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Steve Rogers Preference #1

First Date

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  • His goal is for the date to be simple, yet romantic and memorable
  • He wants to spend lots of time with you to get to know you better
  • He’s more concerned about his outfit than he thought after Tony started to freak him out
  • Since the date is casual, he goes with nice jeans, nice shoes, and a casual dress shirt
  • He’s asked questions in advance - favorite color, favorite flowers, etc.
  • He “surprises” you with a single flower (your favorite. Also you kind of figured that he’d bring you a flower considering he asked you what it was and then double-checked the night before. But he was so cute and excited that you just had to act surprised)
  • The first stop on the date is a 40s-style diner
  • The two of you talk about what your lives were like pre-Avengers
  • He makes sure to make the conversation equal - he doesn’t want to center the attention on himself, but he doesn’t want to seem like he has something to hide (he got himself nervous about this the morning of the date)
  • As the dinner goes on, he becomes more and more relaxed by being around you, a person he genuinely enjoys being around
  • The next stop is an ice cream stand
  • The two of you walk around the block eating your ice cream as you continue to talk. At this point conversation is coming even more easily than Steve had expected. Sure, you two had talked lots before this, but this time was different. This time he was on a date with you! At this point it still feels like a dream to him
  • The two of you walk to the final official destination of the date - an outdoor movie
  • It’s one of your favorites (this he did not know but he was happy to find out the two of you have the same favorite movie)
  • The two of you sit on a blanket, inching closer and closer to each other as the movie plays
  • This part was different for Steve. All of the talking was over, and normally his heart would be racing from his nervous, but he was calm right now with you
  • He makes the first move to hold your hand, letting your fingers touch. He didn’t want to push it, but he certainly wanted to hint it
  • You caught on and held his hand for all 37 minutes left of the movie
  • After the movie, the two of you walked back to his vehicle together. He made sure to be a total gentleman and open the door for you
  • The two of you hold hands and enjoy the quiet sound of the radio playing
  • Steve walking you to your door
  • The two of you recap your date, saying how much fun it was and how the two of you should do it again
  • Steve kissing your cheek before you go into your place
  • You smiling and giving him an innocent yet flirty peck on the lips
  • You say goodnight before going back inside
  • Steve goes home with a big, goofy smile on his face
  • He stays up late that night, thinking about that kiss and thinking about what to do for your second date

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Dianakko~Mermaid Au

Okay so Diana Cavendish is a well known captain in Britain. She sails the mighty ship of Artemis (or any other name) with her first and second mate Hannah and Barbara.

She is feared for being a vicious fighter, sailer and captain.

She stays in the local yet old docking Village of Luna Nova.

Amanda and the green team is also a ship crew and they are also feared for their strange tactics and brute strength.

One night, Amanda and her crew comes home, ship in shambles and Amanda talks that there are mermaids in the ocean.

Diana obviously doesn’t believe her because she’s sailed the ocean many times before and never seen a mermaid and doesn’t believe they exist.

Of course Diana is lying because she believed in mermaids after one (Shiny Chariot) saved her and was obsessed with mermaids and sailing ever since but her belief in mermaid has faded as she grown older.

Amanda then challenges her to go look on her sailor’s honour. With a lot of pride and arrogance the blue team travels to that place and a freak weather happens.

This then causes Diana to go overboard and she is then saved by a mermaid as gets a sudden inhale of oxygen viva kissing and she fades out.

She is then found on the beach of Luna Nova, everyone else is fine par the boat they used and Diana is shaken. She lies about seeing mermaids. She hides the fact that she believes and travels back in secret to find the person who saves her. After a few nights of getting nothing, Akko appears.

Now Akko, Sucy and Lotte are mermaids. Akko is supposed to be the one to rule the 7 seas as she was chosen by the Shiny Rod (maybe a trident in this Au) but she doesn’t want to be that kind of hero she just wants to make people happy like her mermaid hero Shiny Chariot who also disappears. She can do this by telling stories of the other side of the ocean- I.e the surface.

So Akko goes on underwater adventures as Lotte and Sucy tries to control the damage done and the secrecy of their race- well Lotte does, Sucy is there because it’s going to be fun. They often get in trouble with the council of elders which are the teachers, especially because Akko needs to be prepared for any underwater war like the one with sea dragon who wants the precious artefact of their race, the philosopher’s stone and the Jenifer memorial volcano along with other things.

Akko was first drawn by Amanda’s crew and then Diana’s. She watches them from afar and wishes to know them but she can’t due to secrecy and the risk of getting caught. But when the old sea dragon Fafnir messes up the ocean because of an old war with the mermaids. Akko takes the opportunity to save them from dying. Even if it meant kissing one of them to give them oxygen.

She gets a lot of trouble and had to sneak out when she finds out that Diana is looking for her.

Knowing that Diana is a kind person she swims up and their forbidden relationship begins.

Also I can see that Andrew is a high aristocratic family and is a collector. He doesn’t believe in mermaids until he does when he finds Akko. To boast to the high social class he aims to capture her and have her be live exhibit.

This Au will definitely include:

- swimming in the moonlight
-Diana singing to Akko with sailing songs
-Akko singing to her in native mermaid
-Kisses in low tide caves
-Akko begging Sucy for a potion to be made so that Diana can swim with them or that she can walk the surface
-Diana sharing sailing stories
-Diana being enthralled when she sees the ocean floor
-Diana becoming friends with Amanda because she believes in them as well
-Amanda being a wingwomen to Diana
-Underwater kisses
-Akko being in love with Diana and her smiles
-Akko on a lone rock as she stares at Diana’s ship
-Whispers of love in the other person’s language
-Akko singing sonnets and Diana hearing them
-Diana being scared of Lotte because she wants to make a good impression
-Amanda teasing Diana
-Diana just being love struck
-Coral presents from Akko
-Diana surprising Akko when she knows mermaid and their culture
-Diana being a marine nerd and Akko just stares at her because of the cute faces she’s making
-Amanda marrying them because captains can do marriage rituals
-Lotte making music with the fishes like Sebastian
- Underwater dances
-Diana teaching Akko how to sail
-Constellation lessons
-Akko being teased by Sucy
-Lotte helping her with romance advice
-Diana fixing the Fafnir problem

(Angst possibilities)

-Akko being torn by duty and love
-Diana trying to hide Akko’s existence from a visiting Andrew
-Fafnir causing trouble for them
-Diana went missing on her travels and Akko not knowing if she’s alive or not
-Forbidden love angst
-Their relationship is found out and they are forced to separate
- Andrew catching Akko and Diana has to save her
-Diana causing trouble for Akko and feeling really bad like setting the Jenifer memorial volcano off and Akko has to fix it
-Diana hitting Akko and feeling like utter dog poo and has a lot of self hate
-The Luna Nova docks are being closed down due to budget cuts and they don’t know what to do

Please add on anything else. I am in love with this idea and if I wasn’t already writing a full fic I would be writing this.

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1: I have THICK eyebrows, and I love them a lot because they really add something to my face!

2: I have wicked awesome time management skills! I’ve never had to be worried about not getting an assignment done on time because I ALWAYS give myself enough time to do whatever I gotta do

3: I’m actually a good actress, weird enough. I was a competitive actor in high school and won a number of awards for acting, singing, and even a super sweet Tech Design award for my work as my cast’s Lead Actress, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Light Technician, Stage Hand and Director.

4: I am super open about what I love and what my interests are and I have no shame about any of that, and life is so much better because of it. Like there’s nothing better than actually using all the themed toys and gadgets I have instead of keeping them hidden away

5: I am currently living in my own (rented) place with my sister, and my sister and I are paying for all of this ourselves by working three jobs each, in addition to school, and I’m so proud of us because I LOVE my life so much right now!

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Chapter 1 - First Meeting

The swim had been long, but it had been worth it. Even though the waters slowly got colder, Lyric had powered through. The English channel was freezing, but if a new home was necessary, then she would do what she had to. She’d get used to it eventually.

The problem was the cold caused her scales to change colors. Back home, her tail was deep, solid blue. But the frigid waters of the English channel caused patches of black to appear.

That was okay. It was kind of a cool aesthetic.

Summer was just barely dawning on the northern half of the world. The perfect time to lounge on the rocks, brush her hair, and sing. She was far enough away from shore that the humans wouldn’t even notice. Humans were rarely out on the beach after nightfall anyway.

The moon soared over the ocean, casting its silvery, glimmering light on the gentle waves. It wasn’t quite full yet, but it was close. Maybe another day or two.

Lyric sang gently, her voice drifting over the water, the fluke of her tail lazily swishing back and forth, trailing in the ocean. She could taste the salt on her lips. It was a different taste from back home, but it was still seawater.

The sound of humans on the beach silenced her. Slowly she eased off the rock she was lounging on and back into the water, peering around the edge of the rock towards the shore where the humans had arrived. Their voices were loud. There were several men and women. Two of the men in particular were tall. It was dark though so she couldn’t make out any distinguishing features.

The group gathered driftwood and and started a… oh what was it called… flare? No. F… f…


The humans started a fire. It was a bit bluish. She’d seen other fires before and they were usually orange or yellow. The bluish tint she attributed to the driftwood being waterlogged. But she knew nothing about fires. They didn’t work underwater.

Word spreads fast over the ocean floor. Apparently people from America made fires on the beach more than people from England (she knew what the humans named the waters of the planet, not the lands), so she found the group of young people a bit peculiar. Why were they making a fire in England? Was that weird for humans or were the stories just lost in translation? She wasn’t sure.

“Phil! Don’t get too close to the water!” one of the two tall men called.

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” the other tall man replied. A ripple of laughter came from the other humans.

“Yeah!” a woman with blonde hair put in. “Because Phil is scared of the sea!”

“There’s nothing wrong with fear, Louise,” the second tall man, now identified as Phil, retorted sharply.

“No, no,” the woman agreed. “Fear is healthy. But there’s nothing in the sea that’s going to hurt you this close to the shore.” Lyric silently agreed, still watching them from her hiding place behind the rock.

The lustrous moonlight glinted off Phil’s black hair. It was almost blue.

Lyric watched the humans with a fascination but remained hidden behind the rock. This was the closest she’d ever been to them where she could get closer without them noticing. But she didn’t. Humans were dangerous. More than once someone from home got caught in a human’s fishing net and had to get cut out.

After a while, the group around the fire got ready to leave, walking up the beach while chatting and laughing.

All but Phil. He was searching the sand for something, getting nearer and nearer to the ocean. On instinct, Lyric eased out from behind the rocks and slowly stroked closer to shore, keeping everything under her eyes submerged in the gentle waves.

“Hey Phil!” the other tall man called. “You coming?”

The cute black-haired man turned around. “Yeah! Coming Dan! Just think I dropped something,” he replied loudly.

“We left our phones in the car,” the other man commented.

“Oh. Right,” Phil muttered—Lyric can barely hear it.

A wave rushed past her, bobbing her up and down before rolling towards the beach. A high tide swell.

Phil was too close to the water.

The swell knocked him off his feet and swallowed him up. Lyric had seen that happen before, but mostly with young children.

Her eyes widened and she dove under, her tail propelling her quickly through the water to where the wave and the riptide were pulling the man out to sea. She didn’t have time to think about the consequences. She wasn’t going to let him die.

Ahead, she saw Phil flailing underwater, trying to figure out which way is up.

She grabbed him from behind, arms wrapping around his chest and pulling him towards the surface. The rhythm of the waves gave her an easy ride back to the beach.

She washed up on the sand and finally let go of Phil, her tail giving a little flap against the sand in anticipation. Not knowing what else to do, she began singing in an attempt to get the others to notice him, scooting back towards the water as she did so.

The other tall guy, Dan—who she could now see had brown, curly hair—noticed her singing, but she was already at the rocks where she’d been hidden before.

“Phil!” the boy with the brown, curly hair exclaimed, running back down the sand and kneeling next to his black-haired friend as Lyric watched from behind the rocks. Dan rolled Phil onto his side to drain any seawater from his lungs. Lyric’s tail drifted through the water in anticipation while she clung to the craggy surface of  the rock. Was he alright? Was she too late? She hadn’t stuck around long enough to determine if he was still alive.

So suddenly she jumped a little bit, he coughed and sat up, dribbling water down his front. Lyric smiled and sighed with relief. He faced the sea and looked out.

And for a moment, her eyes met his.


“Helllloooooo? Have you heard anything I just said?” Lyric’s friend Mirabelle asked, waving one hand in front of her face while she used her other hand to push her cloud of brown hair back.

Lyric snapped back to attention. “No. Sorry.”

“What’s been up with you today? You seem a little… distant.”

“Sorry,” Lyric mumbled. “Just… stayed up late last night. Couldn’t sleep.”

Mirabelle gave Lyric a skeptical look. “Don’t lie to me,” she warned.

“I’m not,” Lyric replied. And for the most part, she wasn’t lying. She had stayed up late.

Mirabelle’s face dropped. “Oh no.” She grabbed Lyric’s elbow. “There’s a human involved, isn’t there?”

“You’re one to talk,” she retorted. “How is your human prince?”

Mirabelle rolled her eyes, silver-white tail lashing in irritation from the teasing. “Okay, A: he’s not a prince, and B: he’s not mine. He was a guy I sang duets with who almost got me captured. We both agreed that me moving here from Florida was the safest option,” she countered. “But he’s not important right now. Is there a human involved?” Her eyes searched her friend’s face, putting on her Mom Friend expression. “Look, I’m not going to tell anyone. Tell me.”

Lyric sighed. “A wave knocked him into the water,” she explained. “I pulled him out. That’s all.”

Mirabelle smiled. “That’s okay. You did what you thought was right. That’s all any of us can do. But you know I have to inform you that was a dangerous and risky decision,” she remarked.

“Says the girl who spent months learning human songs from a human prince in order to sing duets.”

“He’s not a prince, but yeah. And look where that got me. I had to move across the ocean. I’m speaking from experience that we have to be cautious with humans. I’m not going to reprimand you for saving his life. Just be careful.”

“No promises,” Lyric told Mirabelle.


Malá morská víla (The Little Mermaid | Karel Kachyna | 1976)

کشتزارهای سپید (The White Meadows | Mohammad Rasoulof | 2009)

Ashton Sanders by Sean & Seng for Dazed Magazine (2017)