Shane's List Of Son9s Yet To 6e Made

Japanese T-Shirts (al6um skeleton [order not esta6lished yet])

Most likely 9enre: Trip-hop/9litCh/Am6ient

Style: Mostly short traCks AKA “musiC paintin9”

  1. Let’s Begin To Proceed [With A Positive Feeling]
  2. Method Of Telling Love Is Various
  3. I Warn A Child
  4. No Pudding, No Life
  5. Sexy Diamond
  6. What’s Plastic Pop
  7. I Want Hate
  8. Reaper’s Heart
  9. Sample T
  10. When You’re Alive
  11. Upon Stars Back Home
  12. Invade My Soul
  13. Sunshine Fills The Air
  14. Beautiful Homes
  15. The Dream Has Gradually Grown
  16. Smiles In Full Bloom
  17. Formidable Night Life
  18. 61019
  19. The New Kid Packer
  20. Kiss & Hag
  21. The Rocker’s Carnival
  22. Shake A Lady
  23. Justice To The Romance
  24. Evil Prayer
  25. From The Light
  26. Step Father Gets Mohawk
  27. Run Around Naked


  1. Slipping Pills
  2. Topaz Theory
  3. Piano Swimming
  4. Hooded Kids In Hooded Cars
  5. You Plus Everything Else
  6. 1st Wave Saturady
  7. Your Girlfriend Needs More Hair
  8. Ferris Wheel
  9. Hawaiian Lion
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Awesome and genuinely original. Go listen.

a-5tar asked moonholders: Hey, we just wanna thank you for the continuous likes and reblogs on our stuff on your other blog. We listened to your music and we would like to promote it if thats okay with you. We can feature you on mixtapes and make artwork for you. Get back to us if you're interested. Keep up the good work. A-5tar.

Oh man. This is going to be some amazing times coming ahead.