Nothing like a good rant to make you feel better. You need to express yourself. As Americans we are always taught to express ourselves but never really to listen to others. We make things about Me and I instead of about us as a people. You cannot save the world but if you care about those close to you give them the ear to speak their opinions. We will not always agree with something but there is no need to be rude to them.


I found out where my weakness lies. I depend on people too much for things that should be depending on myself for. I was unconfident in myself obviously because I relied on you to make me feel good when I should of been making myself feel great. I made you my number one when I should of been making me number one. I needed you to show me the way and I’m thankful of that. It feels good to know why everything was the way it was for me. Enough of this, I’m off to figure myself out more. ^_^

Celestial bodies

I’m really happy with what life has been like for me. Met some really down to earth people that I can vibe with. We can talk for hours and not realize how fast time has flown by. I like these kinds of things. Happiness has been apart of my daily routine. I now know what I have been missing out of life because of my Cosmic journey. Things have manifested itself in such a way that it comes off as me being psychic but that’s just Divine intervention. I am aware of things now that I wasn’t before. What you seek will find you. The universe conspires to give you what you want. Only when the time is right.

Your Guardian

I will always protect you against things. Not because I want something from you but because the promises I’ve made to myself. The curse and the blessings…I’ll endure it all.