moonlight aria

Moonlight Aria Kiss [NDRV3, Kaede/Tsumugi]

“Oh my gosh!” she said. “Akamatsu-san, that was just plain amazing! The dress suited the song perfectly, and not just that – you were amazing! You had an otherworldly presence while playing. Hearing and watching you perform made me feel like I could see the moon!”
“Thanks,” Kaede said, aware that faint warmth was dusting her cheeks despite herself. “Just wait till you hear the third movement. Another day, though.”
“Yes, I would love to! But,” Tsumugi said, and now she had the same glint in her eyes from earlier, “more importantly, Akamatsu-san, I’ve decided! You absolutely have to cosplay with me at Comiket next month! It’s plain as day that you have the passion required for it. And you won’t even have to make your own costume. I would plain love for you to wear one of my costumes! Please, Akamatsu-san! It would make me just plain happy!”

Title: Moonlight Aria Kiss
Word Count: 3,993
Story Synopsis: Kaede is out shopping during her university downtime when she bumps into Tsumugi, her former high school classmate. One thing leads to another, and before she knows it she’s agreed to cosplay with her for Comiket… College AU, no spoilers for the main game!


Plus (@despairing-angel), you were my @danganronpasecretsanta! I am sorry this is so long after Christmas and New Year - I hope you had a wonderful past few weeks! Please enjoy this fic!