moonlight apparition

I might change a few things, but I really like this design. I’ve never been strong at drawing fantasy styled clothing on characters, but I’m slowly trying to break out of that and take a few risks. when I first designed Jason’s apparition outfit, I wanted it simple because I knew I wasn’t good at drawing overly detailed fantasy styled things, so with this I’m keeping to that simplicity I originally wanted, but adding a few things to break apart the darkness he had before. The real challenge will be to go back and re-edit all the previous scenes with this, or try using this as a power up outfit. I’m all for editing the outfit if you all think this looks good. Lemme know :) 

((Music: Secret Garden - Sleepsong))
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Thy angels watch me through the night
And keep me safe til morning’s light
If I should live another day
I pray the lord to guide my way
Though if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take.
(Graphite, Pigment Ink, Digital)
Artwork & Character by Leviticus Rott

I’m Here

Genre: Hurt/comfort, family. Starts with angst, ends fluffy don’t worry.

Summery: Dipper has a nightmare, Stan does what he can to help.

Warnings: a character has a panic attack

12:00am was an ungodly hour for someone his age to be awake. Stanley blinked the tiredness out of his eyes and pondered if he should make the trip to the basement that night. Last week he had been pushing himself hard, between the kids, wrangling tourists, and his hours working on the portal. His only reprieve was his afternoon naps in the living room, and usually he was startled awake by Dipper and Mabel. Last time it was because Mabel wanted to watch her favorite television show. What was it called? Something with that horror show of a giant star…

Stan knew he should pace himself, as he had been doing for the last 30 years. But ever since he acquired all of the journals, the finish line was so close, he could almost grasp it. He had just about wept in relief when finally, finally, that machine had activated, blue light filling the room. The threads of his work had coalesced, and the twins were truly the ones to thank  for it. Without them, he would have never gotten either of the journals that he had searched so long for. I have to keep working… I can sleep when I’m dead. Ignoring the protests of his body and more coherent thoughts, he decided to go down to the kitchen to make some coffee. 

He was watching the coffee brew, trying not to nod off, when he heard a scream come from the kids room. It wasn’t one that could be shrugged off as the children playing. It  was a scream full of raw terror, and it struck him to the core, awakening some sort of primal paternal instinct that never got much exercise until the twins arrived. Without another thought, he raced up the stairs, wishing he had his brass knuckles with him.

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