Why is this song so catchy!?

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat ever since I first heard it ( after I curiously decided to look up the original version on Geeth’s insistence) two days ago. I love the ease with which Dhanush sings this song, oozing the right amount of attitude in the right places (…. a-di). They lyrics, of course, are hilarious but so beautifully capture the insanity of relationships in this day and age  - (God I am dying now-uh, she is happy how-uh?)

Po Nee Po.

Ram looks at his watch, checking the time before noticing Janani worriedly walking towards him. Janani reaches the place where Ram is sitting on his bike. He looks around.

R: Why did you tell me to come here? (Looks around, paranoid). I feel like everyone is staring at me.

Janani struggles to find her voice.

J: …My mom’s got the US Visa Ram. 

Ram stares, his mouth opens but he says nothing.

J: My parents are making all the arrangements to go to the States. (She turns her eyes toward the ground, unable to look at Ram. Silently cries, inhales, looks back at Ram).  I’m going.

Ram is about to snap. He catches himself and looks at Janani, stonefaced. 

R: What are you going to do. 

J: (Tears up) Ram…Back when we were in school, I told you this would happen…(Sniffs). I need to go, Ram.

Ram’s anger is controlled, his reaction is hard to read as he remains silent

J: (Sniffs, holds Ram’s hands) Ram…please say something.

Ram winces almost.

J: This is my mom, dad, everyone’s life. (Cries). My mom has really struggled—

Ram cuts her off.

R: Go.

Janani tearfully stares at him and gulps.

R:  GO.

J: (cries) Ram? (cries) Don’t do this, Ram. (Cries). You said you’d wai—

Ram cuts her off again.

R: Hey. Did I even say anything. (Looks down and back at Janani). Go. Go Janani.

Janani cries.

J: Ram?

R: GO. (Glares angrily at Janani). Go. 

Tears stream down Janani’s face. Her eyes are downcast. Ram’s glare softens. Janani’s eyes open and she’s crying. She turns and walks away from Ram. Ram stands staring hard. Ram closes his eyes and clenches his jaw. The hurt and heartache he tried to hide from Janani is written all over his face.