moonlight flash


You’re the only man who’s ever touched me. The only one.

Moonlight (2016) dir. Barry Jenkins

Winter Shadow - chapter 1

I’m kinda scared to post this (even though I’ve turned off anon), I’m sorry if it’s crap or you don’t want me to post stuff.

I’m at work today but it’s a slow day so I started writing someting. Sorry. This is from a prompt that @pixierox101 sent me ages ago. I hope I haven’t screwed up your nice idea, thank you for sending it to me. x

It was like a ballet, watching them together. They moved in perfect synchrony, every move complementing the other in a dance to the death. They didn’t speak, they didn’t need to. Decades of training, of suffering, had left them connected in a way that no one could break. They circled each other, back-to-back but aware of the other’s every move, ready to defend, to attack, to win.

They had their roles, each knowing their place on this mission. He was there to break, to destroy, to kill, to create mayhem and fear. She was there to infiltrate, to penetrate the unbreakable, to leave slow devastation in her wake, chaos that would insinuate itself into computer systems, into people’s minds. Each knew their role, and supported the other.

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Lianne la havas’ voice is like a mix between the best vocal styling choices of Alicia Keys and Chrisette Michelle PLUS she hits notes in this song so effortlessly. Please listen

There was something about the way that Levi’s spine curled, a beautiful valley of flesh and bone that just begged to be touched, the small of his back dipping down in such an irresistible line. Erwin dug his thumbs in, pressing and searching as he tried to become even more connected to the man, his fingers gripping at Levi’s waist, pulling the smaller frame against his own hips in a rhythmic dance of desire. Erwin wanted to feel every part of Levi, needed to, his whole life depending on one person alone who called his name in ragged moans, pale hands fisting and kneading at white sheets.

A tinge of sadness tugged at Erwin’s open mouth, his bowed head shining with sweat and effort and he watched Levi’s body react to his motions, carefully observing the further bend and heaving shoulder blades, breaths dragged in and out loudly in synch to their passion. With Levi, Erwin could be anything, do anything, yet he also had to be everything for this individual, a role which he found himself increasingly failing in.

As the humid evening reached midnight, familiar pops and bangs of fireworks filled the air, the couple’s loud climax masked by the cacophonous explosions outside, turned to nothing but whispers whilst the world celebrated around them. Another year ahead. Twelve months which neither of them knew how to live through.

The city’s festivities continued in raucous waves, a single figure standing by an open window, silhouetted by moonlight and flashes of colour and again Erwin observed silently. He took in the naked vision before him, memorised each dip and jut of bone, saved it for lonelier moments as he tightened his backpack, belongings stashed as always.

“I won’t ask when, Erwin.”

Levi blew faint trails of smoke from his mouth when speaking, lazy clouds rising from the cigarette which burned between his lightly trembling fingers.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The words never graced Erwin’s lips, remained stuck inside and forever mute as he rose, desperate to reach out and touch the most important individual in his life but unable to do so. Every time. Every single time they played this scene out like from a script and when Erwin closed the door quietly, he heard the unmistakeable and unstoppable sigh of despair which crept out from Levi’s chest like a ghost, one that would haunt him.


Samuel W. Hall. Corona of an Eclipse, Moon Hiding Lower and Upper Limb of Sun, Eclipse of the Sun, Moon Hiding Upper and Lower Limb of Sun, Comparative Size of the Planets, Size of the Sun, Elliptical Orbit. Sunshine and Moonlight; with; also, a Flash of Comets, Meteors and Shooting Stars, and a Twinkle of Starlight. 1889.  Contd from here

Prompt #126

The shimmer of moonlight flashed against her hair as she stole away into the night. She wasn’t afraid, just anxious as to when he’d realise she’d gone. It wouldn’t be long now. Her fingers grasped the blankets tighter as her feet pounded the city, desperately trying not to wake the child sleeping in her arms…

Wandering Hearts (16/?)

Fandom: Frozen AU. Set after shipwreck but before coronation day. 17th Century.
Pairing: Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna)
Rating: M (this part, all in all, is not too bad but this fic as a whole is horrible so please use caution)
A/N: I made a separate sidebar thing on my page that is specifically for Wandering Hearts content to make it all easy to find since this thing just keeps growing. xoxo.


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anonymous asked:

Okay Llassah but imagine Derek coming back after a long trip away and becoming a gardener like in that last photo set. And everyone's so confused by it but Derek just walks around with his giant plants, giving no fucks. Imagine happy carefree gardener Derek Hale.

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Rating: K+ (Maybe T)

Warning: None

Pairing: Established Kim Lip/Jinsoul (Lipsoul)

Note: Blonde Jinsoul and Brunette (aka pre debut hair) Kim Lip. Which really isn’t relevant, but this is how I pictured it.

Summary: Pirate princess Jungeun misses her mermaid princess wife Jinsoul. When she comes for a visit they stargaze

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Cisco’s strength is so underrated. He just found out one of his closest friends, someone he sees as family, is responsible for his brother’s death and his reaction is so strong and so Cisco. He let’s himself show emotion over it. He cries. He even allows himself to rage a bit, pushing Barry, telling him a simple sorry cant fix this mistake. He admits he doesn’t really know what to feel over something so complicated and painful. Then he pushes through all that to focus on saving his best friend. He prioritizes his love for the family he still has and tries to help Caitlin. I love and admire and am so proud of Cisco Ramon.

TMNT Diaries: Leonardo.

Imagine keeping a diary. You write everything in it, every last detail of your life. The book is small and dark blue, with a bronze buckle attached to a thick strap. Imagine going through the one you kept when you first met the turtles and realizing how much things have changed.

August 13/2014
Dear Diary,
If anyone has told be that I would be starting a new diary with an entry like this, I would have been dumbstruck. A part of me almost doesn’t want to write about but the point of keeping a diary is to be honest no matter how embarrassing or unbelievable the entry may seem. Its a record of my life and I’m pretty sure that these four are going to become a big part of my life. I’m writing this from the home of some new friends who have just saved my life. Four brothers and their father, who have been kind enough to let me regain my strength in their home.
I was walking home last night, having bought a new diary after work. Just as I was approaching my home, I was pulled into the alley by a member of the Purple Dragons. I don’t remember much about him (it was too dark for me to see the details) but I remember being absolutely terrified when I saw the moonlight flash across his gun. That’s when I met one of my new friends, Leonardo. He came from the shadows and as soon as the Purple Dragon saw him, he hit me on the head and ran.
I guess he knew that Leonardo would rather help me then go after him. Since then, I’ve been in their home, which happens to be under the city rather then in it. Diary, I swear that I’m not making this up and that what I’m about to write is the truth.
But Leonardo and his brothers…they’re giant turtles. Their father is a rat. I know this sounds completely unreal, I can barely believe it and I’ve looked right at them. But it is the truth.

August 15/2014
Dear Diary.
I’ve been back home for the past few days and honestly, everything seems normal. If it weren’t for the fact that Leonardo always makes sure that I get home all right.
It’s actually kind of sweet.
Leo seems more serious and stern then his younger brothers and I think he feels some what responsible for me. We have quite a lot in common, which came as a surprise.

September 6/2014.
Dear Diary.
I’ve been looking back at some of my old entries and realizing how much Leo and I are together. I hang out with all of the turtles, but we’re together a lot.
I like talking to him. He’s intelligent and kind. We like a lot of the same things. He has an amazing smile and these beautiful blue eyes…bluer then the sky.

September 7/2014.
Dear Diary.
It is 3:45 in the morning and I’ve just realized that I have a crush on a giant turtle.
Who is also my closest friend.

September 26/2014.
Dear Diary.
It’s so hard to be around Leo now.
I keep looking at him and finding more things that I think are cute or amazing.
And then I get all flustered and embarrassed.
I’ve had crushes before, but never on a friend and I never really acted on them. I’m not sure what to do. All I am sure of is that the more I’m with him, the more I like him. When does a crush stop being a crush and become something bigger?
P.S. I looked it up and studies have said that a crush passing six months becomes love.

September 30/2014.
Dear Diary.
I think that Leo is starting to notice a change in my behavior. Which isn’t really a surprise but it’s still awkward.
What am I supposed to do if he asks me what’s wrong?
Do I just tell him?
How can I do that when I can barely admit it to myself?

October 8/2014.
Dear Diary.
It’s difficult to pretend that you’re just friends with someone. You’re just hanging out when you suddenly become aware of the smallest detail that seems huge to you.
Like how close you’re sitting or that he’s smiling at you in this way that makes you feel amazing. And then your heart starts to race and you swear that you’re entire body is turning red.

October 10/2014.
Dear Diary.
When Leo walked me home today, he was pretty quiet. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I stayed silent too.
Before he left, he looked back at me like he was about to say something but then changed his mind. I watched him run across the rooftops and, for some reason, I felt sad.

October 12/2014.
Dear Diary.
I woke up this morning to find a note pinned to my window. I’ll tape it in for you.
“Y/N, I have something I need to ask you about. Can we talk tonight?
I wonder what it is.
If he asks me about the way I’ve been acting, I’m just going to tell him the truth. I’d rather get rejected and move on with my life then spend the rest of the year wondering and waiting.
I’m sure that being honest is the best choice but I’m still feeling anxious over it.
If he doesn’t feel the same way, then I would want him to pretend that I never said anything.
But would that even be possible?
Everything would be different, wouldn’t it?

Dear Diary.
I’ve been waiting on the rooftop for an hour now.
I can barely sit still but I thought that writing would help me calm down. I hope that it’s going to be nothing. But at the same time, I want to get the whole thing over with.

Even Later.
Dear Diary.
I have written every day for weeks, freaking out over this crush and feeling nervous all of the time. And to now know that it was all resolved within a few moments is both comforting and a little silly.
I can tell my diary everything that happened because I don’t think that I’m ever going to forget this. Leo came to meet me a little bit after I wrote the last entry.
“Y/N I just want to apologize. I think it’s kind of become obvious that I…I like you. A lot. And I feel that me being an idiot is why you’ve been acting so strange lately, so I just wanted to apologize if I made you uncomfortable. And…I hope that we can still be friends.”
“Leo, I don’t think we can just be friends. Because I really like you and I’m starting to think…”
“That we could possibly be more?”
“Yeah. I don’t really know but I’m hoping to.”
Leo gave me that brilliant smile and said
“Well, where do we go from here?”
“I have no idea.”
“Neither do I…”
But you know what, diary? I think we have a lot of time to figure it all out. And I can’t wait to see where we go.

You flipped to the back of the book and wrote the finall entry.

August 2/2015.
Dear Diary.
So much has changed since I first started this diary. But as strange and confusing as it all has been, I wouldn’t change any of it.
If I did, I wouldn’t have amazing friends like Raph, Mikey, and Donnie.
I wouldn’t have meet April (who’s practicality my sister) or Casey (who’s…well, he’s Casey.)
But mostly I wouldn’t have met Leonardo, who has become the most important person in my life. Life in New York City is strange, diary, but it is wonderful.
I’m off to buy a new diary to catalogue my adventures and meet Leo for a date.
Y/N L/N.