mamamoo is really one of the most underrated girl groups i’ve seen and so i decided to make this mini masterpost for those who love them or those who want to know more about them!! (and also for me to keep a coherent list of videos lmao)

videos where they’re just being rly rly dumb and cute idek:

secret camera prank with baek ji young

their dance practice warm ups are life tbh

mamamoo attempting other girl groups’ dances!!

this is the kind of shit that hwasa does idk..„

ok on a serious note they dance rly well,..„

their secret box interview

covers and performances:

All of me cover performance with bumkey

this is literally their defining video 

i watch this once a day it’s too good (sorry i couldn’t find the eng subbed version!)

vocal line slaying

they had this flash mob thing with their fans it was rly cute idek

mamamoo singing love lane and they cried bc their fans had a banner project for them (t/n: the banners said “we won’t let you go” bc their pianoman promotions were ending) 

moonbyul singing!! 

one of my personal fave song of theirs

that’s it for now i’ll prolly see if there are any others and update this when necessary? please message me if any of the links dont work/are repeated! (i got rly confused while pasting the links for like a couple of them)

MAMAMOO - The Monster Rookie 

Trivia about Mamamoo’s Immortal Song appearance:
1. The first rookie girl group to be invited 2 times within 2 months after 1st appearance. 1st in December, 2nd in January (aired in Feb), and 3rd will be aired on 28th Feb
2. All of the appearance happened within 7 months after their debut.
3. They keep on being invited as one complete group, rather than only 2-3 vocalists. Moonbyul’s part was most anticipated as people were curious how they would incorporated rap in their song, and always Moonbyul will drop the bomb.
4. Immortal song audience comprised of 500 people, divided equally 250 males and females, with various age group, usually depending on the era the song was popular. Mamamoo’s score so far was 411 and 419 out of 500.
5. So far they had won at least one round with their performance.

Monster rookie? Yes indeed. (x) (x)