S2E1: Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight

Hey everyone! We’re back with season two of Digging Diversely! This week’s episode is about the fantastic film Moonlight, written and directed by Barry Jenkins. 

This film tells the story of a young man, Chiron, growing up in a dysfunctional home in Miami during the War on Drugs era. It’s his coming of age story, his struggle to find himself across three important chapters in his life (childhood, his teenage years, and adulthood) as he experiences the pain and beauty of falling in love while figuring out his own sexuality.

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if you’re looking for something to see instead of dr str*nge the weekend it comes out, think about supporting moonlight, the story of a boy growing up black and gay in the miami projects and his experiences at three stages in his life (boyhood, his teenagerdom, and his adult years). it has a ninety-eight percent review on rotten tomatoes. 

give this movie the attention it deserves. let this story be told and reach the wide audience it should.

‘Moonlight’ Could Be This Year’s Indie Box Office Breakout
“Moonlight” is a film without any big stars. It’s a drama about a shy, gay kid growing up in the inner city. t’s the kind of challenging, deeply personal, fiercely urgent look at black life in America that would be lucky to score a video-on-demand berth, let alone a major theatrical release. And yet, the no-budget film isn’t just a hit with critics, it is poised to be the breakout indie film of the year.
By Brent Lang

“This weekend, “Moonlight” scored the highest per-screen average of 2016, debuting to a sizzling $414,740 in just four New York and Los Angeles theaters. There were sellouts and standing ovations, just as there had been when the film announced itself as a serious awards contender at festivals in Toronto and Telluride..“