moonlight flash

Cisco’s strength is so underrated. He just found out one of his closest friends, someone he sees as family, is responsible for his brother’s death and his reaction is so strong and so Cisco. He let’s himself show emotion over it. He cries. He even allows himself to rage a bit, pushing Barry, telling him a simple sorry cant fix this mistake. He admits he doesn’t really know what to feel over something so complicated and painful. Then he pushes through all that to focus on saving his best friend. He prioritizes his love for the family he still has and tries to help Caitlin. I love and admire and am so proud of Cisco Ramon.

You clamber over the rim of the latched panel in the floor and into a main hallway - the condition and decor make it clear the place sees ample traffic and is even well maintained, but the chandeliers aren’t lit and the windows are boarded up from the inside. Slivers of moonlight and the occasional flash of lightning peek through, etching soft tally marks on the polished hardwood.
Paintings and artifacts are neatly arranged all the way down the corridor, and towards its end you can see it open up into a larger chamber.


Oh my god, Luka! ^///U///^   <33333