moonlight equalibrium

Single of the Day Review: The Black Dahlia Murder 'Moonlight Equallibrium'

this is an unfortunate single. the music itself is completely solid, they clearly have alot of musical talent. but lets look at the roots of metal for a moment, bands like black sabbath, and metallica, and motorhead, they had solid music too. the difference? you could UNDERSTAND thier lyrics. thats what set them apart and allowed them to strike a personal chord with fans. no matter how great your music is, too much screaming just defiles the sound. not that i am totally opposed to screamo, but tasteful screaming, added at points of great stress or anger in a song is that i would consider acceptable. or even just scream the bridge or the chorus. it’s very unfortunate because sometimes bands like this really do have great lyrics. but unfortunately this seems to be the probelem with new metal: loud does not equal awsome


** (2 out of 5)

rating meanings:

 : horrible


**: tollerable/ ok



*****: perfect