Have a look at this preview for the fantastic Moonholders EP by Moonholders. With an excellent blend of ambiance, glitching and melodies, it is the perfect EP for headphone listeners.

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Shane's List Of Son9s Yet To 6e Made

Japanese T-Shirts (al6um skeleton [order not esta6lished yet])

Most likely 9enre: Trip-hop/9litCh/Am6ient

Style: Mostly short traCks AKA “musiC paintin9”

  1. Let’s Begin To Proceed [With A Positive Feeling]
  2. Method Of Telling Love Is Various
  3. I Warn A Child
  4. No Pudding, No Life
  5. Sexy Diamond
  6. What’s Plastic Pop
  7. I Want Hate
  8. Reaper’s Heart
  9. Sample T
  10. When You’re Alive
  11. Upon Stars Back Home
  12. Invade My Soul
  13. Sunshine Fills The Air
  14. Beautiful Homes
  15. The Dream Has Gradually Grown
  16. Smiles In Full Bloom
  17. Formidable Night Life
  18. 61019
  19. The New Kid Packer
  20. Kiss & Hag
  21. The Rocker’s Carnival
  22. Shake A Lady
  23. Justice To The Romance
  24. Evil Prayer
  25. From The Light
  26. Step Father Gets Mohawk
  27. Run Around Naked


  1. Slipping Pills
  2. Topaz Theory
  3. Piano Swimming
  4. Hooded Kids In Hooded Cars
  5. You Plus Everything Else
  6. 1st Wave Saturady
  7. Your Girlfriend Needs More Hair
  8. Ferris Wheel
  9. Hawaiian Lion
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Awesome and genuinely original. Go listen.

St Halston of Moonhold, aka Halston “Torq” Thorkelson

He is the patron saint of city guards, people of orcish descent, and for (some reason) window makers. He is frequently depicted accompanied by a kitten and sometimes a duckling.  His best-known injunction is to be excellent to each other and stuff.* His disciples refer to him as “Padre Torq” or sometimes simply “the padre.”

I really want to like mail this to matthew but (a) I don’t have an address, and (b) that might be kind of weird. I mean © i don’t even know if he would want it.  Torq has just been such an important part of the podcast, and i’ve always loved the fact that he’s not just a big dumb hitter but he also gets and cares about people**

also i normally don’t care that i don’t have a scanner at my disposal but just this once it would be nice

obvs heavily inspired by ursula vernon’s animal saints

*this is sometimes interpreted as a plea for kindness and respect for other peoples’ property

**thinking back to the whole… trelle and ket drama from back on the sage coast, and also the ending of season 4b

Moonholders “Eyes Like Love”, October 10, 2013, downloadable for free at both Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Genres: experimental, electronica, idm, trip hop, glitch

1. Maiden Time
2. I Can’t Tell If It’s The Stars Or Your Tears That’s Gleaming
3. Repeats Every 20
4. Cancer
5. Celestial Addiction Sixpence
6. Good Heartache
7. Fire Eyes
8. Eyes Like Love
9. It Hurts The Brainsmoke
10. 1970 Sweet
11. Angle Of Depression
12. Hi-shin
13. [ ] (secret track via Bandcamp download)

I am finally finished with this album. It started at summer camp when I was bored and was dicking around away from electronic house, seeing myself as “way late to that game”. Eventually, it ended up becoming an evolution process of emotions and mentality: who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, how I was gonna do it. At first, I wanted to make it for a webcomic. How far away I’ve come. I now only finish it just because I wished to. I wanted to see it to the end. Nothing more. However, along the way, many things got attached to it. Two relationships, one previous and one current, many friendships that disappeared, downers and depressions that was almost the only driving force of the songs’ creation. So even now I release for only the satisfaction of finishing it, it holds much much more to me than just an album. In it holds many memories of good and bad, and many lessons of what truly makes up an artist.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. It’s not like amazing, but I’m proud of it.

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a-5tar asked moonholders: Hey, we just wanna thank you for the continuous likes and reblogs on our stuff on your other blog. We listened to your music and we would like to promote it if thats okay with you. We can feature you on mixtapes and make artwork for you. Get back to us if you're interested. Keep up the good work. A-5tar.

Oh man. This is going to be some amazing times coming ahead.