Here’s another marker-sketch trainer for the collection!

This one is Moonjam and his riolu, Jelly. He’s actually my own character from our Pokemon tabletop RPG campaign and soon-to-be webcomic. I have tinkered with the design for this character so many times. He went through a lot of faces before I found one I was satisfied with.

I changed his clothes around a few times too, but in the end I came back to the very first outfit of his, which was heavily influenced by Lucario.


Here’s kind of a double whammy. I bought some markers that I am trying to teach myself how to use, and I have been trying to finalize a design for my character from Pokemon: Master Traveler.

I think I’ve finally nailed down a design for Moonjam that I am really happy with, so I decided to take my markers to the ones I liked most.

I thought it’d be fun to post kind of a then and now for my ideas about what MJ might look like. Plus, a bit of a look at things to come.

There is no guilty pleasure like inventing a Pokemon Trainer. I have become ridiculously attached to this character. Who is that guy, you ask?

Well that’s part of a personal project my friends and I are trying to get off the ground. His name is Moonjam. My good friend Jonathan created a tabletop D&D style Pokemon RPG, and the stuff that happens in it is really fun. We’ve decided to chronicle our adventures into a comic for the web.

I’ve just gotten done writing the first chapter, and we’re meeting to talk about dividing art duties pretty soon. Our first update should be coming at us like a freight train.

This is just a concept thing I whipped up for the benefit of the people doing arts for this upcoming comic (I will probably be one), so that whoever is drawing for the day has some access to Moonjam’s design(s). He is one of six characters.  Everybody’s supposed to do one.  The blurb on the side is for me, since I’m writing this thing. Access to the character’s story and appearance is a big help.

Anyway, thought I’d share.