Some of my recent Etsy purchases!

  • Witches Enchantment Oil x
  • Lusty Lover’s Essential Oil Spray x
  • Capricorn Essential Oil Blend x

I cannot with this shop! It’s absolutely amazing and the shop owner is wonderful and everything is completely organic and natural and… !!!!!! I wear the Lusty Lover’s Essential Oils every time I go out, while using the Capricorn blend for meditation or to provoke thoughtfulness. The Witches Enchantment oil is indeed strong and enticing.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


My mom wasn’t able to get anything for Christmas or my birthday at the time, but she was insistent upon doing so and at first wanted to get me

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as I’ve been eyeing them for months. Since it’s through Etsy and that shop only accepts PayPal, which she doesn’t have, she wanted to know what else I’ve been wanting. It was a little embarrassing because I don’t need anything else and even though it was for a gift, I was blushing/felt reluctant. My mom was serious and said she wanted to get me something since she couldn’t at the time. So I looked around at my lists and still feeling embarrassed/ realizing I don’t need any of those things - they are just sort of there in wish lists, I again said she didn’t have to and that I am okay with what I have. … Eventually we settled on the above. I’m a sucker for essential oils and the fragrances one can make that are not synthetic, that are from the earth, have healing properties, and are made with love. MoonGoddessMagick’s shop is ridiculous in this regard. Her prices are the lowest I’ve seen and “All creations are blended and charged under various phases of the Moon for accurate Magickal Potency, as well as blended with herbs, woods, roots and various natural stones. All Oils are created with Natural Organic Essential oils” ~  Plus, all perfumes are organic, and vegan ~ so yes, this is where we ended up. And mom decided she would get one for herself after me reading aloud the various fragrances. She chose water, of course. ;) 

I’m excited to smell good, natural, and cruelty-free. I used to wear perfume a lot before my vegan days but I haven’t since then because I’m not sure which are tested on animals, ethical, or do not have a ton of harmful chemicals in the ingredients. Plus, Spaz likes my perfume too. ;) It should be here by sometime next week! :)