to himself. He pulled out the previous green apple from before, but this time, It was bitten.

“What just happened?” I asked in disbelief, standing up and walking over to him to look at the apple some more.

“N-Nothing.” Draco stuttered out nervously. He fidgeted and tried to close to cabinet door, but it had gotten stuck.

“Shit.” He whispered under his breath.

He struggled some more and pushed the door to its entrance, almost forcing it to make it fit into it’s piece.

“Here.” I came in.

A firm grip grew onto my hand as I fiddled with the door, and softly closed to it into its previous matter. I smiled at Draco at the easy task, and he blushed his response.

“Are you bored?” He asked, wrapping his arms around me and planting a sweet kiss on my lips.

“A little.” I said, while biting my lips and winking at him.

“You look really fit in that suit, did you know that?” I teased him while stroking his crotch from the fabric on top of it.

A forced moan escaped from his mouth as he realized what was happening, causing my arousal to go over the edge.

His hand slithered into the front of my pants, going inside of my underwear and circulating around my clit. His fingers stroked my entranced as his lips sucked on my neck, causing me to become a moaning mess.

“Someone’s horny.” He chuckled, picking up the speed and causing my fingers to dig into the fabric of his expensive suit.

I moaned in response.

His free hand slowly took of my pants as I stepped out of them. His fingers were still violently rubbing my clit as he began to undress me some more.

I was soon in just my underwear, due to the fact that I indeed do not wear a bra at night. His mouth transferred to my left breast, sucking and flicking its nipple with his tongue. A loud moan came out of my mouth as the pace of his finger skyrocketed, causing me to throw my head back in extreme pleasure.

“D-Draco, I-I’m going t-to c-c-cum.” I stuttered out, quivering and shaking at his moment.

Just as I was about to reach my climax, Draco pulled out and began to undress himself. A loud whine blew out of my mouth as I gazed upon his muscular figure that was clenching as he tore out from his tight suit.

As he took of his pants, it revealed his rock hard erection. It constructed a strict point it of his boxers, and tempted myself to touch and rub it. I licked my lips as he pulled his boxers down and revealed his cock, which was twitching and standing stiffly due to it’s hardness.

“Touch yourself for me, love.” He huskily whispered into my ear. I moaned as his hot breath trickled down my neck, while my fingers began rubbing furiously on my clit.

“Fuck yourself.” He instructed. Draco himself sat down on the chair I was sitting in just moments ago, and started jacking himself hard.

I pounded two fingers inside of me, aching at the needs of Draco. I sat down and spread my legs in front of him, giving him a better look at me as he enjoyed himself as well.

“Oh god (Y/N).” He moaned out while picking up the speed on his cock.

I jabbed my fingers inside of me in such a fast motion, causing my legs to shake at the extreme empowerment I was giving myself. I screamed in pleasure as the experience grew greater than ever before.

His moan ran over mine, as his orgasm grew closer onto himself. I could sense and feel his eyes scrunching up together at the amount of pleasure he was enduring.

I soon felt a body press up against mine, and lips crash onto mine. Draco lept onto me, and inserted himself into me without any warning at all. He was sucking off my juices from my fingers, and licking them clean as I moan in ecstasy from the feeling fm his tongue.

His cock slammed inside of me in a heart beat, making my nails scratch down is back and my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Y-You’re so t-t-tight.” He grunted out, picking up the speed even more than before.

“Oh my fucking god Draco.” I moaned out, and began to insert my tongue into his kith as he gazed upon my as well.

Muffled screamed escaped my lips as his cock slammed into G spot, with more force each time. He slapped my ass multiple times, causing my arousal to explode into the air.

His thrusts become sloppier, signaling that his orgasm will be arriving at any second, as would mine.

“Keep it in!” I yelled at him, clenching onto his back as his thrusts grew more powerful than ever before.

“YES! YES YES YES!” I screamed out as m climax blew over me, causing one last scream out of both of to come out as our juices mixed together.

Draco pulled out of me as I was still enduring my climax, and moaning into process as he was as well.

“You alright?” He asked me, huffing out breaths as sweat trickled down his forehead.

“Spectacular.” I laughed out, smiling and cuddling into his bare body on the cold floor.

“I need expected you to really leap onto me like that.” I chuckled out, causing him to erupt into laughter.

“You just looked amazingly hot. I couldn’t help myself.” Draco said back to me, planting a soft kiss on my temple as I snuggled into him more.

“I should bring you in here more often.”

Massive Prompt Fill


Prompt: Robin turns out to be evil but Regina refuses to see it and keeps making excuses to reassure herself he doesn’t want to hurt her. Emma is the only one who can really see what’s going on (despite Snow and David telling her she’s just imagining this and encouraging her to let it go). She finds out about his plan and kills him when he’s about to kill Regina.

Regina, learning what Emma did but not knowing why, is extremely mad at her and they get in a fight, Regina finishing with the words “You would do anything to make sure I don’t get my happy ending, wouldn’t you”. Emma is too hurt to answer and simply leaves, giving Regina time and space to heal.

After some time, Regina decides to investigate the matter herself, not quite convinced that Emma would ever hurt her like this without a good reason, and finally finds out what really happened.

Okay, so I took a stab at this, and it ended up being over 11,000 words. Trigger Warnings for blood/violence/death. I really hope you enjoy it:

The uncomfortable lurch of her stomach had never ceased. It was perpetual from the moment she realized that something was brewing between the mother of her son and this strange man brought over with the second curse. It had taken up residence beneath her flesh the moment Regina’s fingers slipped between Robin’s, the moment Emma had witnessed their lips press together in a sudden, fast, passionate whirlwind of a moment outside of Granny’s Diner.

She had witnessed only minor flirtations before then, only shy smiles, witty banter, things that made Emma’s skin crawl with familiarity. A year ago, she had stood there, where he now stood, sharing those smiles, that banter, those moments with Regina that spoke of more than a rivalry both only pretended to have after a certain point. It made her uncomfortable, the realization that it had once been her in that place and now…it wasn’t.

It had been hard enough to wrap her mind around the reality of “Robin Hood” and the fact that the guy actually DID call his friends his “merry men.” But then, it got harder. The way he looked at Regina, and worse, the way the former queen returned those not-so-subtle glances…Emma had been terrified and surprised to realize just how hard that actually had been to witness. 

What made it even more unbearable, though, was the lack of knowledge she had about Robin. Something about the man didn’t sit right with Emma, and it wasn’t just because she was realizing that maybe she had some seriously repressed feelings for Regina Mills; at least, she told herself it wasn’t. 

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Random Snippet 21: When We Were Young

Possible prompt if it gives you any inspiration - Caroline leaves Mystic Falls almost as soon as she’s turned (because why would she want to be around Damon and all the friends who didn’t really help her). A few months later she sneaks back into Mystic Falls to visit her mom and runs into Klaus?

This was sent ages ago, and I’ve lost the original prompt, but I hope you like how this turned out! I wrote it super fast, so apologies on any errors!

Warning: Violence and mentions of past-rape.

Caroline stayed inside the house for a half-hour after her mom headed for her shift at the station. It’s been six months since she’d been home, and the achingly familiar scents were so, so hard to let go of. But she couldn’t stay.

Not yet.

The car she’d stolen had been dropped off in miles of backwoods, but Liz knew its location as well as the VIN. It’d get returned. She had a second mode of transportation waiting for her in Richmond, and then it was back to being a ghost.

One last lungful to hold her over, Caroline stepped onto the back porch. She flicked the lock into place just as there was a blur of movement, and rough hands dug into her arm. Caroline twisted, her elbow snapping up. The fight was quick and dirty, and she ground the vampire firmly into the wooden railing, fingers digging into his chest so the scent of blood was heavy between them.

“Damon,” Caroline said with a bladed smile. “Not so easy when I’m no longer a human, is it?”

“Where is she?”

“Who?” Caroline asked curiously, tightening her grip when she felt his muscles bunch. “I’d think twice about that, Stefan. You might kill me, but I’ll kill Damon. Hate for that to be on your conscious.”

Stefan stepped into the moonlight, eyes narrowed. “You’re supposed to be dead.”

Caroline shrugged. “Turns out, Mom couldn’t pull the trigger.”

She’d be haunted by it for the rest of her life. Sitting in her living room, sobbing as her Mom held her firearm in a white knuckled grip. Everything had spilled out - the blood bags, Elena, Damon. Her broken pleas to just end it. She was a monster. Caroline would never, ever forget when her mom had sat next to her, so close that their legs and sides had touched.

“You didn’t kill the nurse. She’s alive.” Liz had touched her hair, and Caroline had smelled the fear and determination. “But you can’t stay.”

Her childhood had ended when she was seventeen, because these two vampires had played their games.

“Where is Elena, Caroline,” Stefan questioned as he took a step in her direction.

“I haven’t seen Elena since she smothered me with a pillow,” Caroline said sharplyas she shoved her fingers deeper, wrapping them around Damon’s heart. “I will kill him, Stefan.”

Damon gurgled something, and Caroline tightened her grip. She had no use for him. Keeping her eyes on Stefan in warning, her next words were nearly conversational as she continued to squeeze.

“Mom told me you’d come to her, looking for Elena. She’s not particularly inclined to help you, after I told her about the compulsion and rape. Oh, why the surprised face, Stefan? Did you imagine it was something I should’ve been ashamed of? I’m not girly little Caroline anymore.“

It had been. It’s taken weeks of work to get herself to this point, but she’d made the decision not to break. Being a vampire had given her what she needed to take control of her life, and she wasn’t going to give it up again.

“I’m certainly intrigued,” an accented voice murmured. “Damon, she’s a child and that is quite the grip on your heart, mate. Stefan, I wouldn’t.”

She flicked her gaze to the side, wary at the new voice. There was a vampire she’d never seen before watching her from the stairs, lips curled into a charming, dimpled smile. He was amazingly good looking, but something about the way he watched her, calculated and ruthless underneath the veneer of charm, told her he was very, very dangerous.

“Hello, sweetheart. You must be Caroline.”

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trxth-fxlly  asked:

hi! for the prompt thing you're doing, can you do bucky + flowers? (you guys are awesome for doing these!!)


You were laying on the hood of your car, staring up at the stars. You slowly turned you head to look at the man lying to the right of you, his metallic arm gleaming in the moonlight. 

“Yeah, Buck?” 

“What’s your favorite kind of flower?” He asked. You narrowed your eyes at him before turning your attention back up at the sky. 

“Why do you wanna know?” You heard Bucky sigh softly at your stubbornness, feeling him pull himself up into a sitting position. When you finally looked at him, he was gazing down at you, his long hair falling into his face. 

“Because tomorrow, I’m gonna go out buy your favorite flowers, and I’m gonna show up at your door and ask you on a proper date,” he told you. You snorted, sitting up next to him. 

“Stargazing isn’t a ‘proper’ date?” You inquired, leaning into him. The cold metal of his arm raised goosebumps on your skin, but you didn’t pull away. 

“I’ve already seen the stars, a hundred times. What I haven’t seen is you in a pretty dress, dancing the night away with me,” Bucky said, and you smiled, reaching over to push some of the hair out of his face as you told him your favorite flower. 

“It’s a date, then?” His voice was almost timid with the question, as if he was worried you’d turn him down. Like there was any chance in hell of that happening. 

“It’s a date, Buck.” You kissed his cheek, then laid back down against the car. He followed suit, metal hand finding yours and holding it gently as the two of you gazed back up at the stars. 

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Book 8: Dawn

Originally posted by katherine8595

→ Earthbender!Reader x Earthbender!Kyungsoo/EXO

→ Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra AU

→  An alternative universe where Avatar Korra dies early at the age of 20 and the new Avatar doesn’t surface for 12 years.

Chapter 1

Word count: 1,4K

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Petrichor (1/1)

Summary: Takes place between 3x06 and 3x07.  Emma and Hook venture back to the Jolly Roger for additional supplies.  Tension inevitably follows in their wake.

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut, language

Words: ~6.5k

Notes: For @killians-dimples.  Because socks, and because Neverland.

Also on ff and ao3

If Killian’s honest with himself, there’s something about the forest.

He’s always been a man of the sea, despite the harsh masters he’s served upon its waters.  The ocean is capricious, swallowing when it sees fit, holding dark secrets at unreachable depths.  It sways and it churns and it takes, often far more than it gives. He’s seen more sailors than he cares to, lost beneath the surface – after death, often before it.

Emma –

“Swan,” he mouths, to himself, jungle leaves draping over his shoulder, first signs of rain tickling at his nose.

– somehow manages to be of both.  She steps easy among the trees, seems to have an innate feel for direction, for the way the soil shifts, for the creatures that slither among the shadows.  He’s spent enough decades in Neverland to listen when the island speaks, when the trees rustle in an ancient language.  And ever since they’d made landfall, it’s spoken of nothing but her.

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