Magickal Uses for Poppy

Planetary Association:  Moon
Element:  Water
Gender:  Feminine

History and Folklore:  Red poppies have been a symbol of remembrance of those who died in wartime since a famous poem described the brutal trench warfare that took place in the poppy fields of Flanders during World War I. This is why Veterans wear and distribute poppies on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day in the US and throughout the world on Remembrance Day.
Centuries before this, however, it was believed that poppies sprung up in places where men died in battle and white poppies are said to have sprung up in the battlefields of Genghis Khan.

Red poppies have also long been associated with sleep and death, perhaps because the narcotic made from the opium poppy can easily bring about both. Ancient Greeks and Romans presented them as offerings to the dead.
In the Victorian Language of Flowers, poppy symbolized eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination. Red poppies also mean pleasure, the why poppy means consolation and the yellow poppy means success.

In Persian literature, the poppy is a flower of love and symbolizes those who died for its sake.
According to Servius, Demeter loved a youth named Mekon. When he died, she turned him into a poppy.
Hypnos, Greek God of Sleep and Dreaming, sometimes carried a poppy stalk or a horn filled with poppy juice.

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Energy: Receptive

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Deities: Diana, Selene, Isis, all lunar goddesses

Associated metal: Silver

Powers: Love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, dieting

Magical/ritual lore: The moonstone, a blue, white, or pink opalescent feldspar, it intimately connected with the Moon in magical lore. So much so, in fact, that many use it in accordance with the lunar phases. Some say it is more magically potent during the Waxing Moon and less so during the Waning Moon. Other, however, use this stone during the Moon’s apparent lessening for divinatory rituals.

Moonstone has long been dedicated to Moon Goddesses. Wiccan ritual jewelry if often fashioned of silver and moonstones. A lunar wand can be constructed of silver tubing topped with a large moonstone. It is used for magical ritual.

This stone is a receptive and love-drawing. Wear or carry a moonstone to bring a love into your life. On the night of the Full Moon and by its light, ring a pink candle with moonstone cabochons. Light the candle and visualize yourself in a loving relationship.

The moonstone is also prized for its ability to workout problems between lovers, especially those who have bitterly fought. Hold a moonstone, empower it with loving vibrations, and give it to your troubled mate. Best of all, share this ritual with him or her by exchanging stones.

Because of its associations with the Moon, the bringer of sleep, the stone is often placed beneath the pillow, or moonstone beads are worn to bed in order to ensure restful sleep.

Like malachite and jade, the moonstone is associated with gardening. Wear during planting, or watering, or bury a small moonstone while visualizing your garden bursting with fertility. To entice a tree into abundant fruiting, tie or attach a moonstone to one of the tree’s limbs.

The moonstone is also gently protective. Because the Moon seems to travel through the zodiac, its stone is a traveler’s protective charm. Carry or wear when away from home, especially during travel in or over the water. This is a perfect gift for vacational or vocational sailors and friends leaving on cruises. Empower the stone with protective energies before presenting it. Moonstone rings can be worn while swimming for protection in the water.

An old ritual to determine future events can be performed at least three days after the Full Moon. Hold a moonstone in your hands while visualizing a possible future course of action, such as selling a house or accepting a new job.

Then, place the moonstone beneath your tongue and continue visualizing. After a few moments, remove the stone and end your conscious effort to retain the image. If it remains or if your thoughts continue to revolve around the possible act, it is a favorable one. If your mind turns to other matters, it’s better to take a different route.

If in doubt perform this rite once again.

Moonstone beads or pendants are worn during divinatory acts and produce psychism in general. Psychics keep moonstones with their tarot cards or rune stones to heighten their ability to use such tools. A quartz crystal sphere is also encircled with a moonstone prior to scrying.

This stone is worn or used in rituals designed to renew or maintain a youthful appearance and attitude (which can be more convincing than outward looks).

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)

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Mineral Mondays: Moonstone

Other names: Hecatolit, Chandrakanta, Feldspath Nacré


Moonstone is a type of Feldspar that has excellent light diffracting qualities. The ancient Romans considered moonstone to be solidified moonlight. Deposits of moonstone are found in Armenia, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States. 

It is currently the state gem for Florida to commemorate the Moon landings, though it does not naturally occur there. 


Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chakra: brow
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Gods/Goddesses: Most Lunar Deities, Diana, Selene, Artemis, Isis, Chandra


Body: It cleanses the lymphatic system and strengthens the immune system and helps fight signs of aging giving the wearer a youthful glow.

Mind: Moonstone cleanses and strengthens the aura helping the wearer feel more energetic and positive. It is also said to help stabilize emotions, prevent mood swings and hormonal imbalances as well as relieve PMS symptoms.

Magick: Moonstone can be worn to attract true love and arouse passion. Wearing moonstone can help protect sensitive emotions. It can also be worn to enhance divination and encourage prophetic dreams and pleasant dreams and to prevent nightmares. It is an excellent focal point for meditation and can also be used for scrying. It represents the yin, so it attracts peaceful energy and brings about a calm, balanced state. Typically, Moonstone is protective of travelers, particularly at night and/or by sea and is considered generally lucky.

Tips for Use:

If you give your lover a moonstone necklace under the light of the full moon, there will always be passion between you. It is also useful to help settle disagreements between lovers and return the relationship to a peaceful status.

Sewn into garments, moonstone is said to enhance fertility.


Moonstone is relatively soft stone, 6 on the Mohs scale, so it should be handled with care as it can be easily scratched or crushed.  It can be cleaned with plain water and a soft cloth. If it gets scratched, take it to a jeweler to have it polished out. Charge your moonstone in the light of of the waxing moon and keep it out of direct sunlight.


Feldspars like moonstone contain aluminum which should not be ingested. However, tumbled moonstone is safe to wear as jewelry and hold in the hand, even for long periods. It should not be crushed and added to elixers. Always wear a mask and take care not to inhale the dust when grinding and engraving moonstone.


Magical Properties: Potatoes

A lot of mention has gone to various herbs both common and not but very little attention has been paid to the common potato.

Medical Uses:  Surprisingly, potatoes actually have several medical uses. Potatoes are very alkalizing and their raw juice can be taken internally to soothe peptic ulcers and excessive acidity; However, dosage should be limited to the juice of just one good sized potato per day. Potatoes can also be mashed raw and used as a poultice to soothe burns or they can be applied hot and cooked to soothe joint pain.

The juices from the potatoes also have a natural antiseptic quality and when applied to bruises and infections they draw out the puss and reduce inflammation.

Magical Uses: Found in many witches kitchens it is a great addition to any spell for Protection, Image Magic, Money, Luck, and Healing. It is also an amazing vegetable to use for grounding oneself.

Potatoes are also traditionally used in magic to make poppets.

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Earth

God Association: AXOMAMMA

Zodiac Association: Unknown

Magical Recipes including potatoes:

To ground oneself after meditation or casting a spell eat a freshly baked and charged potato; to maximize its effectiveness season the potato with onions, chives, rosemary, parsley, or dill. The potato helps to amplify stored energy within a witch so its a good meal before you plan to cast a spell.

To Ward ones home from witchcraft bury a potato in all four corners of the home with a sigil carved into it or a personal chant. These potatoes will create a barrier to ward off any incoming illness or curse.

Lastly, carve a symbol or the name of a friend or family into a potato to draw out an illness or curse into the potato itself then bury it. The illness or curse will decay with the potato as its new host.


Folk Names: Jessamin, Moonlight on the Grove, Anbar, Yasmin

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Water


The word Jasmine is derived from the Arabic word ‘yasmin,’ which translates to ‘fragrant flower’ Many botanists believe Persia, now Iran, is where jasmine originated & there are up to 200 hundred recorded species of Jasmine today.

 …Magickal Uses…

Love: The fragrant white flowers & it’s oils are added to love Sachets, Spells, & other such charms. Said to attract love of a spiritual manner, allowing for one to find a soul mate. As many species of Jasmine grow as vines, they can also be used in Love Sachets & spells to bind the intentions of your magick. Sea witches will offer jasmine flowers to the sea in order to bring their love safe back home from travelling or to send romantic mental messages to their hearts desire.

Prosperity: Jasmine is known as the flower of attraction, & is commonly used in spells when we wish to attract something to us, love, happiness, wealth, etc. When the flowers are burned or carried/worn on one’s person, they are said to attract wealth, money, & other such fortunes we may desire. 

Lunar Magick: Jasmine is ruled by the Moon & is closely linked to Lunar deities & feminine energies. It is excellent for use in Moon rituals & spells, including Divination rituals on the Full Moon. 

Dreaming: Jasmine is also said to induce prophetic dreams if left to burn as an incense in the room of the sleeper. Flowers of the plant are used in combination with other ingredients to make dream pillows, as it’s sweet scent is said to induce a deep, & restful sleep.  

Misc: Jasmine flowers are great for cleansing Clear Quartz Crystals. Keep the stones near a live Jasmine pant or sprinkle the flowers over the Crystals. Combinations of the two can also be used in Magickal Sachets to promote original & creative ideas. 

…Medicinal Uses…

Jasmine teas may be drunk, or the oils burned, to induce a calm state, & to help relieve stress & anxieties. The oil is also used as an antiseptic to treat infections, & Jasmine teas are used as a tincture to treat wounds, sores & cuts. Traditional Chinese medicine uses Jasmine as a remedy tea, consumed internally to reduce inflammation, including fevers & urinary inflammation infections. 

…Growing/caring for Jasmine…

There are many species of Jasmine (not all are fragrant) but most will survive well in a warm, but sheltered location that receives good sun. (By sheltered i’m referring to wind coverage) with well-draining and moderately fertile soil. As mentioned above, many species grow as vines & will need something to climb on when planted. Water when soil becomes visibly dry, Jasmine will need more frequent watering in the hotter months. 

Quartz Crystal

Folk names: Crystal, Witch’s Mirror, star stone, iris (from the prismatic effect of crystal quartz), Zaztun (Mayan)

Energies: Projective, receptive

Planets: Sun, Moon

Elements: Fire, water

Deity: The Great Mother

Associated Metals: Silver, copper, gold

Associated herbs: Copal, mugwort, chicory, sage, sweetgrass

Powers: Protection, healing, psychism, power, lactation

Magical/Ritual lore: Long thought by ancients to be solidified water or ice, quartz crystal has been used in religious and shamanistic systems for thousands of years. Because of its connection with water it has been utilized to magically create rain in many parts of the Pacific, including Australia and New Guinea.

Traditionally, quartz was utilized in the Eleusinian mysteries to produce the sacred fire by concentrating the heat of the Sun to ignite wood chips. I say “traditionally” because we don’t know much about these ancient, secret rituals. 

Quartz was in common use among North American Indians in rite and spell, and ceremonial wands topped with quartz crystal has been found in southern California. Cherokee shamans, acknowledging the crystal’s power, kept it wrapped in buckskin when not in use. At regular intervals it would be “fed” deer’s blood. It is a common component of shaman’s power bags or medicine bundles. 

Contemporary Wiccans wear quartz, often combined with silver, during Full Moon rituals. Because it is also Goddess-symbolic, quartz crystal spheres are often placed on the altar during lunar rituals. It’s icy cold temperature represents the sea. 

Two quartz crystals can also be placed on Wiccan altars to represent God and Goddess, the two primal, creative powers of the universe. Some place a natural crystal to represent the God and a sphere for the Goddess. 

In shamanistic terms, the quartz crystal is the shaman, and the shaman is the crystal. There is no difference between the two. As such, it is the perfect tool of the shaman and it is utilized in rituals throughout the world. 

Mystically, quartz crystal is symbolic of the spirit and intellect of human beings.

Quartz crystals are currently enormously popular. Their use in healing, altering consciousness, and magic have linked them to the spirit of the New Age. Long neglected by most of the world, save for their industrial applications, quartz crystal are today a huge commercial business.

There are a few herbs specifically used to cleanse quartz crystal. Sage and sweetgrass, two North American healing and purifcatory herbs, are both associated with quartz crystal and, in shamanism, are herbal counterparts to the stone. Make an infusion (tea) of either or both of these herbs by adding two tbs to nearly boiling water. Let them sit for at least a day in the infusion, the dry and hold in your receptive hand. if the stone feels “cleared”, it is ready for magic. If not, return to the infusion until it has done its work.

Clear or white quartz crystal is perhaps best known to the general public for stimulating psychism. Though most crystal spheres sold today are plastic or glass, true quartz crystal spheres are also available at fantastically expensive prices. Though well worth the cost to those who can afford them, crystals need not be worked by human hands to be magically effective, nor must they be pure, or free of inclusions.

In fact, many crystal scryers ir gazers utilize the inclusions, veils, and tiny prisms within crystals to enhance themselves. And simply gazing into any crystal point can produce psychism.

In the Renaissance, most scrying stones, or crystal balls, were fashioned of beryl, not clear crystal quartz. Crystal, however, was used in magical operations. It was sometimes half covered with pure gold and set on a base of ivory or ebony wood. This was used as an instrument of contemplation to awaken the psychic mind.

In nineteenth century European magic, the crystal sphere was placed beneath the pillow to create a rapport with the scryer, enhancing its effectiveness.

A crystal sphere can be exposed to the light of the Full Moon to strengthen its powers. Before scrying, a tea of mugwort or chicory is sometimes drunk, and fresh mugwort rubbed onto the crystal.

For protective purposes this stone is worn, carried or placed in the home. In the fourteenth century, the quartz crystal was engraved with the image of a man in armor holding a bow and arrow. The stone guarded its wearer and the place where it was situated.

Quartz crystal is used as a powerful amplifier during magic. It is worn or placed on the altar for this purpose. Wands of crystal are also quite popular at this time.

Thirteen crystals (representing representing the lunar year) or twenty one crystals (thirteen Full Moons plus the eight ritual occasions of Wicca) can be used to physically construct the magic circle, in which Wiccan rituals and magical rites are held. Situate the crystals with the points facing inward for religious ritual, meditation, or general magic, and with the points outward for defensive or protective magic. Quartz pebbles or tumbles polished stones may also be used.

A “crystal garden” can be easily fashioned if you have several crystals. Fill a large wooden or white earthenware bowl with white sand. Then set the crystals in the sand with their points upward. There are no particular directions as how to place the crystals, so use your imagination.

You may wish to trace a pentagram (five-pointed star) on the sand using a crystal then place one at each point and one in the center. This confers magical protection.

Workers utilizing the power of the elements may use five stones, four aligned with the directions (which relate to the elements) with the fifth in the center, representing Akasha, or the fifth element. This will empower your elemental magic.

Crystals may be set in a spiral formation for use as a focal point during meditation. The spiral is symbolic of spiritual evolution and reincarnation.

The crystal garden is a place of power, an altar of stone magic, a meditative device, and a protective ward for the home.

In magic performed in salt, earth or damp sand at the beach, runes or magic images can be traced with the tip of a quartz crystal. While drawing, send energy through the crystal to the image.

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)

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Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Cardinal Fire
Symbol: The Ram
Polarity: Positive (Masculine)
Physical Correspondence: The Head and Brain
Stones: Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond
Flowers: Hollyhock, Carnation, Poppy, Thistle, Geranium
Colors: White, Red


Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Fixed Earth
Symbol: The Bull
Polarity: Negative (Feminine)
Physical Correspondence: The Neck, Ears, and Throat
Stones: Alabaster, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Emerald
Flowers: Lily, Lilac, Daisy, Mallow, Poppy, Violet
Colors: Pale Blue, Lilac, Pink


Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Mutable Air
Symbol: Twins
Polarity: Positive (Masculine)
Physical Correspondence: The Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands
Stones: Beryl, Garnet, Citrine, Amber, Agate
Flowers: Verbena, Balm, Tansy, Yarrow, Orchid, Myrtle
Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange


Ruling Planet: The Moon
Element: Cardinal Water
Symbol: A Crab
Polarity: Negative (Feminine)
Physical Correspondence: The Stomach and Breasts
Stones: Pearl, Moonstone, Peridot
Flowers: Lily, Lily of the Valley, Water Lily, White Rose
Colors: Cream, White, Silver-Blue, Smoky Gray


Ruling Planet: The Sun
Element: Fixed Fire
Symbol: A Lion
Polarity: Positive (Masculine)
Physical Correspondence: The Spine, Back, and Heart
Stones: Ruby, Yellow Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Cat’s Eye
Flowers: Sunflower, Chamomile, Marigold, Celandine
Colors: Golden Yellow, Orange


Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Mutable Earth
Symbol: A Virginal Woman
Polarity: Negative (Feminine)
Physical Correspondence: The Intestines, Abdomen, and Spleen
Stones: Sapphire, Amethyst, Carnelian, Peridot
Flowers: Jasmine, Wintergreen, Sage, Narcissus, Cornflower
Colors: Indigo, Navy Blue


Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Cardinal Air
Symbol: The Scales
Polarity: Positive (Masculine)
Physical Correspondence: The Kidneys
Stones: Quartz, Opal, Jade, Emerald, Sapphire
Flowers: Rose, Pansy, Foxglove, Daisy, Hydrangea
Colors: Pink, Blue, Lavender


Ruling Planet: Pluto
Element: Fixed Water
Symbol: A Scorpion
Polarity: Negative (Feminine)
Physical Correspondence: The Genitals and Bladder
Stones: Topaz, Agate, Ruby, Garnet, Carnelian, Amber
Flowers: Heather, Thistle, Geranium, Chrysanthemum
Colors: Russet, Red, Maroon


Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Element: Mutable Fire
Symbol: The Centaur/Archer
Polarity: Positive (Masculine)
Physical Correspondence: The Liver, Hips, and Thighs
Stones: Garnet, Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Topaz
Flowers: Wallflower, Dandelion, Narcissus, Lime Flower, Carnation
Colors: Blue and Purple


Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Cardinal Earth
Symbol: The Goat-Fish
Polarity: Negative (Feminine)
Physical Correspondence: The Bones, Joints, Teeth, and Knees
Stones: Onyx, Beryl, White Sapphire, Black Diamond, Jet, Amethyst
Flowers: Coltsfoot, Black Poppy, Pansy
Colors: Indigo, Gray, Dark Green


Ruling Planet: Uranus (Traditionally Saturn)
Element: Fixed Air
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Polarity: Positive (Masculine)
Physical Correspondence: The Blood Vessels, Calves, Ankles, and Heels
Stones: Sapphire, Onyx, Amethyst, Black Pearl, Hematite
Flowers: Myrtle, Rosemary, Dandelion, Orchid, Goldenrod
Colors: Violet and Blue


Ruling Planet: Neptune (Traditionally Jupiter)
Element: Mutable Water
Symbol: Two Fishes
Polarity: Negative (Feminine)
Physical Correspondence: The Feet
Stones: Coral, Jasper, Bloodstone, White Opal, Pearl, Amethyst, Moonstone
Flowers: Poppy, Waterlily, Pink, Thyme
Colors: White, Mauve, Red