moonlight on the narrows

Call me crazy, but all this racist and prejudice comments from both sides are really counterproductive.  Manchester by the Sea I saw was called the ‘sad generic white man’ movie.  It realistically portrays grief and loss in a great character study.  Moonlight was narrowed down to the 'gay black movie’.  It’s an important movie full of empathy and brutal realism about identity.  La La Land I saw was referred to as 'straight white fantasy’.  It’s a joyous movie about passion and following your dreams whatever they may be in a throwback to classic musicals.

I suspect many haven’t even seen all of the nominated movies so I suggest you watch before you judge.  And most these irrationally angry posts feels like fighting ignorance with more ignorance.

Kacchako 09: “I just want this”

Genre: One-shot/Romance

Pairing: Bakugou x Uraraka

Rating: [T]

Word Count: 1575 words

Drabble Prompt: #10: “I just want this”

Author’s Notes: This is for the anon who requested prompts 19,18,16,13,10,8,4,3, and 2. 4 more to go~. This was gonna be a smut but my poor heart couldn’t handle it sooooo….yea.

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