First time, I drew a male and it turned out great and I liked it.

Just a sketch of Miyu and her boyfriend,Euthymius, which means “good-spirited” in Latin (went crazy with the names for him and I didn’t want a boring or overused name for him,so I’ll just use this name for now) He is a Magician illusionist. Also, the suit Miyu is wearing is what she wears under her coat.

Was done in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop for my usernames. 

A sketch of a OC I had that I never got to draw in a long time so I felt like giving her a new redesign. Her original name was Haku, but feel like it did not fit her plus I was one of those people who liked given their characters, japanese names. So I have to give her a good, better name. But she a computer anti virus program design to well, get rid of any computer viruses over the web. She also has a little computer helper, who again has no name for now. May color later or when ever I get the free time. Or never

Taking Sketch Art Requests

I’m open to take sketch art requests to anyone that wants one.

Things I will take:Females, Males, couples, and OCs 

The only things I will NOT take is: My Little Pony, anything sexual like hentai, animals, Robots and recolor of a fan character.

I do all my work in Paint Tool SAI, you can have it in a sketch or a sketch with color on it.

Free free to ask or note me if you would like one.