Here’s the 2nd page of my Critical Hit Doodle Diary. Where I go back to the very beginning of the podcast, to draw my favorite highlights and ideas I have while re-listening to each episode. Stay tuned and enjoy!

So excited to be drawing the adorable Torq and Randus! Watch out Smith, you’ll be drawn up too, soon enough. ;-)

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Awesome and genuinely original. Go listen.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm trying to find this fanfic where Bellamy was a bartender and had cancer and I think Clarke married him so that he could get the treatment. It might've been a drabble, not sure. If you could help I would be grateful!

Please Don’t Get Me Rescued

Anonymous said: ‘have you seen any The Office au’s? Like Clarke/Bellamy as Pam/Jim? I want one so bad and I can’t seem to find one. thank u!!! ♡’

Anonymous said: ‘Are there any stydia bellarke fics?’

Based on Teen Wolf (Stydia):

Based on Teen Wolf (general):

Inspired by Stydia moments:

Anonymous said: ‘are there any HIMYM bellarke aus?’

These were the only ones we could find that were similar:

Anonymous said: ‘Can you recommend the best college fics?’

Check out our college AU tag